Best Aurelia builds Level 1 to 70 UPDATED – Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Aurelia the Baroness 

Aurelia, the Baroness, is one of the most powerful playable characters in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. She is a Vault Hunter with a lust for violence and the quest to find adventures. 

The Baroness is an amazing sniper, with a range of skills that will help you to deal great damage to enemies and bosses. She is one of the unique characters in Borderlands and has three skill trees, i.e., Cold Money which focuses on amplifying Cryo Damage to any gun; contractual Aristocracy, which turns your co-op partner into a lowly servant; and Huntress, which adds a slot machine to your sniper scope. 

These are all incredibly fun to level up and should give you some great ways to deal tons of damage in the game’s endless quests. However, in order to play with the Baroness, you need to know the best builds. So, in this guide, we are going to show you the best Aurelia builds in Borderlands Pre-Sequel, from level 0 to level 70. 

Aurelia the Baroness Borderlands Pre Sequel

A brief presentation of Aurelia

In Pandora and its moon Elpis, many people become Vault Hunters because of desperation. Others do it for money, power, or both. The wealthy Baroness Aurelia Hammerlock is a different kind of hunter. She wants to make a killing, and she’s got plenty of money and power to prove it in Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Aurelia the Baroness is the heiress of the Hammerlock family fortune and sister of Sir Hammerlock. She’s been traveling the galaxy, killing dangerous creatures for her own illusory pleasure. She is also the newest addition to Handsome Jack’s group of Vault Hunters. 

The Baroness is a very powerful character and one that fans of the series enjoy playing as. She has a slim athletic, yet feminine build with sharp features and icy blue eyes. Aurelia has short dark black hair with a silver strand. She wears white pants with boots and an icy blue jacket. 

Lady Aurelia’s primary action skill is “Cold As Ice,” which lets her throw out a Frost Diadem Shard that attaches to an enemy and deals constant damage. When that enemy dies, the shard moves on to a new target. This can be a really powerful way to deal damage in a single hit. Overall, her skillset makes her a powerful solo and coop player. 

Aurelia Skill Trees Explained

The Huntress: The Huntress skill tree focuses on boosting sniper riffle damage. It is a pretty strong tree for a sniper build. It offers a large damage bonus the further you are from the target, as well as other buffs such as faster reload times and critical hits.

The Huntress Skill Tree :

The Huntress skill Tree

MarkswomanIncreases critical hit damage and aim speed with all gun types by +6% and 20% per rank, respectively. 

Only The Best: It increases bullet speed with all gun types as well as magazine size for sniper rifles. 

Culling The Herd: When you score a critical hit, the gun damage increases.  

Long-Range Killer: It provides a bonus to gun damage, which increases with the distance between you and the enemy. 

Warning Shot: When you miss a shot with a sniper rifle, you gain increased accuracy, fire rate, critical hit damage, and weapon swap speed. 

Silver Lining: You get a bullet in your magazine when you kill an enemy with a critical hit. 

I Never Miss: It increases sniper rifle critical hit damage for each stack.

Magic Bullet: It lets you trigger elemental effects while zooming and allows critical hits to generate healing novas, and gives more health.

Wait For It…: It increases your sniper rifle damage for each stack. 

Large Caliber: This skill increases gun damage and reload speed but decreases magazine size. 

Prudent Prudence: Gain increased reload speed, movement speed, and gun damage when you suffer melee damage or your shield depletes. 

Custom Loads: When you zoom in, it adds another element to your shot to trigger several different effects. It also creates a small nova. 

Cold Money: The Cold Money skill tree focuses on ice damage. It is all about freezing the enemies. With this skill tree, you can unlock base stack skills that will constantly boost your cryo damage. 

Cold Money Skill Tree :

Cold Money Skill Tree

Avalanche: It allows Aurelia to gain stacks of Avalanche from enemies, which deal with Cryo Damage and Freeze Chance. 

Bitter Riposte: When your shield takes enemy damage while it’s fully charged, fire an ice dart at that enemy, dealing cryo damage. 

Short Summer: It increases action skill cooldown rate and shield recharge delay. 

Winter’s Fury: It focuses on cryo damage and helps you to knock back all enemies. 

Frigid Touch: It is a kill skill that converts cryo damage into healing for a short time.

Fragment Rain: It enables frost shards to spawn ice fragments that fly around and deal cryo damage upon impact. 

Frostbite: Enemy damage by the shard takes more cryo damage. 

Polar Vortex: There is a chance of singularity when a frost shard attaches to an enemy. 

Cold Advance: It increases critical hit damage. 

Whiteout: Decreases damage to enemies when the Cold-As-Ice action skill is active. 

Winter’s Veil: Creates cryo nova when struck by a melee attack or when the shield is depleted. 

Wintertide: It is a kill skill that allows all your non-cryo guns to deal cryo damage. 

Contractual Aristocracy: The Contractual Aristocracy tree allows Aurelia to turn a co-op partner into a servant and earn bonuses for them as well. As with her other skills, this is a good choice for players who like to boss others around. 

Contractual Aristocracy Skill Tree :

Contractual Aristocracy Skill Tree

Duchess: It gives you increased accuracy for each stack of Duchess.  

Contractual Obligations: It presents a contract to your allies for becoming your servant and gives you increased gun damage and shield capacity. 

Valet: It increases your as well as your servant’s reload speed. 

Protect Your Assets: It increases shield capacity and max health for you and the servants. 

Your First: When you kill an enemy, it restores your servant’s shield. 

Quality, Not Quantity: When you use guns of blue rarity, it increases gun damage and fire rate. 

Excellent Shot, Madam: Increases cryo damage to enemies that are hit by your servants. 

Next to Cleanliness: Increases gun damage and reload speed with guns that aren’t corrosive, explosive, or incendiary. 

All Glory to the Master: It increases critical hit damage for you and your servants. 

Keep Your Chin Up: Killing an enemy restores your as well as your servant’s health. 

Podsnappery: Improves shield recharge delay and fire rate. 

Save the Queen: The enemy that tried to attack you deals more cryo damage. 

A Backhand to Remember: It transforms Aurelia’s melee attack into a backhand, which knocks back enemies and deals cryo damage.

Aurelia the Baroness Levelling Build Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Aurelia the Baroness is one of the most powerful characters in Borderlands Pre-Sequel that deals with ice damage. If you want to play the Baroness, we have the perfect level build for you. In order to make Aurelia more powerful, we are going to take advantage of The Huntress skill tree. We are going to boost her sniper rifle abilities which makes her perfect for solo as well as coop play. 

It will give Aurelia an increase in gun damage and increase the magazine size and reload speed. All these abilities will help you to deal a lot of damage to enemies. So, we are going to start with Markswoman skill, followed by Culling the Herd, Long-Range Killer, and Magic Bullet. Apart from that, we are also going to boost various skills from the Cold Money skill tree. It will help you to deal with plenty of cryo damage. Below we have a leveling guide that will help you to play a better game with Aurelia.

Level 0: Start the game and level up.

Level 0 to 3: Unlock Cold As Ice Action Skill. 

Level 3 to 4: Invest one point into Markswoman skill.

Level 4 to 8: Invest four points into Markswoman skill.

Level 8 to 9: Invest one point into the Long-Range Killer skill.

Level 9 to 14: Invest five points into Culling The Herd skill.

Level 14 to 15: Invest one point into the Magic Bullet skill.

Level 15 to 19: Invest four points into Warning Shot skill.

Level 19 to 24: Invest four points into Prudent Prudence skill.

Level 24 to 25: Invest one point into the Custom Loads skill.

Level 25 to 30: Invest five points into Avalanche skill.

Level 30 to 35: Invest five points into Short Summer skill.

After leveling your Aurelia, you should have a build looking like the one below:

Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Best Mid-Game Builds for Aurelia the Baroness BTPS

To make Aurelia stronger and better in Borderlands Pre-Sequel, try these builds for Aurelia the Baroness. Below are the two best mid-game builds for Aurelia.

Cold Sniper Aurelia Build 

Credit to Joltzdude139

This is a fun Aurelia mid-game build that focuses on her sniper abilities. If you want to have a blast killing enemies with Aurelia, this build is for you. The build mainly utilizes skills from The Huntress skill tree to increase gun damage as well as critical hit damage. 

Apart from that, we are also going to skills from the Cold Money skill tree to help you deal more cryo damage. This makes the build suitable for both coop and solo games. In solo games, you will have an edge and can easily annihilate enemies. In coop, you can be a team player and take your allies ahead in the game. 

The best thing about this build is that even though it is a mid-game level build, you can still use it to defeat bosses. The creator of the build was able to kill Iwajira with ease. It is a tried and tested build for gamers who choose Aurelia in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. 

Cold Sniper Build Aurelia

White Walker Aurelia Build 

Credit to 00TheMessiah00

While this is a level 70 build, you can also use it as a mid-game Aurelia build because it’s a perfect blend of sniper power with cryo damage. This is one of the most durable Aurelia builds that will help you to ace solo games as well as offer the much-needed offensive and defensive support for coop plays. 

We are only going to use skills from The Huntress and Cold Money skill trees to boost Aurelia’s abilities. It will give you a solid damage increase with the close range as well as long-range attacks. This build uses skills like, Markswoman, Culling the Herd, Long-Range Killer, Only the Best, Silver Lining, Magic Bullet, etc.

Apart from that, we are also going to use skills like Avalanche, Short Summer, Winter’s Fury, and Fragment Rain to boost cryo damage. This is one of the fan-favorite Aurelia builds that will help you defeat great enemies in the game. 

White Walker Aurelia Baroness Build

Best Aurelia the Baroness Builds Level 70 Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Here are the two best level 70 Aurelia builds in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. These builds will help you use Aurelia in the best way possible when playing Borderlands. 

The Baroness Endgame Build

Credit to VinylicPumaGaming

This is the ultimate Aurelia endgame built for people who love to play the Baroness class. This build is mainly focused on ice weapons and snipping. The best thing about this build is that it will give you great offensive abilities, which are suitable for solo plays. You will also get healing abilities that work great in co-op games. 

This level 70 build will mostly use skills from The Huntress and Cold Money skill tree. Apart from that, we are also going to use a few skills from the Conceptual Aristocracy skill tree. With this build, you will be able to deal great cryo damage, which helps you to easily defeat enemies like Iwajira. 

Some of the few main skills we are going to use in this build are, Markswoman, Culling the Herd, Silver Lining, Magic Bullet, Avalanche, Fragment Rain, Frostbite, Wintertide, Cold Advance, etc. It is one of the most popular builds for Aurelia and will help you to make her indestructible in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. 

The Baroness Endgame Build

Best Gears for The Baroness Endgame Build

Weapon 1: Skookum Diab

Weapon 2: Absolute Zero

Weapon 3: Kaneda’s Laser

Weapon 4: Ferocious Hail

Grenade: Longbow Cryo

Shield: Shield of Ages

Oz Kit: Arctic Precision Strike Oz Kit

MOD: Chronicler of Elpis Class Mod

Winter Tempest Aurelia Build

Credit to ApolloLunaSync Gaming

There have been many builds for Aurelia, but there are only a few that make her the best among all the other characters. This is one of the best builds if you choose to use the Baroness. With this build, you can deal a lot of offensive as well as defensive damage. The best thing is that it requires only a minimal amount of shooting.

This build is perfect for co-op play, but you can use it for solo play as well, with little tweaks here and there. With this build, you will get up to 280% accuracy, 60% reload speed, 120% gun damage, up to 265% cryo damage, 30% fire rate, 80% freeze chance, up to 200% cooldown rate, and many other things. 

With this build, you heal as much as you kill. We are mostly going to use skills from the Cold Money skill tree, followed by a few different skills from The Huntress and Conceptual Aristocracy skill tree. It is one of the unique builds for Aurelia that can give you an edge over others. 

Winter Tempest Pre Sequel Aurelia Build

Best Gears for Winter Tempest Aurelia Build

Weapon 1: Absolute Zero   

Weapon 2: True-Blue Fast Talker

Weapon 3: Skookum skullmashe

Weapon 4: Kaneda’s Laser

Grenade: Meganade

Shield: Naught

Oz Kit: 3DD1.E Oz Kit

MOD: Celestial Class Mod