Legendary Engineer Guide – Borderlands 2

The Legendary Engineer

The Legendary Engineer is a Borderlands 2 legendary mod manufactured by Dahl. This Legendary Axton class mod offers you great bonuses in the game.

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Legendary Engineer Borderlands 2

The main feature of this mod is having a +50% faster cooldown rate. In addition, you will get many other skill bonuses, see bellow for more details. 

What Is The COM – Legendary Engineer MOD?

The best part about the COM – Legendary Engineer is that it improves the game’s most basic skill set. It boosts your Able, Sentry, and Battlefront.

Legendary Engineer description

Here are the skill bonuses you can enjoy with this mod:

  • +5 Battlefront: Increases damage when the turret is out.
  • +5 Sentry: Increases damage and duration of Sabre Turret.
  • +5 Resourceful: Reduces skill cooldown.
  • +5 Impact: Higher gun and melee damage.
  • +5 Able: Health regeneration when dealing damage to enemies.

How to Get the Legendary Engineer MOD?

To get this Mod you will need to have the following DLC: Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two.

In order to get the COM Legendary Engineer mod you will need to defeat level 62+ Tubby enemies in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

  • The COM Legendary Engineer has a 4.4% chance drop rate from Tubby.
Tubby Chubby Borderlands 2

What Is the COM – Legendary Engineer’s Gibbed Code?

You can use the Gibbed Code in Borderlands 2 to add an item to your inventory. Here is the COM Legendary Engineer gibbed code: BL2(BwAAAAB3PwoDAAcAUBBaLQXBAUEAwf///////////38DQQEgAME=)

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