Best Wilhelm builds Level 1 to 70 UPDATED – Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Wilhelm the Enforcer

Wilhelm the Enforcer is arguably the coolest playable class in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. He is a half-human and half-cyborg, making him a force to reckon with. He can easily get you through the game from start to end. That said, you will need proper builds for Wilhelm to be able to get the most out of him. Finding a great build for Wilhelm is challenging, and players can be confused about what to choose.

This guide has some of the best builds for Wilhelm the Enforcer build in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. But before we dive into the build, let’s learn the important bits about Wilhelm, the Enforcer, starting with all his skills.

Wilhelm the Enforcer Borderlands Pre Sequel

A brief presentation of Wilhelm

Due to an illness in his childhood, Wilhelm had to get a cyborg body part. Instead of getting upset, he became inspired and got interested in cyborgs. As he grows up, it becomes more than just an inspiration; he becomes the game’s top mercenary. Later in his mercenary career, Jack hires him as a vault hunter, and he becomes a playable character in Borderlands Pre-Sequel.

Wilhelm features one of the best-looking character designs in the game. He has a cold and ruthless look. In his original appearance, he is wearing a yellow and gray outfit with his hair combed back. Additionally, some of his body parts are cybernetic implants, the most noticeable part being his right eye.

Wilhelm’s action skill is Wolf and Saint, which summon two drones; one for attacking, aka wolf, and the other for healing, aka saint. You can use the action skill and his different skills to create many different builds to match your style. The Enforcer does not have any specific playstyle; instead, it more or less depends on the build you use. If you use the right build(s) for him, you can easily dominate both coop and solo in Borderlands Pre-Sequel.

Wilhelm skill trees explained

Wilhelm the Enforcer has three skill trees, each featuring his distinct abilities. Here is a brief explanation of all his skill trees:

  • Hunter-Killer: It’s the wolf base tree that primarily focuses on increasing the wolf’s damage; while also giving Wilhelm great advantages with elemental weapons.
  • Cyber Commando: This tree improves Wilhelm as supposed to give his drones power, but some skills boost the wolf.
  • Dreadnought: The last skill tree is about being durable, as it improves the saint’s abilities and gives Wilhelm great survivability.

Hunter-Killer skill tree:

Hunter Killer Skill Tree Wilhelm Enforcer

Afterburner: Each level increases the wolf’s airspeed by 6%, reload speed by 5%, and bullet velocity by 5%.

Fire Support: Each level increases gun damage by 3% and wolf damage by 5%

Venom Bolts: Wolf has a 10% chance to fire venom bolts.

Suppression: Whenever you kill an enemy, you and the wolf will gain a 6% and 15% fire rate, respectively.

Laser Guided: Saint will paint an enemy, and the wolf will attack it. Additionally, painted enemies will take 25% more damage for 8s.

Rolling Thunder: A stack that increases wolf’s damage by 2% per stack.

Kill Switch: Whenever the wolf is leaving, he will explode on the enemies.

Scramble: The wolf gets replaced when he is destroyed.

Cold War: When you deal elemental damage to a target, there is a chance that it will freeze.

Escalation: This skill increases your critical hit damage by 5%.

Omega Strike: The wolf will launch missile attacks on the enemies from time to time.

Cyber Commando skill tree

Cyber Commando Skill Tree Wilhelm Enforcer

Laser Focus: With this skill, your laser weapon’s gun damage and magazine size will increase.

Man and Machine: The skill will increase your and your wolf’s maximum health and shield by 2% at each level.

First to Fight: It will increase your gun damage by 8% when you don’t fight for 5s.

Targeting Scope: Whenever you kill an enemy, you will gain 10% critical damage and 5% accuracy.

Power Fist: Gives you a cybernetic arm that will deal an explosive blow and has a cooldown of 12s.

Emergency Response: When your shield is depleted, you gain 10% reload speed, fire rate, and wolf’s fire rate for 15s.

Shock Absorber: Gives you cybernetic legs you can use to fire while sprinting without any accuracy reduction.

Divert Power: When you are low on health while the shield is depleted, you gain massive shield regeneration and resistance.

Meteor Slam: Increases the slam ability’s radius damage.

Welcome to the Gun Show: It increases gun stats in almost all aspects by 3% at each level.

Vengeance Cannon: Gives you a cybernetic shoulder weapon that fires a laser and activates when your shield is depleted.

Dreadnought skill tree

Dreadnought Skill Tree Wilhelm Enforcer

Auxiliary Tanks: Each level will increase Wolf and Saints duration by 2s and lessen cooldown by 3%.

Fortify: Each level increases health by 4% for you and Wolf. It also increases gun damage when Saint is active.

Energize: Saint will gain the ability to increase your health by 0.6% each second per level. Additionally, Saint will sometimes boost your and your friends’ shield by 8%.

Heatsinks: Increases shield recharge rate by 6% and decreases shield recharge delay by 4%. The stats will double when the action skill is active.

Termination Protocols: You will get Termination Protocols instead of Fight For Lige.

Rapid Reinforcement: Whenever you kill an enemy, your movement and reload speed increase by 3% and 8%. It also decreases the cooldown for the action skill by 4%.

Zero Hour: When Saint leaves, he will leave a healing zone for 12s, where you and your allies can heal 8% per second.

Hazmat Containment System: You will become resistant to shock or corrosive when they affect you.

Kinetic Armor: You will gain 5% health with each level and a chance to push close-by enemies with an explosive attack.

Hard to kill (Wilhelm): A stack skill that decreases damage taken by 0.1% per stack.

Overcharge: Saint will grant you, and your allies overcharged abilities when you summon him.

Borderlands Pre Sequel Wilhelm leveling build

Wilhelm the Enforcer is one of the best classes in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. There are various ways you can play with him and customize him to match your playstyle. Different players have different builds for the Enforcer, but this guide will go over the ideal leveling for the Enforcer to get the best out of him, especially for players starting.

Players claim that Wilhelm the Enforcer is powerful and that you can push through the game easily. But that is only half the story since you need a great build for those to work. Wilhelm the Enforcer has a unique skill that summons two animals that help you in the fight. A build that creates a balance between you and the summons should be ideal. Here is how you should level Wilhelm the Enforcer to get the best out of him in Borderlands Pre-Sequel.

Level 0: Start leveling up

Level 0 – 3: Unlock Whilhelm’s Action Skill.

Level 3 – 8: Invest five points into Afterburner.

Level 8 – 13: Invest five points into Aurxilary Tanks.

Level 13 – 18: Invest five points into Fire Support.

Level 18 – 22: Invest four points into Fortify.

Level 22 – 23: Invest one point into Laser Guided.

Level 23 – 28: Invest five points into Energize.

Level 28 – 29: Invest one point into Scramble.

Level 29 – 30: Invest one point into the Termination Protocol.

At level 35, your skill trees should look like this:

Wilhelm the Enforcer Borderlands

Best Mid Game builds for Wilhelm the Enforcer BLTPS

Once you are in the midgame in Borderlands Pre-Sequel, you will need some great builds for Wilhelm the Enforcer, and below are two of the best builds.

Wilhelm – Celestial Fighter-Bomber build

Credit to MidnightWabbit

The build is based around on survival. Your aim in the build is to try and stay alive as long as you can. Remember that this build is for Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, but you can still use it for the other modes. Since the enemies have huge health advantages and they deal more damage to you, keeping yourself alive is a great way to counter them.

You can use the build for coop and solo alike. It’s going to provide more or less the same advantages. This build has various skills and abilities, but some are more important than others. Laser Guided and Energize are the most important skills for the build to work. We don’t recommend changing the skills in the build unless you know the ins and outs.

Wilhelm - Celestial Fighter-Bomber build

Wilhelm – a Solo build

Credit to Si Salt

The solo build is all about SMGs and getting you those sweet fast kills. Most or almost all of the skills in the build heavily focus on improving your gun damage, speed, and fire rate, making it a fantastic build for all players. Remember that you need to have an SMG for the build to work; it doesn’t need any specific one. Just any SMG would do.

As the name suggests, the build is for solo, but that doesn’t mean you can not use it in the coop. That said, the build has huge advantages in solo, and not so much when playing coop. That’s why you are better off with other builds for level 50 in the coop. Most of the skills in the build are important, and we don’t recommend mixing any of them. But if you know the skills well, you can change some things.

Wilhelm - a Solo build

Best Wilhelm the Enforcer Builds level 70 Borderlands Pre-Sequel

After going through the game, you will reach level 70, and there are many options for builds for Wilhelm the Enforcer, but below are the two best level 70 builds.

Wilhelm – the Big Willy Style build

Credit to Sickologist

The build is a counter to many popular builds in the game. The creator thinks using the Celestial Enforcer mod is repetitive, and you play the same game every time. So he went to try something different and decided to use the Chronicler of Elphis mod. Additionally, some players worry that this mod is bad since it has lower overall stats, but the overall build works much better.

The build is mainly to play solo, but you can play somewhat coop. It focuses on creating crit damage and mega tank instead of the usual laser and cover strategy. All of that makes this build a great choice to try something different with Wilhelm.

The skills in the build are set up precisely, so to get the most out of this build; you should keep them as it is. But again, if you want to, feel free to mix and match some of the things to see what works best for you.

Wilhelm - the Big Willy Style build

Best gears for Wilhelm – the Big Willy Style build

Weapon 1: Company Man

Weapon 2: Excalibastard

Weapon 3: Longnail

Weapon 4: Creamer or Badaboom

Grenade: Meganade or Quasar

Shield: Shield of Ages

Oz Kit: 3DD1.E

MOD: Chronicler of Elphis

Wilhelm the Enforcer

Wilhelm – the Ultimate Endgame build

Credit to VinylicPumaGaming

There are various builds for Wilhelm, but most focus on only one or two capstones – the last skill of every tree. But this build has all three capstones, meaning you can use all the skill trees’ ultimate abilities. That’s also where the name for this build, the ultimate endgame build, comes from.

The creator of the build believes that this build is how Wilhelm was meant to be played. It’s a great way to get the best out of him in all sorts of games, solo or bossing. Additionally, the creator defeats a boss easily and deals an attack on the enemy with millions of damage. All of that really makes this build one of the best for players.

The creator carefully chooses the skills for the build to reach the capstones of all skill trees. That’s the reason you should keep them as it is to get the most out of this build.

Wilhelm - the Ultimate Endgame build

Best gears for Wilhelm – the Ultimate Endgame build

Weapon 1: Absolute Zero

Weapon 2: Fridgia

Weapon 3: Kaneda’s Laser

Weapon 4: Vibra-Pulse

Grenade: Bonus Package

Shield: Prismatic Bulwark or Shield of Ages

Oz Kit: 3DD1.E

MOD: Celestial Enforcer