Bone of the Ancients Relic Guide — Borderlands 2

Bone of the Ancients is an amazing Eridium or E-tech relic that gives you many different bonuses in Borderlands 2. If you want to get your hands on this relic, it won’t be easy, as you will need to grind a lot. Additionally, Bone of the Ancients is part of a DLC called Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2. 

Borderlands 2 Bone of the Ancients relic 

There are two different bonuses that you can get with this relic, and both of them are as below. 

  • It increases one of your elemental damage. 
  • It increases the cooldown rate for your action skills. 

These perks can shine with many builds, for example the Commando Gemgineer build that uses elemental damage and frequent Action Skills. 

Different possible elements with Bone of the Ancients Relic

There are four different possible elements you can have with Bone of the Ancients in Borderlands 2.

  • Incendiary
  • Shock
  • Corrosive

How to get Bone of the Ancients Relic 

The only way you have a chance of getting the Bone of the Ancients relic in Borderlands 2 is by lotting it from Legendary Loot Midgets. It’s worth noting that they are not guaranteed to drop this relic and only have a small chance, as given below. 

  • Legendary Loot Midgets have a 50% chance of dropping an E-tech item, including Bone of the Ancients, which has around a 12.5% drop chance. 

If you want to find these Legendary Loot Midgets, you have to start the Doctor’s Orders quest in Vault Hunter Mode, and you will see four of them when you open the boxes near ECHO. There are other instances where you might see them, but it’s rare in Borderlands 2, and the best way is through Doctor’s Orders mission.

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