Best Nisha builds Level 1 to 70 UPDATED – Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Nisha the Lawbringer

Nisha the Lawbringer is one of the coolest playable characters in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. Using the Lawbringer as your class is fun, and you can experiment with different gameplay styles. She is extremely good at using guns and aiming down at enemies, as per her ability. Nisha the Lawbringer is undoubtedly a great character, but you still need a proper build to get the most out of her.

This Borderlands Pre-Sequel guide has some of the best Nisha builds out there. Before jumping into the builds, it’s important to learn about her background and abilities.

Nisha Borderlands PS

A brief presentation of Nisha

If we talk about characters with sad backgrounds in Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Nisha the Lawbringer will be on top of the list. During her childhood, she was used and abused by her mother, but she didn’t let that bring her down. Instead, she would try and dodge her mom’s attack to train her body.

Additionally, she had a dog with which Nisha was best friends, but due to some unfortunate incidents, Nisha ended up brutally murdering the dog with a shovel. Growing up, Nisha becomes a mercenary; her reputation and involvement get her into the Vault Hunters.

Nisha the Lawbringer has a beautiful build, as she is a very athletic-looking lady with a beautiful outfit and a hat. Furthermore, she has always seen to be carrying guns with her, which explains her fighting style. She is exceptional with any type of gun, and that makes her incredibly flexible for all players. Her action skill, Showdown, further enhances her abilities with guns by granting her dead-on accuracy, increased damage, and many other benefits with guns. You can easily use Nisha the Lawbringer in both solo and coop, as her fighting style would suit both modes.

Nisha the Lawbringer leveling build Borderlands Pre-Sequel 

Nisha is hands down the strongest playable character in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. She is extremely strong, and any player can easily get the most out of her. In fact, she is so powerful that most players won’t even feel the challenge of the game.  Additionally, there are many builds that one can use to get even more out of her and make the game child’s play.

Below we have a leveling guide that will try to keep Nisha in check, so you don’t go around annihilating your enemies. The leveling guide will help you have a better game with Nisha, but if you want to mix and match some of the skills, then feel free to do so since you can never go wrong with her.

Level 0 to 3: Start grinding and leveling your character to unlock Nisha’s Showdown skill.

Level 3 to 8: Invest five points into Ruthless.

Level 8 to 13: Invest five points into Saddle Up.

Level 13 to 14: Invest one point into Short Fused

Level 14 to 19: Invest five points into Faster ‘n You.

Level 19 to 24: Invest five points into Hells Comin’ With Me!

Level 24 to 25: Invest one point into One for Each of Ya.

Level 25 to 29: Invest five points into Bona Fide Grit.

Level 29 to 34: Invest five points into Quick Shot.

Level 34 to 35: Invest one point into Fistful of Bullets.

At level 35, your skill trees should look like this:

Nisha the Lawbringer builds

Best Mid Game builds for Nisha the Lawbringer Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Once you are past the early game, you will need some great builds for Nisha, and below are the two best builds for Nisha during mid-game in BLTPS.

Jakobs Nisha build

Credit to Charrisx

If you want to have a blast with Nisha, then there is no better build than this one. The build results from endless time spent playing Nisha and testing various builds with her. The build mainly utilizes weapons from Jackob or any non-automated rifles. If you want to have tons of fun with a great overall build, you can go with this one without hesitation.

The build is great for both coop and solo games, as there is a great balance. In coop, you can be a team player and do your role. While in solo, you can go out there and start annihilating the enemies. The skills are perfect, so you should not mix and match them.

Jackobs Build

Nisha – Ricocheting Crit Specialist build

Credit to ExK…

This build is all about critical damage and bouncing bullets, meaning your shots will hit enemies, walls, and objects and then bounce back to deal more damage. Unlike many other Nisha builds, it does not rely on her skill as much. It’s a simple build that will give you a great damaging output on the enemies.

You can use the build in both coop and solo since it doesn’t affect the game as much. It’s a fun build that will make you feel good killing enemies with critical hits and bouncing bullets. All of the skills in the build are more than important, so we highly recommend not mixing them as it ruins the experience.

Ricocheting Crit Specialist build

Best Nisha the Lawbringer Builds level 70 Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Below are two best level 70 builds for Nisha the Lawbringe in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. These are the best build out there if you want to use Nisha the best way.

Nisha – level 70 Jacobs Nisha build

Credit to Charrisx

This build is the level 70 version of a previously mentioned one on our list. It’s the ultimate build that gets all out of Nisha. The creator claims to have spent many hours with the character and experimenting with various builds, but none were are devastating as this one. It’s a build for non-automated rifles, making Nisha into a beast that will kill enemies like swats.

You can use the build for both coop and solo, as it will work great for both game modes. The build has many important skills, and without them, the build would not work. Some of the main skills are from The Riflewoman tree, so we recommend keeping it as it is. Additionally, the creator showcases many fights with some of the most powerful enemies and kills them without any problems, proving the greatness of this build.

Jackobs Level 70 Build

Best gears for Nisha – level 70 Jacobs Nisha build

Weapon 1: Two Fer Luck Cannon

Weapon 2: Doc’s Flayer

Weapon 3: Boss Hammer Buster II

Weapon 4: Laser Disker

Grenade: Homing Cryo Transfusion

Shield: Shield of Ages

Oz Kit: Arctic Tranquility Oz Kit

MOD: High-rollin’ Crapshooter Class Mod

Lawgringer BLTPS build

Nisha – The Space Cowgirl build

Credit to Sickologist

The creator of this build went on to do something completely different with Nisha by trying to nerf her instead of buffing. Nisha is undoubtedly strong with any build at all, and no matter what kind of player, she has something for all. The build is more dependent on nerfing the weapons because it’s not possible to go wrong with Nisha.

You can use the build with both solo and coop and will have a challenge against the enemies. But if you want to annihilate the enemies, then your best bet is to use your best weapons. The skills are carefully picked to have Nisha under control somewhat, and that’s why we don’t recommend mixing any of them. But if you know the ins and out, go ahead with your changes.

The Space Cowgirl build

Best gears for Nisha – The Space Cowgirl build

Weapon 1: Jakobs Dastardly Iron

Weapon 2: Jakobs Boss Gatling Gun

Weapon 3: The Three Way Hulk

Weapon 4: Vladof

Grenade: Quasar

Shield: Dormant Turtle Shield

Oz Kit: 3DD1.E

MOD: Crapshooter

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