Best Axton Commando Builds – LVL 1 to 72 OP8 – Borderlands 2

Axton the Commando

I find Axton to be an underestimated character in Borderlands 2, and finding updated Axton builds is not easy. For this reason, I’ve decided to share with you some of the best builds for the Commando class.

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Axton the Commando Builds

Early-game – To Level 32 build

One mistake I used to do when I started a new character was to focus on getting the last skill of a skill branch, by doing this is I would skip some important skills which made my Axton not as powerfull.

When you start your first run you should focus on these 4 skills: ImpactMetal stormReady and Preparation. These four skills are essential for Axton because they improve all your weapon stats, a better shield capacity and health regeneration. Axton will survive better in critical situations. Honestly starting with these skills will make your game much more enjoyable.

Level 0-5: Continue the game and push these levels up!

Level 5: Unblock the Sabre Turret

Level 5-10: Points on Preparation

Level 10-15: Points on Impact skill

Level 15-20: Points on Ready skill

Level 20-25: Points on Sentry skill

Level 25-26: Only 1 point on Scorched Earth

Level 26-31: Points on Metal Storm

Level 31-32: Points on Longbow skill

By level 32: You should have the following skill tree: link

Mid-game – Level 50 builds

I’ve prepared 3 mid-game commando builds for you, following them will take you to around level 50.

Double up build – Axton the Vanguard

The advantage of this build is your turret will deal good damage and in addition it will also slag enemies which allows Axton to deal greater damage. This double up build is great for solo because you do not need to rely on your turrets for survivability. In Co-op this build is highly appreciated, while your turrets are slaging and distracting the enemies your team will be taking care of more complicated enemies or boss.

This build relies on the skill Double Up in the Guerrila skill tree, which adds slag and a second gun on the Sabre Turret.

Vanguard build

Gemini build – Axton the Engineer

With the Gemini build you can deploy 2 Sabre Turrets, believe me when you have those 2 turrets deployed it’s a walk in the park. The advantage was I could wonder around to loot or target a specific mob while the 2 Turrets were taking care of the rest.

This build relies on the skill Gemini which allows you to deploy 2 Sabre Turrets.

Gemini build for Axton the Commando

Nuke build – The Nuclear Commando

It seems like the Nuke build is not used as much as the other 2 builds above, however, I still think it’s an interesting build to play with. As the name suggests, this build is based on explosions and damage. I like this build because it focuses on both: Axton and the Sabre Turret. With this build I felt useful on the battlefield, I wasn’t always relying on my Sabre Turret.

Nuke build

End-game – Level 72 OP8 Builds

The following builds are endgame builds, which means you did a great job leveling-up, congrats! Now let’s focus on the best Axton UVHM builds!

The Gemgineer build

Credit to Ninja_Mrrr and Arcxna

This commando build turns your Commando character into a lethal weapon! He can deploy two turrets with 2 guns on each of them and thanks to the Longbow skill they can be deployed in a long range.

I like this build because your Action Skill will now have a fast cooldown giving Axton the ability to quickly deploy his Sabre Turrets. The advantage of deploying his turrets is Axton’s damages are nicely increased and the turrets will regen Axton’s health when dealing damage to enemies.

In my opinion, to play this build efficiently you want to deploy your turrets around enemies and when the job is done, recall your turrets to gain some extra cooldown time. To be even more efficient, I use Magic Missile grenades to slag enemies so my turrets would deal even more damage.

Gemingeer build for Axton the Commando

Best gears for Axton Gemgineer build

Weapon 1: Lyuda (Fire or Shock)

Weapon 2: Hornet

Weapon 3: Ogre

Weapon 4: Twister

Shield: Antagonist

Relic: Bone of the Ancients

MOD: COM – Legendary Engineer

Grenade: Magic Missile

Use SHIFT Codes to open the Golden Chest in Sanctuary for easy loot!

The BeeFour build

Credit to KIjackalLL

I’ve found this build on Youtube, where players could clear the OP8 Digistruct Peak in solo mode. After seeing the videos, I’ve decided that’s a build I must share here.

This build relies on the Bee Shield, it is a powerful shield, but it also has downsides which are: low shield capacity and slow cooldown (6 seconds). However, the commando skills are great, because they minimize the downsides of the shield by reducing its cooldown and increasing shield capacity.

Here are the main advantages of this BeeFour commando build:
– Fast shield regeneration
– Nice health regeneration: 18% every 3 seconds
– Minimum cooldown for your Sabre Turrets

When I play this build, I do the shoot then hide strategy. What I mean here, is when Axton’s shield is full he will deal really high damage, so keep shooting and as soon as your shield gets down, jump around, hide for a bit to let the shield regenerate.

This build only costs 68 skill points, giving you 4 extra points to use as you wish.

BeeFour Axton build

Best gears for Axton BeeFour build

Weapon 1: Sandhawk – Fire

Weapon 2: Sandhawk – Corrosive

Weapon 3: Lyuda – Shock

Weapon 4: Norfleet – Shock

Shield: The Bee (best: Inflammable Bee)

Relic: Bone of the Ancients – Fire or Corrosive

MOD: COM – Legendary Engineer or COM – Legendary Soldier

Grenade: Magic Missile

Use SHIFT Codes to open the Golden Chest in Sanctuary for easy loot!

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