Best Salvador Gunzerker Builds – LVL 1 to 80 OP8 – Borderlands 2

Salvador The Gunzerker

Gunzerker is the most popular class in Borderlands 2, and for good reason. His ability to dual-wield any weapon makes him incredibly powerful and fun to play. However, finding a good build for Salvador can be challenging, especially at higher levels and OP levels. That’s where this article comes in. Here, I’ve put together for you the best builds for the Gunzerker class, from level 1 to 80 OP10.

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Early-game – To Level 36 build

Credit to Jiffynano

Salvador is an absolute machine and swats enemies like flies, but he can be tough to play in the early game. When I’m leveling up the Gunzerker class, I focus on the Down Not Out, Money Shot, and Inconceivable skills. Down Not Out is the most important, because it lets you use Gunzerking while in Fight For Your Life, which can be a lifesaver.

Level 0-5: Start leveling-up and reach level 5.

Level 5: Unlock Gunzerking

Level 5-10: Points on Locked and Loaded

Level 10-15: Points on Quick Draw

Level 15-20: Points on Money Shot

Level 20-21: One point on Down Not Out

Level 21-26: Points on Inconceivable

Level 26-31: Points on Last Longer

Level 31-36: Points on I’m Ready Already.

At level 36, your skill tree should look like this:

Mid-game – Level 50 builds

Now you’re looking at mid-game builds which will take you to around level 50. Here, I recommend one these two builds: The Gun Monger and The God of Rocket Launchers

Salvador – The Gun Monger

Credit to Von TheGaryTh

I like the Gun Monger build because it mainly focuses on dealing heavy damage to enemies. It increases fire rate, fire damage, critical damage, and other important stats for the Gunzerking action skill.

This Salvador build is a no-brainer, and it works just as well in solo as in co-op.

Salvador - The Gun Monger

The God of Rocket Launchers

The God of Rocket Launchers build is what it sounds like, a rocket-based build for Salvador. This build is fun to play, because it allows players to fire rockets almost infinitely. For this build, you’ll need The Sham shield.

Here, you can also mix and match skills as you like but it’s important to keep the Rampage skills as shown below.

The God of Rocket Launchers

End-game – Level 72 OP8 builds

The following builds are endgame builds, which means you did a great job leveling-up, congrats! Now let’s focus on the best Salvador UVHM builds!

Umpire Sal

The Umpire Sal build is one of the most fun builds for Salvador in Borderlands 2. It focuses on explosive Money Shot damage with shotguns. I simply enjoy this build because it’s all about destruction and crushing enemies.
To play this build, it’s important to have a shotgun, here I would recommend the Ravager.

Salvador Build Umpire Sal

Best gear for the Umpire Sal build

Weapon 1: Ravager

Weapon 2: Grog Nozzle

Weapon 3: Any other you like

Weapon 4: Any other you like

Grenade: Magic Missile / Chain Lightning

Shield: Evolution / Bee / Rough Rider

Relic: Deputy’s Badge

MOD: Monk (Chaotic Good for increased reload speed and fire rate)

Salvador BL2 best builds

Salvador In Brick’s Shoes

Salvador In Brick’s Shoes is inspired by Brick, a playable character in Borderlands 1 who is all about melee fighting. I find this build interesting because Salvador is the opposite of Brick, and this build turns Salvador into a great Melee character. With this build you’ll be able to one-shot almost every low-level ennemies.

This build is heavily focused on the Rampage and Brawn Skill Tree. Despite being a heavy mix and match of a lot of skills, there is one skill that makes this build work, it’s Fistful of Hurt. This skill will increase your melee damage, upto four times the base melee damage!

Salvador In Brick's Shoes - A Melee Build

Best gear for Salvador In Brick’s Shoes

Weapon 1: Rapier

Weapon 2: Rubi

Weapon 3: Grog Nozzle

Weapon 4: Any other you like

Grenade: Fastball

Shield: Love Thumper

Relic: Might of the Seraphs

MOD: Legendary Berserker

Bandit Borderlands 2

End-game – Level 80 OP10 Builds

Once your Gunzerker character reaches level 80, I would use one of the following UVHM builds for Salvador in Borderlands 2. Here are the builds in detail:

Deputy Sal build

Many players consider Deputy Sal to be the best build for the Gunzerker class. The Deputy Sal build is a very effective build against all types of enemies, but it is especially effective at close-range. I find this build to be relatively easy to play with, making it a good choice for every player.

The main strengh of this build, is being able to use consecutive Moneyshot hits. The build has some weird choices when choosing skills, as it completely ignores some of the best Salvador skills. However, that is necessary, and you must keep the build as its shown below.

Deputy Sal Build Gunzerker BL2

Best gear for the Deputy Sal Build

Weapon 1: Grog Nozzle (preferably with Lady Fist)

Weapon 2: Orphan maker / Striker / Twister

Weapon 3: Any other you like

Weapon 4: Any other you like

Grenade: Storm front

Shield: Evolution or Neogenator

Relic: Deputy’s badge

MOD: Monk / Beast / Raider

Salvador Moloko Build

Credit to Anty

As the name suggests, it’s a build heavily focused on using the Moloko rifle to the best of its abilities. This build is great for mobbing, you will have huge advantages in solo games, but when it comes to co-op or fighting bosses, there are other better builds. It’s not to say that this build is not great, it’s just the Salvador Moloko Build is best for mobbing.

The skills are chosen to maximise damage and fire rate. The three main skills for this build are:
– Keep It Piping Hot
– Money Shot
– No Kill Like Overkill.

Salvador Gunzerker Moloko Build LEVEL 80 OP10

Best gear for the Pistol build

Weapon 1: Moloko

Weapon 2: Grog Nozzle / Rubi

Weapon 3: Any other you like

Weapon 4: Any other you like

Grenade: Fastball

Shield: Rough Rider

Relic: Vladof Allegiance relic

MOD: Monk

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