Best Jack builds Level 1 to 70 UPDATED – Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Jack the Doppelganger 

Jack the Doppelganger, the look-alike of Handsome Jack, is one of the DLC characters in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. He is a Vault Hunter who is capable of playing both as a solo player and in co-op mode. Jack also has a unique attack that can disable an enemy, which is great for team-based games.

The doppelganger’s skill set is pretty standard for a Vault Hunter, but he has some amazing action-oriented skills and a few tricks up his sleeve to boot. Best of all, he’s a nifty little guy and a real blast to play. 

If you are considering playing the Doppelganger, it is best to know some amazing builds for Jack. The character has 3 skill trees that help you to build Jack the Doppelganger in a unique and more powerful way. 

In this guide, we have gathered some of the best Jack builds in Borderlands Pre-Sequel, from level 0 to level 70. So, before you play the game, learn a little more about Jack’s skills to get the most out of him. 

Jack the Doppelganger Builds

A brief presentation of Jack

The first DLC character in Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Jack the Doppelganger, is the body double of Handsome Jack. His real name is Timothy Lawrence, and he used to work for Hyperion Corporation. In order to pay off his student loans, he was elected to undergo a big reconstructive surgery to look identical to Handsome Jack by Dr. Autohn. In Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Jack the Doppelganger is a part of the Vault Hunter group and helps the real Handsome Jack on Helios. 

Jack the Doppelganger looks a lot like Handsome Jack. He has a skinny build and a chiseled face with dark brown hair. He is seen wearing blue jeans with brown boots, a yellow shirt, and a brown jacket. Overall, Jack looks cool and is very agile, which gives him an advantage over other characters. 

The Doppelganger has Expendable Assets Action Skill, which lets him call two clones of himself called Digi-Jacks to fight for him until the timer runs out, letting him fend off enemies or take down a boss. He’s also got three skill trees — The Hero of this Story, Greater Good, and Free Enterprise — that grant him great abilities to play solo and coop games. 

Jack Skill Trees Explained

The Hero of this Story: The Hero of this Story is a great skill tree that gives you buffs for survivability and boosts your grenades. This skill tree is all about Jack and his Digi-Jacks. With this skill tree, you can increase the abilities of Digi-Jacks as well as add various bonuses for the Doppelganger himself. 

The Hero of this Story Skill Tree

The Hero Of This Story Skill Tree

Best Foot Forward: This is the first skill that you can use to extend the duration of Digi-Jacks.

Bolster: This skill focuses on increasing the health and resilience of both you and their Digi-Jacks.

Just Compensation: It increases your magazine size and grenade damage. 

You Have My Shield: It allows your Digi-Jacks to get a copy of your shield to fight with.

Take Their Freedom: This is an amazing recovery skill that helps to restore your health when Digi-Jacks or you kill an enemy. 

Jack’s Cache: It is a skill that focuses on giving you stacks of grenades every time you kill an enemy. 

Inspire: This skill is not really useful as it will allow Jack to speak words of greatness to inspire you.

Hero Pose: It increases shield recharge rate, shield capacity, and shield recharge delay. 

On My Mark: This skill allows your Digi-Jacks to throw a copy of your grenade. 

Lean On Me: It increases the fire rate for you. Apart from that, it also gives your Digi-Jacks to fire a Bonus Corrosive Shot.

Persistence: This skill gives you shield capacity and health regeneration when your Action Skill is cooling down.

Resolute: It gives you and your Digi-Jacks weapon damage and damage resistance. 

Promote the Rank: With this skill, your first Digi-Jack will be a badass that deals with increased damage.

Greater Good: The Greater Good is a bit different than a traditional tanking skill tree as it mostly focuses on your Action Skill. In this skill tree, there are mostly Kill Skill that offers an amazing boost to Jack’s abilities. However, there are still some bonuses for Digi-Jacks. 

Greater Good Skill Tree

Greater Good Skill Tree

Integrity: This skill gives you 40% bonus damage against enemies that are below 40% health. 

Collaborate: You and your Digi-Jacks get a damage bonus for every stack of Collaborate you have. 

Synergy: Killing an enemy grants you a 6% bonus for weapon damage and critical damage for a short time.

Diversify: It turns your Digi-Jack’s wrist laser into a shotgun laser. 

Teamwork: Grants extra health regen when allies enter Fight For Your Life or your Digi-Jack dies.

Commitment: Increases fire rate and reload speed when allies enter Fight For Your Life or your Digi-Jack dies. 

Winning: Killing an enemy increases your movement speed and restores your shield. 

Accountability: This helps you to gain a fire rate bonus based on the number of accountability stacks you have. 

Optimism: When your Digi-Jack dies, it sets off an explosion killing all the enemies within range.

Believe: Killing an enemy increases your weapon damage, accuracy, fire rate, and reload speed. 

Potential: When your new Digi-Jack spawns, they create a shock nova. 

Delegation: Damage dealt to you is redistributed to your Digi-Jacks. 

Leadership: It allows you to count a Digi-Jack’s death as an enemy kill and gain a Second Wind.

Free Enterprise: The Free Enterprise skill tree is all about offensive capacity and gun damage. This tree is based around swapping between weapons mid-combat for maximum effectiveness, with an emphasis on increasing fire rate and granting free shots. You will get more weapon bonuses with this skill tree. 

Free Enterprise Skill Tree

Free Entreprise Skill Tree

High-Frequency Trading: It provides faster weapons swap speed.

Incentives: When you swap weapons, it increases the fire rate. 

Compound Interest: When you swap to another gun, it increases the damage dealt to the enemy.

Marginal Benefits: Throwing a grenade has a chance to reload all your equipped weapons. 

Money Is Power: It improves Jack’s damage bonus as he collects money pickups.

Company Man: It increases accuracy and critical hit damage. 

Merger: It replaces your standard attack with a shock laser attack from your wrist. 

Taxation of Trade Routes: Increases your fire rate. 

Absolute Advantage: When you kill an enemy, your weapon doesn’t consume ammo for a short time.

Laser Surplus: You shoot a cone of lasers when you slam.

Supply and Demand: You and your allies get constant health regeneration. 

Sponsored By…: It gives your gun manufacturer a bonus based on the last gun you held. 

Jack the Doppelganger Levelling Build Borderlands Pre-Sequel

When it comes to Jack the Doppelganger, you can experiment with various builds in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. However, to unleash the true power of Jack, we are going to focus mainly on his cloning power. This cloning build will give your great offensive abilities and is suitable for solo play as well as a coop. 

This build is based on The Hero of this Story skill tree as it will give more advantage to you and the Digi-Jacks. The skill tree offers some of the best abilities to Jack. Apart from that, we are also going to use a few great skills from the Greater Good skill tree. We are going to create the best possible combination of skills to give you full advantage of clones as well as weapons. Here is how you should level Jack in Borderlands Pre-Sequel.

Level 0: Start the game and level up.

Level 0 – 3: Unlock Expendable Assets Action Skill. 

Level 3 – 4: Invest one point into the Best Foot Forward skill.

Level 4 – 8: Invest four points into the Best Foot Forward skill.

Level 8 – 12: Invest four points into Bolster skill.

Level 12 – 13: Invest one point into the You Have My Shield skill.

Level 13 – 14: Invest one point into Jack’s Cache skill.

Level 14 – 18: Invest four points into the Take Their Freedom skill.

Level 18 – 19: Invest one point into the On My Mark skill.

Level 19 – 24: Invest five points into Resolute skill.

Level 24 – 25: Invest one point into Promote The Rank skill.

Level 25 – 30: Invest five points into Integrity skills.

Level 30 – 35: Invest five points into Collaborate skill.

After leveling your Jack, you should have a build looking like the one below:

Jack the Doppelganger

Best Mid-Game Builds for Jack the Doppelganger BTPS

If you want a good all-rounder character in Borderlands Pre-Sequel, try these builds for Jack the Doppelganger. Below are the two best mid-game builds for Jack.

Tediore Jack Build

Credit to Joltzdude139

This is an amazing mid-game Jack build that is extremely overpowered and damaging. With this build, you can deal the highest level of damage to enemies and smash all the bosses. In this build, you can you a lot of ammo for offensive power. This makes it a great solo-play build.  

It is based on all three skill trees, i.e., The Hero of this Story, the Greater Good, and Free Enterprise. We are going to use main skills like Best Foot Forward, You Have My Shield, On My Mark, Integrity, Collaborate, Diversify, Commitment, Accountability, High-Frequency Trading, Marginal Benefits, Money Is Power, etc. 

In this build, we are going to focus on skills that give you a bonus on tediore weapons. While this build is mostly beneficial for solo play, you can also use it for co-op play to boost your team’s offensive front. This build can help you defeat powerful emeries like Iwajira. 

Tedior Jack build level 50

Massive Damage Build 

Credit to MidnightWabbit

This is another powerful jack build for massive damage. It is a heavily damaged focus build that will give you the much-needed skills to move ahead in the game. If you want to defeat powerful bosses in a solo game, this is a perfect build for you. It will give Jack an offensive edge and will help you to defeat the invincible sentinel. 

This build is also great for co-op play as it will help you to take your team ahead in the game. It will help you to deal some insane damage to enemies when playing with your team. In this build, we are going to use skills like Best Foot Forward, and You Have My Shield. 

Apart from that, we are going to use the majority of skills from the Greater Good skill tree, i.e., Integrity, Collaborate, Synergy, Diversity, and Teamwork. Lastly, we are going to use a skill like High-Frequency Trading, Incentives, Compound Interest, Money Is Power, and Merger from the Free Enterprise skill tree.

Massive Damage Build Level 50

Best Jack the Doppelganger Builds Level 70 Borderlands Pre-Sequel

If you are looking for the ultimate level 70 builds for Jack the Doppelganger, we’ve got you covered. Here are the two best level 70 Jack builds in Borderlands Pre-Sequel.

The Rustler’s Infinity Build

Credit to Admiral Bahroo

If you are looking for a unique and highly-effective level 70 Jack build, this is the right choice. The character Jack is basically a killing machine and can kill almost every enemy in the game. So, in this build, we are going to capitalize on his attacking power with Rustler’s Quad gun. 

This build is suitable for both solo and co-op play. In this build, we are going to use most of the skills from Free Enterprise and Greater Good skill tree. We are going to use skills like, Integrity, Collaborate, Synergy, Diversify, Teamwork, Commitment, Winning, Believe, Potential, and Leadership from the Greater Good skill tree. We are going to use the kill skills to get more weapon damage, accuracy, and reload speed.

We are also going to use skills like High-Frequency Trading, Incentives, Money Is Power, mergers, Taxation of Trade Routes, and Sponsored By… from the Free Enterprise skill tree. It will give Jack an advantage over weapon use and swap. Lastly, we are going to use Best Foot Forward and Take Their Freedom skills from The Hero of this Story skill tree. It will give you an Action Skill advantage and health. 

The combination of these skills will give you a unique build that will help you to make the most out of your solo and co-op play. Here is how the build will look.

The Rustler's Infinity Build Jack 

Best Gears for the Rustler’s Infinity Build

Weapon 1: Coruscating Accelerated Blaster 

Weapon 2: Ionizing Accelerated Blaster

Weapon 3: Rustler’s Quad

Weapon 4: Cryogenic Accelerated Blaster

Grenade: Data Scrubber

Shield: The Sham

Oz Kit: 3DD1.E Oz Kit

MOD: CEO of all CEOs Class Mod

Jack the Doppelganger Pre Sequel

Jackal’s Bae (Jack – The Invincible)

Credit to Lightning Leo

If you are looking for an all-around best, Jack builds in Borderlands Pre-Sequel, is the best one. This build will make Jack nearly invincible as it offers great damage output. With this build, you can easily defeat all the raid bosses. The best thing about this build is that it will give you an equal advantage in solo and co-op mode. 

Unlike the first build, we are mostly going to focus on the skills from The Hero of this Story skill tree. Apart from that, we are going to use skills from Greater Good as well. However, we are not going to use many skills from the Free Enterprise skill tree. This build is quite different from the first one but can really turn Jack into a powerful character. 

The skills from The Hero of this Story skill tree will increase your shield capacity as well as grenade damage. Apart from that, the skill will also give great bonuses to Digi-Jacks. This is how the build will look.

Jackal's Bae (Jack – The Invincible) Build

Best Gears for Jackal’s Bae (Jack – The Invincible) Build

Weapon 1: Thunderfire   

Weapon 2: Juicy Ravager

Weapon 3: Social Fatale

Weapon 4: Practicable Viral Marketer

Grenade: Homing Storm Front

Shield: Deadly Bloom

Oz Kit: 3DD1.E Oz Kit

MOD: Celestial Doppelganger Class MOD