Best Salvador Builds level 1 to 80 OP10 UPDATED – Borderlands 2

Salvador The Gunzerker

Salvador the Gunzerker is one of the best, if not the best playable character in Borderlands 2. He can easily rip through the enemies like they are nothing. As powerful as Salvador the Gunzerker is, players still need to make a proper build at all levels to get the best out of him, and it’s a daunting task to find great builds on the internet.

That’s why we have decided to gather the best builds for Salvador the Gunzerker in Borderlands 2. Before diving into the builds, let’s briefly discuss Salvador the Gunzerker and his skills.

Salvador Gunzerker Borderlands 2 Builds

A brief presentation of Salvador

In Borderlands 2, Salvador the Gunzerker was once almost executed by his people, the Ovejas. It happened due to his actions when a Hyperion attacked their area, and he got rid of them. That’s also when he found his interest in the new Vault and, in a dying moment, with his crushed body, decided to board the Hyperion.

“Screw you Freud!”

Salvador the Gunzerker is a strong but short fellow, standing at 163cm – or 5’4″. He is a great playable character who dominates Solo and Coop in Borderlands 2 due to his Gunzerking skill. The skill allows him to dual-wield any two weapons simultaneously, but at the cost of aiming, that is well worth it. Overall he is a great close-range fighter and a little challenging for long-range combat.

Salvador skill trees explained

Like any other playable character in Borderlands 2, Salvador has three skill trees, i.e., Gun Lust, Rampage, and Brawn.

  • Gun Lust – The skill tree is focused on guns. It gives Salvador different gun abilities and improvements, like switching weapons faster, reloading speed, and other gun-related abilities.
  • Rampage – As the name suggests, this skill tree heavily focuses on Gunzerking, extra ammunition, and other related aspects.
  • Brawn – Lastly, Salvador has a brawn skill tree, which makes him tough. The skill tree has abilities that give huge health regeneration and crazy physical abilities.

Gun Lust skill tree:

Salvador Gun Lust Skill Tree

Locked and Loaded: Each upgrade level gives a 5% Fire Rate for a short time after reloading your gun.

Quick Draw: Weapon Swap Speed and Critical Hit Damage increase by 7% and 2% per upgrade level.

I’m Your Huckleberry: Pistol Reload Speed and Damage increases by 3% on each upgrade level.

All I Need is One: Each upgrade level increases 8% damage on a shot fired after swapping weapons.

Divergent Likeness: When Gunzerking with two same guns, 6% damage increases, and with different guns, 6% accuracy increases on each upgrade level.

Money Shot: The skill helps the last bullet fired do an additional 8% damage, and it builds up the damage with every magazine up to 40% on each upgrade level.

Auto-Loader: Every time you kill an enemy, the guns in the inventory get reloaded, and upon switching Locked and Loaded skill is activated.

Lay Waste: Every time you kill an enemy, your Fire Rate and Critical Hit Damage are increased by 8% and 5% for every upgrade level for a short time.

Down Not Out: It will allow you to Gunzek amid Fight for Your Life.

Keep It Piping Hot: Whenever Gunzerking is cooling down, your Gun Damage, Melee Damage, and Grenade Damage increase by 5%, 6%, and 5% on each upgrade level.

No, kill Like Overkill: After killing an enemy, you gain additional Gun Damage equal to the excess amount of damage you dealt.

Rampage skill tree:

Salvador Rampage Skill Tree

Inconceivable: Depending on how low your health and shields are, the skill grants an up to 10% chance of not consuming ammo per upgrade level.

Filled to the Brim: Increases Magazine and Ammunition Capacity by 5% and 3% on each upgrade level.

All in the Reflexes: Increases Reload Speed and Melee Damage by 5% and 4% on each upgrade level.

Last Longer: Gives three additional seconds to Gunzerking Skill per upgrade level.

I’m Ready Already: Grants an additional 5% Cooldown Rate for Gunzerking per level.

5 Shots or 6: The skill gives a 5% chance on each level of adding extra ammunition when firing.

Steady as She Goes: Reduces Recoils by 80% and grants a 30% chance to improve accuracy with Gunzerking.

Yippee Ki Yay: Whenever you kill an enemy during Gunzerking, the skill grants an additional 0.6s duration for Gunzerking per level.

Double Your Fun: While Gunzerking, Salvador will throw two grenades instead of just one, which won’t cost ammunition.

Get Some: Whenever you shoot an enemy, it decreases Gunzerking Cooldown by 0.6s per level with a cooldown of 3 seconds.

Keep Firing…: While Gunzerking, depending on how long you hold the trigger down, you gain up to 88% Fire Rate and increase 25% Reload Speed.

Brawn skill tree :

Salvador Brawn Skill Tree

Hard to Kill: With each skill level, you gain an additional 4% health and regenerate 0.1% health per second.

Incite: Whenever you take damage, you gain 6% Movement Speed and 5% Reload Speed for a few seconds

Asbestos: Reduces 8% of any Negative Status Effect per skill level.

I’m the Juggernaut: After killing an enemy, the incoming damage reduces by 4% for a short amount of time.

Ain’t Got Time to Bleed:  During Gunzerking, you will regenerate 0.8% of your health per level every second based on how low your health is.

Out of Bubblegum: When your shield is Depleted, you gain a 7% fire rate.

Fistful of Hurt: A powerful punch with a cooldown of 15 seconds that deals heavy damage and knockback the enemy.

Bus That Can’t Slow Down: Each skill level increases moment speed by 10% while Gunzerking.

Just Got Real: Depending on how low your health is, you gain up to 8% Gun Damage per level.

Sexual Tyrannosaurus: When you take damage, you get a 0.4% health regeneration.

Come At Me, Bro: When you are Gunzerking, you can taunt your enemies to attack you by pressing Action Skill and gain full health with a huge reduction in taking incoming damage.

Salvador the Gunzerker leveling build Borderlands 2

Credit to Jiffynano

Now that we are done with the basics and learned everything we need about Salvador The Gunzerker, let’s look at the best early build for him in Borderland 2.

Most people on the internet talk about how powerful Salvador The Gunzerker is, but they fail to mention that he suffers heavily in the early game. There is no denying that Salvador is an absolute machine and swats enemies like flies. However, that’s only true during the late game at higher levels, and in the early game, players suffer a lot without a proper build.

When making an early build for Salvador, some primary skills you should focus on are Down Not Out, Money Shot, and Inconceivable. The first skill, Down Not Out, is the most beneficial. It helps you use Guzerking in a Fight For Your Life. Other skills help you gain sweet advantages while Gunzerking and increase overall damage with less ammo consumption.

Level 0-5: Start levelling up and reach level 5.

Level 5: Unlock Gunzerking

Level 5-10: Points on Locked and Loaded

Level 10-15: Points on Quick Draw

Level 15-20: Point on Money Shot

Level 20-21: Only one point on Down Not Out

Level 21-26: Points on Inconceivable

Level 26-31: Points on Last Longer

Level 31-36: Points on I’m Ready Already.

By level 36 you should have a build like this one: Build

Salvador The Gunzerker BL2

Best Mid Game builds for Salvador the Gunzerker in Borderlands 2

After getting through the beginning, you will need a really good build for Salvador the Gunzerker in Borderlands 2. Below, we have collected two of the best builds for Salvador, The Gun Monger and The God of Rocket Launchers. These builds are for level 50 and above Salvador.

Salvador – The Gun Monger

Credit to Von TheGaryTh

The Gun Monger build is one of the best mid-game builds for Salvador. It mainly focuses on dealing heavy damage to the enemies and getting as much out of the weapons as possible. This means that the build has increased fire rate, fire damage, critical damage, and other heavy advantages for Gunzerking to get as many bullets out as possible and make it last longer with less cooldown time.

This Salvador build is straightforward and works the same in both solo and coop. In both the modes, the build will help you fire as many bullets as possible while dealing heavy damage. The bonus, or rather the main selling point for the build, is that it makes the already overpowered Gunzerking skill even more powerful.

Salvador - The Gun Monger

The God of Rocket Launchers

The God of Rocket Launchers build is what it sounds like, a rocket-based build for Salvador in Borderlands 2. The build allows players to fire rockets infinitely, or almost infinitely. It utilises a special shield, The Sham, to achieve that. On top of that, the skill tree is optimised in a very genius way to enhance the damage, fire rate, and other Salvador abilities. Although players can mix and match skills, keeping the Rampage skills as shown in the build is important.

The ability to fire infinite rockets can help boost your team’s play and damage in co-op. It’s also great in solo as it allows you to blast your enemies into smithereens.

The God of Rocket Launchers

Best Level 72 OP8 Salvador Builds in BL2

The following Salvador the Gunzerker builds are advanced builds and viable after you have completed Borderlands 2 once.

There are only two builds below, Umpire Sal and Salvador In Brick’s Shoes. Both of those are extremely different from each other, so choose the one that fits your play style more.

Umpire Sal

The umpire Sal build is one of the most fun builds for Salvador in Borderlands 2. It focuses on getting you explosive Money Shot damage with shotguns and rocket launchers. So players who love destruction and absolutely crushing their enemies are going to love this amazing build.

Your main choice of weapon: Ravager, is what makes or breaks the whole build. You must have it with a Torgue grip and Impetuous accessory, so you possibly get 12 mags.

Being a Money Shot and damage-focused build, it pretty much works the same for both coop and solo. The build helps you to deal massive amounts of damage with explosive attacks that are fun to use.

As mentioned, the main skill for the build is Money Shot, which helps you deal massive damage with the last bullet. All skills complement Money Shot and shotguns to attack the enemy explosively. Despite being a Money Shot build, it is specifically for people who love using shotguns.

Salvador Build Umpire Sal

Best gear for the Umpire Sal build

Weapon 1: Ravager

Weapon 2: Grog Nozzle

Weapon 3: Any other you like

Weapon 4: Any other you like

Grenade: Magic Missile / Chain Lightning

Shield: Evolution / Bee / Rough Rider

Relic: Deputy’s Badge

MOD: Chaotic Good Monk (with reload speed and fire rate)

Salvador BL2 best builds

Salvador In Brick’s Shoes: A Melee Build

Salvador In Brick’s Shoes: A Melee Build is inspired by Brick, a playable character in Borderlands 2 who is all about melee fighting. He is the opposite of Salvador, so the build is interesting as it turns Salvador into a great Melee character. On top of this, some of the skills used in making this build are one of the most uncommon skills for Salvador.

This build allows Salvador to one-shot almost any low-level mobs. The base melee damage it does is 158,000, which in itself is insane but, combined with the crit damage, is god-like damage In the game. Overall, the build helps you get the most out of Salvador as a melee user.

The build is heavily focused on the Rampage and Brawn Skill Tree. Despite being a heavy mix and match of a lot of skills, there is one skill that makes this build work, Fistful of Hurt. It’s a skill in Brawl Skill Tree that helps you deal four times the base melee damage with a cooldown of 15 seconds, meaning you will be dealing a heavy blow every 15 seconds.

Salvador In Brick's Shoes - A Melee Build

Best gear for Salvador In Brick’s Shoes: A Melee Build

Weapon 1: Rapier

Weapon 2: Rubi

Weapon 3: Grog

Weapon 4: Any other you like

Grenade: Fastball

Shield: Love Thumper

Relic: Might of the Seraphs

MOD: Legendary Berserker

Best Builds for Salvador Level 80 OP10

Once you reach the absolute peak, that’s when your Salvador will reach level 80. We have collected two of the best OP10 level 80 builds for Salvador in Borderlands 2. Below are the builds in detail.

Deputy Sal build

Many players consider Deputy Sal the best build for Salvador in Borderlands 2. It’s very simple yet extremely effective. The best part about the build is that you can deal with bosses and mobs with the same build, and only a few builds can offer that in the entire game.

Deputy Sal helps you land consecutive Moneyshot hits. On top of that, the build is good for handling your ammo effectively and helps you survive better. One can use the build just as efficiently in co-op and solo games. The build has some weird choices when choosing skills, as it completely ignores some of the best Salvador skills. However, that is necessary, and you must keep the build as its shown. The main skill is Moneyshot, which is what the whole build compliments.

Deputy Sal Build Gunzerker BL2

Best gear for the Deputy Sal Build

Weapon 1: Grog Nozzle (preferably with Lady Fist)

Weapon 2: Orphan maker / Striker / Twister

Weapon 3: Any other you like

Weapon 4: Any other you like

Grenade: Stormfront

Shield: Evolution or Neogenator

Relic: Deputy’s badge

MOD: Monk / Beast / Raider

Salvador Moloko Build

Credit to Anty

As the name suggests, it’s a build heavily focused on using the Moloko rifle to the best of its abilities. The build is created for the mobs, and it’s one of the best builds for its job, if not the best in Borderlands 2. It combines the already powerful Salvador with heavy damage-focused skills and a rifle designed to kill many enemies.

Since the build is great for mobbing, you will have huge advantages in solo games, but when it comes to co-op or fighting bosses, there are other better builds. It’s not to say that the build is not great. It’s just for mobbing.

The skills are divided to maximise the damage, fire rate, and other buffs. The three main skills that help build are Keep It Piping Hot, Money Shot, and No Kill Like Overkill. Other than skills, the rifle is the main thing of the build. The bullets from it can go through enemy shields and bounce, resulting in devastating damage to the swarm of enemies.

Salvador Moloko Build LEVEL 80 OP10

Best gear for the Pistol build

Weapon 1: Moloko

Weapon 2: Grog Nozzle / Rubi

Weapon 3: Any other you like

Weapon 4: Any other you like

Grenade: Fastball

Shield: Rough Rider

Relic: Vladof Allegiance relic

MOD: Chaotic Good Monk

Salvador Gunzerker PNG