Best Krieg Builds level 1 to 80 OP10 UPDATED – Borderlands 2

Krieg The Psycho

Krieg the Psycho is a DLC character in Borderlands 2, and we must say he is one hell of a character to play with. Krieg is mainly a melee character, and his ability grants him a giant axe that does tremendously high melee damage, making him a force of melee to reckon with. Although Kreig is a melee character, some builds turn him into a great gun or rifle-based character.

This Borderlands 2 guide will look at some of the best Krieg builds for all levels, starting from 1 to level 80 OP10.  However, before that, there are two things we need to learn about this character; a brief presentation of his character and his skills.

Krieg presentaion png

A brief presentation of Krieg

Kreig has the harshest past in the entirety of Borderlands 2. As a child, Krieg was beaten to death by his mother, and later, he was subjected to the cruel Phyco experiments by Dr.Benedict, along with many other children. He later gets rid of Dr. Benedict and saves many children from going through what he did.

Then later in the game, there are some events between Maya and Krieg, where players are introduced to Krieg. One of the notable events is when Sanctuary is destroyed, and Krieg once again gets to meet with Maya.


Krieg is a tall and scary-looking fella with a huge axe in his hands. In the original reveal, Kreig is not wearing any shirts, but just pants, a pair of gloves, a scary mask, and a pair of shoes. Overall, Krieg has a nice design and ring to him.

As mentioned, Krieg is a melee character in Borderlands 2 and best utilized with melee weapons; players using him can easily handle him in solo and coop games. Krieg might not be as powerful with guns and other weapons as Axton, but he sure is the best melee character in Borderlands 2.

Krieg skill trees explained

Like any other Borderlands 2 character, Krieg the Psycho also has three skill trees, all of which specialize in different departments. Below is a brief summary of each of Kreig’s skill trees.

Bloodlust Skill Tree: this skill tree is mainly for ranged combat with the Bloodlust mechanic. When you deal damage, your Bloodlust stack up (can go up to 100) and goes down 1 per second when you don’t deal any damage for 3s.

Mania Skill Tree: it’s mostly all about melee damage, health, Fight For Your Life, and other such abilities.

Hellborn Skill Tree: lastly, this tree is all about elemental damage and setting Krieg and enemies on fire.

Bloodlust skill tree:

Krieg Skill Tree Bloodlust

This skill tree uses the Bloodlust mechanics, so the values mentioned are for per stack level. The Bloodlust can stack up to 100. 

Blood Twitch: Whenever Kreig kills an enemy, Weapon Swap Speed increases by 0.3% per level.

Blood-Filled Guns: Increases Magazine Size by 0.5% per level.

Blood Overdrive: Whenever Krieg kills an enemy, this skill increases Melee Damage by 0.5% and reduces Granade Fuse Time by 0.005s per level.

Bloody Revival: Increases Assult Rifle Damage by 0.3% in Fight For Your Life per level.

Taste of Blood: During Buzz Axe Rampage, incoming damage will reduce by 0.1% per level.

Blood Bath: Whenever Kreig kills an enemy with explosives or grenades, it grants 0.5% Weapon Damage per level.

Buzz Axe Bombardier: Throwing Buzz Axe will cause an explosion.

Fuel the Blood: Whenever Kreig kills an enemy, it grants 0.2% Granade Damage per level for a short time.

Boiling Blood: Reduces the time for Bloodlust to decay by 0.5s.

Blood Trance: Increases Buzz Axe Rampage time by 0.05s per level.

Nervous Blood: Whenever Kreig kills an enemy, it grants a 0.3% increase in Reload Speed per level.

Bloodsplosion: Whenever Kreig kills an enemy, he/she will explode with the element that he/she was killed with.

Mania skill tree:

Krieg Skill Tree Mania

Empty the Rage:  It grants a 4% Melee Damage and an additional 10% Melee Damage when shields or magazines are empty per level.

Pull the Pin: Whenever Kreig dies, he will drop a grenade, and if it kills an enemy, he will get double XP.

Feed the Meat: Increase 10% Max Health and grant 0.5s for Sheild Recharge Delay per level.

Fuel the Rampage: Taking damage will reduce Buzz Axe Rampage cooldown by 20% per level.

Embrace the Pain: It grants a 7% Fire Rate and adds 1s for Sheild Recharge Delay per level.

Thrill of the kill: When Kreig kills an enemy, up to 10% of the excessive damage dealt returns as health.

Light the Fuse: Fight For Your Life now becomes Light The Fuse, during which Kreig will have a bundle of Dynamites and can move normally. If he kills anyone, he will be revived with some bonuses.

Strip the Flesh: Grants a 3% Explosive Damage and 3% more during Fight For Your Life per level.

Redeem the Soul: Kreig can revive his teammates by downing himself.

Salt the Wound: Whenever Kreig takes damage when the shield is down, he stacks up Salt the Wound (can stack up to 20), which grants him 1.5% Melee Damage and 1% Shotgun Damage per stack.

Silence the Voices: Grants 50% additional Melee Damage but with a 12% chance of Kreig attacking himself with melee attacks.

Release the Beast: Whenever Kreigh is below 33% health, using Buzz Axe Rampage will refill health and grant additional 100% Melee Damage with 50% Damage Reduction.

Hellborn skill tree :

Krieg Skill Tree Hellborn

The values/bonuses in brackets are applicable when Kreig is on fire.

Burn, Baby, Burn: Grants 7% (15%) burn damage and 7% chance to set Kreig on fire per level.

Fuel the Fire: Whenever Kreig kills an enemy, it grants a 40% Elemental Effect chance and a 7% chance to set himself on fire per level.

Pain is Power: increases Melee and Weapon Damage by 5% (15%), except for snippers, and reduces Critical Hit Damage by 5% per level.

Numbed Nerves: (Grants 10% Damage Reduction per level)

Elemental Elation: Whenever Kreig does Elemental Damage to enemies, Elemental Elation will stack (can stack up to 20), and each stack grants a 1.0% Fire Rate and Magzine Size (Stacks will not decay)

Delusional Damage: Whenever Kreig does Elemental Effects, it grants him a chance to set himself on fire.

Fire Fiend: Grants a 10% chance for Melee Attacks to ignite enemies and (10% Weapon Accuracy and 7% Reload Speed) per level.

Hellfire Halitosis: Skill grants the Ability to breathe Fire by pressing the Melee button with a cooldown of 15s.

Flame Flare: Grants 20% Burn Duration and 15% chance to apply more Burn effects per level.

Elemental Empathy: 5% of Elemental Status Effect Damage done to enemies heals Kreig

Raving Retribution: (Whenever Kreig takes a hit, it creates fireballs that chase enemies and explode)

Krieg the Psycho leveling build Borderlands 2

Credit to Jiffynano

When starting Borderlands 2 with Kreig, the Psycho, many players get confused about how and where to invest their points to get the best out of him. In this short early build portion, we will go over a build you can use to get the most out of Kreign in the early game.

Kreig’s main skill is the Buzz Axe Rampage, which replaces any weapon Kreig has with a giant two-handed axe that does massive damage. He can even throw that Axe to do range damage on the enemy. However, there are some downsides to his ability, and in the build below, we will aim to fix those and get the most out of his ability. To make the build even better after level 30, you can add an extra skill on the Release the Beast skill, which makes Buzz Axe Rampage more powerful.

Level 0: Start leveling up

Level 0-5: Unlock the Buzz Axe Rampage skill.

Level 5-10: Invest 5 points on Empty the Rage

Level 10-15: Invest 5 points on Feed the Meat

Level 15-20:  Invest 5 points on Thrill of the Kill

Level 20-25: Invest 5 points on Salt the Wound

Level 25-30: Invest 5 points on Silent the Voices

Level 30-31: Invest 1 point on Release the Beast

By the end, you should have a build like this one:

Krieg the Psycho Borderlands 2

Best Mid Game builds for Krieg the Psycho in Borderlands 2

After getting through the early game in Borderlands 2, it is best to play the game with some great mid-game builds, i.e., KreigBlaster Build and the Psycho FIre Build.

Krieg – the KriegBlaster build

Credit to nuclearpantaloonas

A heavily blast-focused build for Krieg, which uses weapons and skills to maximize the blastings and damage that comes with those. The main two and side weapons, the mods and the relic, are placed there to compliment the overall blast damage. In simple words, the build is to blast your enemies to smithereens.

The creator of the build warns about using this build in the coop, as it can backfire on your team and blast them as well. However, this is one of the best builds in solo-player games before you reach level 72 OP8, as it allows you to kill many enemies at once.

Although the original build was not as powerful, with some help and editing, this updated build is great. The main skills used in the build are many, but the most powerful among them all for this build is Bloodsplosion, as suggested by the creator.

Krieg - the KriegBlaster build

Krieg – the Psycho Fire build

The build is an inspiration from the Hellborn skill tree. The creator wanted to do something different and better with Krieg the Phyco, so he did just that. Being a fiery build, it is great for dealing massive damage to the enemies, but it’s not just for that; it is also great for healing yourself.

The build works great in both coop and solo games, as it’s a pretty balanced build overall. It will help you kill many enemies with crazy fire rates, big magazines, and DOTs while keeping your character all healed.

The build is about the Hellborn skill tree, and it almost completes it to 100%. There are other skills from the other two trees, but the essential skills for this build come from the Hellborn tree. The main four skills that make this build are Burn, Baby, Burn, Fuel the Fire, Delusional Damage, and Flame Flare.

Krieg - The Psycho Fire build

Best Level 72 OP8 Krieg Builds in BL2

Once you reach level 72 OP 8 in Borderlands 2, you can use the Thump and Grind and Melee builds for Kreig.

Krieg – THUMP AND GRIND build

The THUMP AND GRIND build is one of a kind, as it focuses on explosive bullets like a prior build we mentioned. With this build, your main aim is to focus on skills and finding weapons that have explosive properties. Once you finally make this build, you will see its many benefits.

The main advantage of this build is its nature of giving players freedom. You can use this build with common, rare, and any sort of weapons. Or, if you would like, you can switch some skills from here and there to mix and match for your situation. Overall, it is just a very versatile build.

Despite being a versatile build, there are some core skills that you need to have for this build to work. Those core skills are mostly in the Bloodlust tree, so it’s better to keep that as the original build to get the maximum output. The original build is not a level 70 OP8 build, so we made some more changes to make it OP8, as advised by the creator in the build guide.

Best gears for Krieg - THUMP, AND GRIND build

Best gear for the Krieg – THUMP AND GRIND build

Weapon 1: Unkempt Harold

Weapon 2: Nozzle

Weapon 3: Carnage

Weapon 4: Creamer- Miss Moxxi

Grenade: Whatever you like

Shield: Love Thumper / Rough Rider- Empty shield

Relic: Elemental Relic

MOD: Slayer of Terramorphous

Borderlands Krieg builds

Krieg – the Melee build

Credit to Santalilcamper

The melee build is one of the best Kreig the Psycho builds in the entire Borderlands 2 game. This build aims to keep the Release the Beast skill always active. It’s a very powerful skill that grants you 100% extra melee damage and reduces damage taken by 50%.

However, when you are not in Release the Beast, the build is about building the Bloodlust to increase your duration for Release the Beast. The build is great for any game, be it coop or solo. With this build, you will always have the upper hand over the enemies since this build allows for a whopping 12 million damage a hit.

You need to keep a few skills in your build: Empty the Rage, Feed the Meat, Embrace the Pain, Strip the Flesh, Salt the Wound, Silence the Voices, and Release the Beast. We also made a slight variation in this build with some of the skills, as advised by the creator, to get a better overall result.

Krieg - the Melee build

Best gear for Krieg – the Melee build

Weapon 1: Ogre

Weapon 2: Unkempt Harold

Weapon 3: Rubi

Weapon 4: Interfacer

Grenade: Longbow Storm Front

Shield: The Rough Rider / Love thumper

Relic: Blood of the Ancients

MOD: Legendary Sickle

Best Builds for Krieg Level 80 OP10

Lastly, here are two of the best Kreig level 80 OP10 Builds in Borderlands 2; Hellborn Grenade Psycho and Meleexplotion Build.

Krieg – Hellborn Grenade Psycho

As the name suggests, this build is all about grenades. It’s the most fun build in this entire guide. While using this build, you will run around throwing grenades and killing enemies to get even more grenades. It’s a straightforward build, mostly for fun since some other builds might be more powerful.

Since this build is based around fun, you can play it in coop or solo games, whichever might be more fun. That said, it is more effective in solo games because if more players join the game, the enemy’s health will also increase, making it difficult to utilize the build.

The build is more or less focused on the Hellborn skill tree, but you can mix and match some of the skills. The build also uses Bloodlust skill, so keep that in mind and try to keep on damaging the enemies.

Krieg - Hellborn Grenade Psycho

Best gear for the Krieg – Hellborn Grenade Psycho build

Weapon 1: The Good Touch

Weapon 2: Slow Hand

Weapon 3: Rubi

Weapon 4: Grog Nozzle

Grenade: Transfusion grenade

Shield: Flame of the Firehawk / Rough Rider

Relic: Any with elemental damage and health advantage

MOD: Legendary Reaper / Blister Class

Kreig – Meleexplosion Build

This build is a great build for those who love having some gore action in their Borderlands 2. It aims to build Kreig so that his attacks are focused on a single enemy to cause a Bloodsplosion. From then onwards, it would cause other enemies to have Bloodsplosion, resulting in a whole chain of Bloodsplosions.

It’s mostly advantageous in situations where there are a lot of enemies to deal with. It’s a great build, especially if you are playing solo, as that way, no one will get caught in the fire in between.

Being a technical build, the skills placed in this build are all important. Most of the important skills are from the Mania and Bloodlust trees. We advise you not to mix and match the skills unless you know what you are doing.

Krieg - Meleexplosion Build

Best gear for the Meleexplosion Build

Weapon 1: Slag Pimpernel Banbury

Weapon 2: Slagga

Weapon 3: Grog Nozzle

Weapon 4: Any of your choice

Grenade: O-Negative Slag (for mobs) / Crossfire or Bouncing Bonny (for bosses)

Shield: Rough Rider / Hide of Terramorphous (for bosses)

Relic: Blood of the Ancients / Explosive damage Relic

MOD: Legendary Sickle

Krieg the Psycho builds