Best Claptrap Builds Level 1 To 70 UPDATED – Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Claptrap the Fragtrap

Claptrap the Fragtrap is one of the most underrated playable characters in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. Most gamers simply assume he would suck in the game and often choose other characters to play. However, this silly-looking robot can be an exceptional Vault Hunter in the game.  

Claptrap the Fragtrap is a fast-talking robot with a knack for selfless buffs and defensive support. He’s the perfect Vault Hunter if you want to be the ultimate teammate, but he can also fend for himself when things get tough.

So, if you are planning to play with Claptrap, make sure you know how the robot fights in battle. You also need to know the best builds for Claptrap to level him up. It will help you to play with the best version of the character in the game. 

In this guide, we have gathered some of the best Claptrap the Fragtrap builds from level 0 to level 70. So, before you dive into the game with Claptrap, know a little more about his skills to get the best out of him.

Claptrap The Fragtrap

A brief presentation of Claptrap

One of the most beloved Borderlands characters ever has been a talkative Hyperion robot known as Claptrap. He started off as an NPC in the first game but later became a playable character in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

For years now, Claptrap has been the mascot of the Borderlands franchise. He’s been a helpful reminder of quests that need to be completed, an assassin in disguise. But he’s also played the role of a lonely, forgotten hero.

Throughout his short life as a Vault Hunter, he has had to fend off a variety of different threats from the various enemies in the Borderlands universe. This has made him a bit snarky and overenthusiastic. He brags a lot and sometimes even expresses loneliness. 

Claptrap’s Action Skill is VaultHunter.EXE. It will analyze the situation in the game and then determine which Vault Hunter is best suitable. After that, it will loan an Action Package, which allows Claptrap to fight in the same manner for a short period of time. It will also give you Health Regeneration and Full Health.  Because of all these amazing abilities and skills, Claptrap makes a great playable character in Borderlands Pre-Sequel.

Claptrap Skill Trees Explained

BoomTrap Skill Tree: BoomTrap is Claptrap’s first skill tree. It is mainly a co-op-focused skill tree, and it offers plenty of buffs for Claptrap and his teammates to help them fight. This skill tree is associated with pure offense and explosiveness. Ultimately, the BoomTrap skill tree is one of the best for solo play because it provides the explosiveness and kinetic damage that Claptrap is known for, and it’s also very good at defending against Killbot’s Adaptive Shields.

I Love You Guys! Skill Tree: The I Love You Guys! Skill Tree for Claptrap is where you can gain buffs that will boost your and all your friends’ Gun Damage Fire Rates. Some of these buffs will also give you health regeneration. This skill tree focuses on increasing stats as well as healing for all teammates. The I Love You Guys skill tree is a good starting point for anyone new to Borderlands, as it provides a large variety of buffs and rewards for doing different things.

Fragmented Fragtrap Skill Tree: Claptrap’s Fragmented Fragtrap skill tree seems a bit strange at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s surprisingly useful. Unlike other skill trees, it is quite unpredictable. It is more suitable for solo play rather than co-op. Fragmented Fragtrap is one of the most micromanage-intensive skill trees in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but if you master the system, it can be very deadly. It deals with Claptrap’s Subroutine game mechanic. 

BoomTrap Skill Tree :

Boomtrap Skill Tree

Drop the Hammer: This skill increases your fire rate and reload speed by +5% each but makes your accuracy worse by -2% per rank for a few seconds.

Killbot: Restores your health up to 7% of max health but costs you shields. It will cost you up to 2% of the max shield. The lower your health, the greater amount will be restored with this skill. 

Coincidental Combustion: It adds explosive bonus damage to non-elemental shots based on weapon damage. It can increase the explosive chance by +7%. 

Repulsive: Pushes enemies back by emitting a powerful blastwave and deals explosive damage in a small area around you. It can be used to wreak havoc in co-op, and it is also a nice addition to a solo build.

Second Wind (by Tediore): When you enter Fight For Your Life, it throws away a copy of yourself that explodes like a grenade and continues to shoot Explosive Novas. 

Load ‘n’ Splode: It grants stacking explosive damage whenever you reload. You will get +4% explosive damage per stack. 

I am Rubber. You are Glue: With this skill, whenever you kill an enemy, the bullets will reflect off you for a short time. It increases bullet ricochet chance by +25%. It will also unlock Action Package Torgue Fiesta. 

Start with a Bang: When you fire a fully loaded gun, it sets off an explosive nova, dealing damage based on rank while draining 1% of your health per rank as well.

Hyperion Punch: It deals explosive damage and adds stacks of Hyperion Punch when it is activated. Once Claptrap has 5 stacks, he will press the melee button to throw a flaming boxing glove, which then flies forward a short distance and hits an enemy for Incendiary Damage.

One Last Thing: Grants significant bonus damage to the last round fired from any weapon’s clip. The last shot bonus is 80%. 

Livin’ Near the Edge: Increases your fire rate and reloads speed up to 100%. It also unlocks a great action package that allows you to shoot an array of cannonballs in pirate ship mode.

I Love You Guys! Skill Tree

I Love You Guys Skill Tree

Best Buds 4 Life: Gives you and your buddy Health Regeneration up to +0.5% and Damage Resistance up to +7% when you revive each other or yourself. It also extends Fight For Your Life and increases Gun Damage when downed by +5%. 

Maniacal Laughter: Increases the status effect chance by +4%. Apart from that, for each stack of Maniacal Laughter, you and your buddy will gain health regeneration. 

Through Thick and Thin: Increases the Action Skill Cooldown Rate by +5%. However, if ValultHunter.EXE is running, your allies will get this bonus. 

Kick Him While He’s Down: It can draw aggro from nearby enemies and keep them away from your allies. It also unlocks the Action Package Clap-in-the-Box, which heals you and your allies for a short time when you’re down.

All the Things Are Awesome!: It increases Fire Rate, Weapon Swap Speed, and Max Health permanently for every teammate in the game. This is a great addition to a Claptrap build, as it gives him both offensive and support skills in one.

You’re… GOING TO LOVE ME!!: This skill creates a Friendship Nova when you kill an enemy. It is centered on the enemy and heals you and your friends. Moreover, it also unlocks Action Package Gun Wizard. 

Wax Off. Wax On: It increases your shield capacity, shield recharge rate, and shield recharge delay by +3%. 

It’s a Trap… Card: With this skill, when your shield becomes depleted, it releases a Mega-Nova that heals you and your enemies. It heals up to 15% of your max health. 

Pain Simulator Is Painful: This skill increases your max health by +6% and gives your damage reduction of +4.8%. 

Kick Him While He’s Up: This skill increases your melee damage, gun damage, and critical hit damage by +5% when you gain Second Wind. 

Organized Guns Are Happy: It helps to increase the magazine size with all weapon types for you by +5% and for your teammates by +2%. 

HIGH FIVES GUYS: Allows you to request a high five from a teammate. If it’s successful, both players get a buff that increases gun damage by +15% and fire rate by +50%. It also grants health regeneration. 

Fragmented Fragtrap Skill Tree

Fragmented Fragtrap Skill Tree

All the Guns: You pick a Subroutine from a pool of random choices, and every 100 seconds, you’ll swap out your gun for a new one, increasing your reload speed, fire rate, and damage with that type while decreasing them with all others. 

Fuzzy Logic: Taking damage from an enemy increases your Critical Hit Damage by +10%. 

Safety First: It gives a random buff to either health or shields. This skill grants your increased capacity and regeneration for the particular attribute. However, you have to deal with reduced damage with other gun types. 

Surprised? Stabilize!: This skill increases your Accuracy and Recoil Rate by +10% for all gun types for a few seconds. 

Rope-a-Derp: Grants +150% melee damage but -25% gun damage. 

Blue Shell: Blue Shell is a very powerful skill that increases gun damage, fire rate, and reload speed while in Fight For Your Life. It also increases the duration of your Fight For Your Life by 7%.

Tripleclocked: Multiplies your subroutine bonuses and penalties by up to three. It also unlocks Action Package One Shot Wonder, where every shot empties all the bullets from your clip. 

Grenade Vent: It increases grenade damage by +9% and adds +1% Frag Stacks per grenade thrown. 

Element of Surprise: Allows Claptrap to randomly choose a Subroutine that increases the damage of one element by +32% and decreases damage with other elements by -16%. 

Death Machine: Improves your reload speed by +6%, gun damage by +6%, and movement speed by +4% for a few seconds when you kill an enemy.

Cryogenic Exhaust Manifold: Whenever you Slam, you release a Cryo Nova with damage based on rank and lose -1 Frag Stack per rank

Float Like a Bee: Increases melee damage by +6%, and when you kill an enemy, it grants you health up to +5%, movement speed up to +3%, and Frag Stacks +1. 

Rainbow Coolant: With this skill, when you start a new subroutine, you will emit a Rainbow Nova. It is huge in size and consists of all elements. It also unlocks Action Package Laser Inferno, which shoots lasers in all directions near enemies.  

Claptrap the Fragtrap Levelling Build Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Many players suggest that Claptrap is not a good starting character, but by adding some points to the BoomTrap skill tree, you can make him powerful. We can go with many builds, but it is best to go with the offensive build for this guide. It’s a BoomTrap tree-based build that is suitable for explosive damage. 

We will add some points to the Fragmented Fragtrap skill tree as well to make Claptrap more powerful. Claptrap is not as powerful as other characters in the game, so make sure you choose the right build, or else it will ruin your game. We recommend following the leveling guide below to level your Claptrap and get the best out of him during the early game. Here is how you should level Claptrap in Borderlands Pre-Sequel.

Level 0 – 3: Unlock Claptrap’s skill, VaultHunter.EXE.

Level 3 – 4: Invest one point into Drop the Hammer skill.

Level 4 – 8: Invest four points into the Drop the Hammer skill.

Level 8 – 13: Invest five points into the Coincidental Combustion skill.

Level 13 – 14: Invest one point into Second Wind (by Tediore) skill.

Level 14 – 15: Invest one point into I Am Rubber. You Are Glue skill.

Level 15 – 19: Invest four points into Start with a Bang skill.

Level 19 – 24: Invest five points into the Hyperion Punch skill.

Level 24 – 25: Invest one point into Livin’ Near the Edge skill.

Level 25 – 26: Invest one point into All the Gun’s skills.

Level 26 – 29: Invest three points into the Fuzzy Logic skill.

Level 29 – 30: Invest one point into the Safety First skill.

Level 30 – 34: Invest four points into Surprised? Stabilize! Skill.

Level 34 – 35: Invest one point into the Rope-a-Derp skill.

After leveling your Claptrap, you should have a build looking like the one below:

Claptrap Borderlands Pre Sequel

Best Mid-Game Builds for Claptrap the Fragtrap BTPS

You can choose many builds for Claptrap at mid-game, but only a few are the best. Below are the two best Claptrap builds for mid-game in Borderlands Pre-Sequel.

Claptrap – The Booming Fragtrap

Credit to MidnightWabbit

This is an epic mid-game Claptrap build that will dramatically increase the output of your explosive damage and help you to eliminate enemies effectively. This is not only great for fighting opponents but also helps you to deal with heavy damage in the game. 

It is based on the BoomTrap skill tree, which is all about explosive damage. Apart from that, this build also focuses on a few great skills from I Love You Guys! This helps you increase your survivability in the game. 

This build is suitable for solo play and defeating powerful enemies like Iwajira. The creator of this build was able to bring tons of explosive damage to the enemies. So, if you are looking for a suitable mid-game Claptrap build, you can never go wrong with The Booming Fragtrap. 

The Booming Fragtrap Build

Claptrap – The Healer/ Buffer

Credit to NerosCinema2

If you are planning to use Claptrap for team play, there is no better mid-game build than this one. This Claptrap build is heavily focused on healing and support that will work to keep all your teammates alive and super charged up in the game. It has all the skills you need to carry your team and deal with the damage.

This build is mostly suitable for co-op games. The creator of the build mostly takes advantage of Claptrap’s I Love You Guys! Skill Tree. Apart from that, the creator also used Drop the Hammer and Coincidental Combustion skills for explosive damage. Follow this build to enjoy the best of Claptrap in team play.

Healer Buffer Build Clap Trap Borderlands

Best Claptrap the Fragtrap Builds Level 70 Borderlands Pre-Sequel

When you are near the end of the game, you can use any build for Claptrap, but to get the best out of him, you will need the best Claptrap builds. Here are the two best Claptrap builds in Borderlands Pre-Sequel.

Claptrap – The Ninja-Trap

Credit to Joltzdude139

If you are looking for a level 70 melee Claptrap build, this is the best choice. With this build, you can transform Claptrap into a legit Ninja. The creator of this build wanted to make a cool and unique Claptrap build that focuses on melee damage. This build is great for defeating enemies as well as giving you a chance to heal yourself in the game.

The Level 70 Ninja-Trap build focuses on using different types of weapons to deal with damage with accuracy. It is suitable for co-op as well as a solo game. You can use different types of guns to maximize damage. With this build, Claptrap can do great damage with melee. 

This build uses skills from all three skill trees. This build is built by skills such as Drop the Hammer, Killbot, Second Wind, Start with a Bang, One Last Thing, Maniacal Laughter, All the Things are Awesome, All the Guns, Safety First, Fuzzy Logic, Tripleclocked, Death Machine, etc. 

The Ninja Trap Build Claptrap Borderlands

Best Gears for Claptrap – The Ninja-Trap Build

Weapon 1: Rightsizing Fatale 

Weapon 2: Action Lady Fist

Weapon 3: Niveous Longest Yard

Weapon 4: Evisceration Probe

Grenade: Longbow Quasar

Shield: Alkaline Avalanche

Oz Kit: Arctic Acrobat Oz Kit

MOD: Stable Roboninja Class Mod

Claptrap builds presequel

Claptrap – The Ultimate Endgame Build

Credit to PumaTutorials

So, if you want to build an ultimate endgame Claptrap, try this build. With this build, you can pretty much kill anything in the game with just an ice weapon. It is not only an offensive build but also gives you a defensive advantage. Even though Claptrap is the hardest character to play with, this build can give you some serious advantages.

This ultimate endgame Claptrap build focuses on all three Skill Trees, i.e., BoomTrap, I Love You Guys! And Fragmented Fragtrap. However, it mostly capitalizes the power from Start with a Bang and Load ‘n’ Splode. It is good for both solos as well as co-op play. If you want to level up your Claptrap, follow this build. 

Ultimate End Game Build Claptrap Borderlands Pre Sequel

Best Gears for Claptrap – The Ultimate Endgame Build

Weapon 1: Double Penetrating 88 Fragnum  

Weapon 2: Refill Subcompact MG

Weapon 3: Slippery Rifle

Weapon 4: Deep a Nukem

Grenade: Longbow Cryo

Shield: Naught

Oz Kit: Voltaic Bomber Oz Kit

MOD: Chronicler of Epis Class Mod