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There are only a few weapons as overpowered as Crit in Borderlands 3. This weapon is a fan favorite for many reasons, but getting this can also be tricky. Maliwan is the one who manufactured this masterpiece, and below is everything you need to know about it.

Crit’s unique ability is called Slippery when wet, which is not what it sounds like, but as explained below.

  • Crit has insane stats that other weapons at the same levels don’t even come close to.
  • It has 150% critical hit damage.
  • This SMG always deals shock damage to enemies.
  • You get 8% health back for the damage you deal to enemies with Crit.
  • Crit has a 5% chance that it will drop when you reload it, which is where it gets the name of its ability.
Borderlands 3 Crit

Crit is a great option if you are making a build for Zane or Amara. Additionally, Crit only has one element, as given below.

  • Shock – this is effective against shielded enemies.

How to get Crit

There is only one way to get Crit in Borderlands 3, which is via the in-game mail. You randomly receive this weapon in your mail when you tip Miss Moxi. You can find her at Sanctuary III, where you have to find her tipping jar. The jar is placed on the counter, and it has a board saying, “Insert your tip.”

The amount of money you tip doesn’t matter, but players had more luck getting Crit by giving more money. The general chances of you getting Crit by tipping the jar are as follows.

  • If you tip $100, there is a 0.25% of getting Crit.
  • If you multiply that by ten and tip $1,000, you have a 2.5% chance of getting Crit in your mailbox.

You can keep tipping Moxi until you get Crit. You don’t have to worry about money because this SMG is worth every penny.

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