Blood of the Ancients Guide – Borderlands 2

Blood of the Ancients

Borderlands 2 has many useful relics, including the Blood of the Ancients. It’s a great relic that provides two unique perks for the players. In order to get this relics, you will need the following DLC: Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2.

Blood Of The Ancients Borderlands 2
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The Blood of the Ancients relic in Borderlands 2 is an experimental tech created by the Eridians, one of the manufacturers in the game. This relic is a mix of two different relics, meaning it has two different perks, making it one of the best relics in the entirety of Borderlands 2.

Below are the main bonuses you get with Blood of the Ancients:

  • Increases your maximum health.
  • Increases the maximum ammo of two weapon types.

Blood of the Ancinets can be extremely useful during raids where you need tons of health and ammo, this is why we recommend having this Relic with the Gunzerker class.

How to get Blood of the Ancients?

Getting the Blood of the Ancients relic is no easy task, as the only way to get it is via the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. To have access to the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode you will need:

  • The DLC: Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2
  • Finish the True Vault Hunter Mode main storyline
  • Minimum level 50

Once you start playing the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, you have to find the Loot Midgets and loot it from them.

Loot Midget Borderlands 2
  • Blood of the Ancients has a 12.5% chance drop rate on the Loot Midgets.

An efficient way to farm the Legendary Loot Midget is to do the mission “Doctor’s Orders” which is given by Patricia Tannis, in Sanctuary.
In this optional mission, when opening the boxes in the same room as the second ECHO, multiple Loot Midgets will spawn. No not pick the ECHO, get rid of the Loot Midgets then save, quit and repeat until you get the Blood of the Ancients relic.

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