Might of the Seraphs Relic — Borderlands 2

Might of the Seraphs Relic

Might of the Seraphs is another one of the best relics in Borderlands 2. It’s also manufactured by the Eridians, who are responsible for creating Blood of the Ancients and Heart of Ancients, among many other relics. Getting this relic will require Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage downloadable content. 

Borderlands 2 Might of the Seraphs

There are many situations where this relic can come in handy with its perks. Here is what you will be getting with the Might of the Seraphs relic in Borderlands 2.

  • It increases your melee damage by 30% (35% at level 61) and reduces Override Cooldown by 35.4% at all levels. 

Using this relic with someone like Krieg the Psyco will help a lot because he is a melee character. You can use this relic to get a lot more damage from your melee weapons and smash enemies like apples.

How to get Might of the Seraphs Relic?

The only way to get the Might of the Seraphs relic in Borderlands is to purchase it from the Seraph Vendor. However, there are four different Seraph Vendors, and the only one that sells this relic is the Badass Crater of Badassitude.

If you are unable to find the Seraph Vendor in Badass Crater of Badassitude, you have to head right from the exit of Badass Crater Bar and go down the cliff that comes your way. You will easily spot the Vendor on the left side of where you dropped.  

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