Borderlands 2 SHIFT Codes

We have reunited for you an updated list of Borderlands 2 SHIFT codes. With these SHIFT codes you get special rewards (skins, weapons, etc) and will be able to open the Golden Chest located in Sanctuary.
These Golden Chests offers high rarity gear with the advantage of them being the same level as your character.

SHIFT codes can be very helpful when you feel you are getting stuck at some point in the game, by using a SHIFT code and getting a powerful weapon it can make it easier for you and prevent you from farming hours for a speacial weapon.

SHIFT codes for Borderlands 2

SHIFT Codes for Golden Keys- Borderlands 2 (Steam & Epic)

  • 5B3BJ-XZWFW-T3KRZ-JBJTB-6WST9 – 5 Golden Keys
  • 53KBB-KXXRC-RZ66Z-WFJBB-WSRZ3 – 5 Golden Keys
  • C35TB-WS6ST-TXBRK-TTTJT-JJH6H – 5 Golden Keys
  • ZFKJ3-TT3BB-JTBJT-T3JJT-JWX9H – 3 Golden Keys
  • 5H533-9XT3T-FXWFZ-RJTTB-6FXKJ – 10 Golden Keys

SHIFT Codes for Weapons – BL2 (PC, Playstation and Xbox)

  • CTKJB-KHZS3-FJXJS-3TB3J-3ZCKF – Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
  • CTWTB-X9ZHB-XBXT9-B3JTJ-3JKW6 – Volcano
  • WTWJ3-SFJ99-TBSW6-THWJB-CHHSZ – 3 Random Legendary Weapons

SHIFT Codes for Skins : PC – BL2

  • KTK3J-FR3JS-ZX55B-B3BJ3-HSRB6 – Axton Skin
  • 535BB-3R3BZ-HF5K3-JJB33-3BF3J – Gaige Skin
  • CTKJ3-9CBJS-9R5WT-JBJ3T-WKXKF – Zer0 Skin
  • CBCJ3-W5TT9-S65K3-BJJ3B-XHWWC – Maya Skin
  • CBKJ3-5FT39-ZRCCT-JTJB3-RFJ5B – Krieg Skin
  • 5J5TT-RCJBS-ZXWCJ-TJ3BJ-TK3FB – Salvador Skin

SHIFT Codes for Skins : PlayStation – BL2

  • WJWJB-C3TF9-36RC3-HT5TB-JWBCF – Gaige Skin
  • KJCT3-JJ3F9-TF6CJ-HJKTB-563CX – Zer0 Skin
  • KJKB3-6B36H-JF6WT-STCB3-JB69F – Krieg Skin
  • 5JWTJ-RS95S-JRFWB-ZBCBB-5XJHT – Salvador Skin

SHIFT Codes for Skins : Xbox – BL2

  • KJCBT-C9X9R-9STKX-W6T33-TZBBB  – Axton Skin
  • 53KJ3-HRR96-SHJWX-CR333-C65BB  – Gaige Skin
  • W35B3-R66ZR-9ZBW6-5XJTJ-RW9RH  – Zer0 Skin
  • CBCJ3-CRX9X-HZ3KX-KX3J3-Z9H5F  – Maya Skin
  • C3K33-3H69R-SZJ5X-CRBTJ-CJXK3  – Krieg Skin
  • KTWTJ-3FF9X-HH356-5RB3T-ZK6FF  – Salvador Skin

Where to find recent SHIFT codes for Borderlands 2?

It can be a difficult task to find valid SHIFT codes, for this reason we recommend players to search on GearBox social medias where they share from time to time some valide codes.

Check out these pages:

Scroll through the links above and search for recent SHIFT codes, to make it easier you can use CTRL+F.
When you have found one check for which Borderlands game it is for, the expiry dates and platform comptability such as PC/Play Station/Xbox/Switch.

How to use a SHIFT codes?

Now that you have found a SHIFT code, you must enter it somewhere in order to receive your reward.

There are two options to redeem your SHIFT codes:
• In Game in Borderlands 2
• On GearBox website

Redeem your BL2 SHIFT code in-game

Start Borderlands 2 and stay on the main menu where you select your character. Click on “Extras” (in the screen shot below it is written “Bonus” because it is in French.)

Borderlands 2 main title menu

Afterwards select “Shift code”, then you will need to login or create an account if you don”t already have one. At the end you should get to this page:

Borderlands 2 redeeming shift codes

Enter your Borderlands 2 SHIFT code (25 characters long). After you have entered the code you will directly receive your reward in game.

Redeem your BL2 SHIFT code on GearBox official website

The second option is to enter your code directly on GearBox official website:

You must login or create an account if it’s your first time using SHIFT codes. Afterwards, simply entre your code to receive your reward in-game.

How to use Golden Keys in Borderlands 2?

When using SHIFT codes you obtain different kind of rewards, such as golden keys, skins, gears, etc. You receive these rewards directly after redeeming them.

One of the rewards are Golden Keys.

This last step is the easiest and the most satisfying part! Go to Sanctuary, the Golden Chest is located behind the Fast Travel as you can see on the screenshots below:

Sanctuary golden chest borderlands 2
Sanctuary golden chest borderlands 2 opening

Get yourself in front of the Golden Chest and press “E” to use a Golden Key. Now we wish you the best of luck!

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