Best Amara builds Level 1 to 72 Mayhem 11 – Borderlands 3

Amara the Siren

Amara the Siren is one of the most beloved Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3 due to her incredible skills and unique abilities. Her high damage, healing power, and mystical skills have made her a staple within the game’s community.

She is a Siren who excels at tanking hits, dealing elemental damage over time, and spreading mayhem on the battlefield. Amara can Phaseslam nearby enemies into the air for damage, Phasegrasp them with an ethereal fist, or even Phasecast, an astral projection of herself that deals massive amounts of damage. All these action skills make her one of the most versatile characters in gameplay.

Amara can be built to be the strongest Siren Borderlands has ever seen. Her skill tree is more diverse than other Vault Hunters, offering several abilities that allow her to cover large areas with a single shot and deal massive amounts of damage. 

In this guide, we are going to discuss the best Amara builds in Borderlands 3 from level 1 to 72. These builds will make her one of the strongest playable characters in Borderlands 3. 

Amara the Siren Borderlands 3

A brief presentation of Amara

Amara is an untamed badass renowned for being a champion of those less fortunate and a protector of those oppressed. She stands ready to fight no matter what comes her way – no matter what it takes. Her brash, aggressive, and self-assured attitude, along with her Siren abilities, makes her unstoppable in Borderlands 3

Raised in Partali’s slums, she quickly rose to become a crime-fighting hero and never stopped using her Siren powers to subjugate oppressors and dismantle foes. Ever since a young age, she feels most at home in a brawl or during a battlefield. 

In terms of physical appearance, Amara is a muscular and athletic woman with distinctive tattoos all over her body, including her arms, chest, and face. Her hair is styled in a mohawk, and she has piercing green eyes. She wears a form-fitting, sleeveless black bodysuit with blue accents, as well as a pair of matching boots. She also has a white sash around her waist, which features the symbol of the Sirens.

Amara, the Siren in Borderlands 3, has a versatile playing style that can be effective in both solo and coop play. In solo play, Amara can be played as a tanky brawler, utilizing her Siren powers and close-quarters combat skills to take on enemies directly. In co-op play, Amara can also be played as a supporting character, using her crowd control and elemental damage abilities to help her teammates.

Amara Skill Trees Explained

Brawl Skill Tree: The Brawl skill tree caters to Amara’s close-range combat capabilities, with a primary emphasis on the Phaseslam Action Skill, which involves Amara’s arms slamming into the ground to damage all nearby foes. This tree includes abilities that boost movement speed and melee effectiveness. Additionally, there are several skills that enhance survivability in the game, such as Root to Rise, Clarity, Samsara, and One with Nature.  

Brawl Skill Tree

Brawl Skill Tree Amara

Root to Rise: This skill increases your Maximum Health. 

Personal Space: The closer you are to the enemy, the more you deal Bonus Gun Damage. 

Clarity: This skill gives you passive Health Regeneration when you activate an Action Skill. 

Arms Deal: This skill increases Area Damage and Area Damage Resistance. 

Samsara: When you deal Skill Damage with your Action Skill, it stacks Gun Damage and Health Regeneration for a short time. 

Helping Hand(s): When you activate an Action Skill, it increases your Damage Resistance for a short time. 

Mindfulness: This skill gives you stacks to increase your Movement Speed and reduces Shield Recharge Delay.

Find Your Center: This skill increases your Melee Damage and extends your Melee Range. 

Vigor: When you kill an enemy, it will grant your team stacking Movement Speed. 

One With Nature: This skill increases your maximum health and elemental damage resistance.

Do unto Other: When you are attacked by an enemy, it causes you to send out an orb of energy dealing Area Damage. 

Jab Cross: With this skill, when you deal with Melee Damage, it increases your Gun Damage and Skill Damage. 

Guardian Angel: When you enter Fight for your Life, it grants you Second Wind, restores your Health, and causes an Elemental Nova. 

Blitz: This skill increases your Elemental Melee Damage.

Mystical Assault Skill Tree: The Mystical Assault skill tree is engineered to generate persistent, high-level damage output during combat. This skill set emphasizes a stacking mechanism that enables the use of “Rush” stacks to augment Action Skill and Gun damage. By eliminating enemies, you can accumulate these stacks to bolster your Siren’s power and abilities. 

Mystical Assault Skill Tree

Mystical Assault Skill Tree Amara

Do Harm: When you kill an enemy, it grants you, Rush Stacks. 

Fast Hand(s): This skill increases your Weapon Swap Speed, Reload Speed, and Mode Switch Speed. 

Violent Tapestry: When you apply a Status Effect, it grants you, Rush Stacks.

Alacrity: It increases your Reload Speed for each Rush Stack. 

Transcend: When you activate an Action Skill, it stacks Critical Damage and Accuracy. 

Restless: This skill increases your Skill Cooldown Rate. 

Ascendant: With this skill, all Action Skill Augments gain increased effect. 

From Rest: This skill increases your Fire Rate and Charge Speed. 

Laid Bare: When you deal Skill Damage with your Action Skill, it increases all Damage. 

Wrath: This skill increases your Gun Damage. When you activate an Action Skill, it doubles. 

Remnant: When you kill an enemy with a Gun or Action Skill, it creates a homing Orb that explodes on your enemy. 

Awakening: This kill increases the Effect of your Rush Stack Bonuses. 

Avatar: With this skill, you can activate your Action Skill one time, even during Cooldown. 

Fist of the Elements Skill Tree: For those who relish dealing significant elemental damage to their enemies, The Fist of the Elements skill tree is an optimal investment. This tree provides numerous benefits that elevate elemental damage, including Catharsis, Conflux, and Wildfire. Additionally, there are many exceptional skills in this tree that can increase overall damage output. 

Fist of the Elements Skill Tree

Fist of the Elements Skill Tree Amara

Anima: This skill increases your Status Effect Damage and Duration. 

Steady Hand(s): It increases your Weapon Handling and Accuracy. 

Infusion: This skill converts a part of your Gun’s Damage to an Attuned Element. 

Tempest: It helps you to deal with increases in Elemental Damage and Shock Damage even more. 

Illuminated Fist: This skill increases your Melee Damage. 

Wildfire: When you apply a Status Effect to an enemy, it has a chance to spread to a nearby enemy. 

Dread: When you grasp an enemy, it stacks Gun Damage. 

Indiscriminate: With this skill, your bullets have a chance to ricochet off enemies toward other enemies. 

Deep Well: It increases your Magazine size with elemental guns. 

Catharsis: This skill causes enemies to explode upon death and take element damage along with any other elements applied to them. 

Sustainment: When you deal Direct Elemental Damage, it heals you. 

Conflux: This skill gives you the power to add fire, shock, or corrosive effects on enemies. 

Forceful Expression: With this skill, Gun, Grenade, and Shield Damage also deal with Elemental Damage. 

Enlightened Force: Borderlands 3’s Designer’s Cut update introduces Amara the Siren to a brand-new set of skill trees, Enlightened Force. This tree provides Amara with an impressive new Action Skill called Phaseflare. With this skill, Amara can use her melee attacks to strike at this massive orb of elemental energy, damaging nearby foes and knocking them back. 

Enlightened Force Skill Tree

Enlightened Force Skill Tree Amara

Trust in Yourself: With this skill on Shield break, you get stacking Reload Speed, Charge Speed, and Weapon Swap Speed. 

No Mistakes in Nature: When you apply a Status Effect, it increases your Melee Damage for a short time. 

Heavy Rain: This skill increases your Area Damage and Projectile Speed. 

Go with the Flow: When you freeze an enemy, it increases your Movement Speed and Gun Damage. 

Unweave the Rainbow: When you deal Melee or Area Damage to a frozen enemy, it also adds extra Elemental Skill Damage. 

Ebb and Flow: When you get a Melee Damage kill, it increases your Health. 

Combo Breaker: When you kill an enemy with Melee Damage, it restores your Action Skill Cooldown. 

Joyful Freedom: It helps you to stack Melee Damage when you activate an Action Skill.  

Burn Both Ends: It draws enemies to you in an expansive radius and deals additional damage when you take damage.

Body and Mind: When you kill an enemy, it adds extra Area Skill Damage to your Melee Damage. 

Free the Soul: With this skill, when you kill a frozen enemy, it sends out 2 splinters at enemies dealing with Cryo Area Skill Damage. 

Atman: It increases your Skill Damage. 

Clear the Mind: When you kill an enemy, you get Elemental Resistance for a short time. 

Amara the Siren Leveling Build Borderlands 3

During her leveling process, Amara the Siren specializes in close-quarters combat, resulting in the rapid depletion of her shields. Therefore, it is advisable to prioritize a high-regeneration build. One effective approach is, to begin with the Personal Space and Clarity skills from the Brawl skill tree. These abilities enhance her close-range damage output and provide a continuous health regeneration effect. 

In terms of Action Skills, it is best to go with Phaseslam for dealing the greatest damage. You also need to use Samsara skills for both gun damage as well as health regeneration. Other skills where you can invest points are, Helping Hand(s), Mindfulness, Find Your Center, Root to Rise, Guardian Angel, Do unto Others, Jab Cross, and Blitz. These skills form the Brawl skill tree will give Amara the necessary boost to play well at the beginning of the game. 

This build offers the benefit of enabling Amara to deal significant melee damage, along with the ability to heal herself and withstand battles. Although it is primarily designed for solo play, with a few adjustments, it can also be effective in co-op play. 

We recommend following the leveling guide below to level Amara during the early game of Borderlands 3. 

Level 0: Start leveling up

Level 0-2: Select the Phaseslam Action Skill.

Level 2-5: Invest 3 points on Personal Space skills. 

Level 5-7: Invest 2 points in Clarity skills.

Level 7-10:  Invest 3 points on Samsara skill. 

Level 10-12: Invest 2 points on the Helping Hand(s) skill. 

Level 12-13: Invest 1 point on the Find Your Center skill. 

Level 13-16: Invest 3 points on Mindfulness skills. 

Level 16-17: Invest 1 point in the Helping Hand(s) skill. 

Level 17: Select the Fracture Action Skill with Revelation Augment. 

Level 17-22: Invest 5 points on Root to Rise skill. 

Level 22-23: Invest 1 point in the Guardian Angel skill.

Level 23-24: Invest 1 point in the Do unto Others skill.

Level 24-27: Invest 3 points on the Jab Cross skill.

Level 27-28: Invest 1 point on the Blitz skill. 

Level 28-30: Invest 2 points in Clarity skill. 

At level 30, your Amara skill tree should look like this:

Amara the Siren best builds
Leveling Build Amara BL3

Best Mid Game builds for Amara the Siren Borderlands 3

Once you’ve progressed Amara through the early stages of Borderlands 3, you can explore some exciting mid-game builds. Two of the most effective level 50 builds for Siren are the Unkillable God Mode and Amara Melee builds. 

Amara Unkillable God Mode Build

Credit to Moxsy

Unkillable God Mode is one of the most popular Amara builds for level 50 if you are playing Mayhem Mode 3. This build revolves around maximizing Amara’s elemental damage output. At level 50, this build typically involves investing skill points in the Fist of the Elements and Brawl skill trees. This build is known for its survivability and damage potential.

With this build, you can turn Mayhem Mode 3 into a cakewalk. While this build is highly focused on solo play, you can even use it for co-cop play by making a few adjustments here and there. For example, you can add points to Find Your Center and Mindfulness skills to offer more support and survivability in the game. 

This build is not only fun but will make Amara indestructible in the game. It mainly focuses on Fist Over Matter Action Skill and Allure Augment to attract enemies and kill them at a close range. Apart from that, it uses skills like, Anima, Infusion, Tempest, Dread, Deep Well, and Indiscriminate to deal with Elemental Damage. 

Amara Unkillable God Mode Build

Amara Melee Build 

Credit to VanillaPuma

This level 50 Amara Melee Build focuses on maximizing Amara’s melee damage output and survivability. If you are looking for an Amara build with a more offensive edge, this is the best option. This build will help you to easily finish off enemies that are in close range as well as keep your health up.

The Amara Melee build an excellent choice for solo play, particularly for novice players, as it facilitates dealing significant melee damage and defeating adversaries. Additionally, the build emphasizes health regeneration, providing an edge in the early and mid-game stages. Furthermore, this build is also suitable for co-op play since it maximizes melee damage while utilizing Amara’s elemental attacks to debilitate foes and enhance the survivability of both you and your team. This build is highly focused on the Brawl skill tree with Fracture Action Skill and Revelation Augment. It uses all skills from Brawl tree except Arms Deal and One with Nature. Apart from that, it also uses the Do Harm and Restless skill from the Mystical Assault skill tree to increase the Skill Cooldown Rate. From the Fist of the Elements, uses Anima and Illuminated Fist to increase Melee Damage. 

Amara Melee Build lvl 50

Best Amara the Siren Builds Level 72 Mayhem 11 BL3

When you reach level 72 in Borderlands 3, you have to face powerful bosses and enemies. Because of this reason, you need to use the best end-game builds for Amara the Siren. Here are the two best level 72 Amara builds for solo and co-op play. 

Hellzerker Amara Build

Credit to LazyData

The Hellzerker Amara build in Borderlands 3 is a powerful and versatile build that focuses on Amara’s elemental abilities, particularly her ability to inflict and exploit elemental status effects on enemies. To play the Hellzerker build effectively, you’ll want to focus on quickly moving around the battlefield, using your elemental abilities and weapons to inflict status effects on enemies, and then exploiting those effects for maximum damage.

Although this Amara build can be successful in both solo and co-op play, the approach for each playstyle may vary slightly. In solo play, you can utilize mobility to evade danger and elemental abilities to manage hordes of enemies. Conversely, co-op play allows for greater support from teammates, enabling you to concentrate on dealing damage and providing aid to your allies.

This build focuses on the Brawl, Fist of Elements, and Mystical Assault skill trees, with a particular emphasis on the Infusion, Do Harm, and Vigor skills. It also uses Phasecast Action Skill for mobbing and bossing. These skills provide Amara with powerful elemental damage boosts and increase her mobility and survivability in combat.

Best Gears for the Hellzerker Build

Weapon 1: NoPewPew

Weapon 2: Monarch

Weapon 3: Butcher

Weapon 4: Crit

Grenade: It’s Piss

Shield: Revolter

Relic: Pearl

MOD: Phasezerker

Amara Borderlands 3

Driver Amara Build

Credit to Days and LazyData

The Driver Amara build a very powerful and popular build in Borderlands 3, and it revolves around the use of the Spiritual Driver class mod to increase Amara’s damage output and movement. The Driver build is all about speed, mobility, and high damage output. 

This build boasts remarkable power and adaptability, enabling it to excel in both solo and co-op gameplay. Its exceptional damage output, agility, and durability make it well-suited for solo play. Meanwhile, its versatility, crowd control, and ability to support the team make it an excellent choice for co-op play. 

This build focuses primarily on the Mystical Assault and Fist of the Elements skill trees, with a particular emphasis on the Restless, Fast Hand(s), and Avatar and Do Harm skills. These skills increase Amara’s elemental damage output and well as increase her speed and survivability in the game. 

Driver Amara Build

Best Gears for Driver Build

Weapon 1: Radical

Weapon 2: Butcher

Weapon 3: Unkempt Harold

Weapon 4: Crit

Grenade: Fishslap

Shield: Revolter

Relic: Pearl

MOD: Spiritual Driver