Best Zane builds Level 1 to 72 Mayhem 11 – Borderlands 3

Zane the Operative

Borderlands 3 has become more and more popular, offering players a choice of characters to try out. One particularly intriguing character is Zane the Operative: an arrogant Vault Hunter with strange yet powerful abilities that make him fun to use.

There are certain builds that can turn Zane into a more powerful character. In this guide, we are going to discuss the best Zane builds in Borderlands 3 from level 1 to 72 Mayhem 11. These builds will unleash the true power of Zane and turn him into one of the best playable characters in Borderlands 3. 

Zane the Operative BL3

A brief presentation of Zane

Born into Pandora’s notorious Flynt family, Zane is a tech-savvy Operative with years of espionage experience under his belt in Borderlands 3. He’s a semi-retired corporate hitman and brother to Baron Flynt and Captain Flynt from Borderlands. 

Zane grew up in a wealthy family that manufactured weapons, but he quickly grew tired of the family business and decided to become an assassin. Zane developed skills as a hitman and eventually worked for Atlas Corporation. While working there, he became romantically involved with Angelica, a fellow operative. However, after she died in a mission, he retired and became a mercenary for hire.

The Operative class have an intriguing playing style that can adapt to different situations and team compositions, making him perfect for solo and coop play. His versatility makes him a strong choice for players who enjoy a mix of offense and defense.

Zane the Operative Leveling Guide Borderlands 3

If you want the most out of Zane the Operative in Borderlands 3, selecting the correct leveling build is key. As one of only two Vault Hunters in the game with two action skills equipped simultaneously, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to leveling him up.

This build focuses on increasing Zane’s damage output and survivability in combat. By using his drone and playing dirty to increase his damage output, and violent output and violent momentum to increase speed and gun damage, he can take on enemies with ease. It’s not a support or DPS build but rather a hybrid between both so that your team will remain resilient in any fight.

In this build, we are going to start by allocating skill points to the Hitman skill tree. It is Zane’s most important skill tree, and he will mostly empathize with his kill skills. We are going to level up skills like, violent speed, violent momentum, salvation, seein’ red, cold bore, cool hand, violent violence, and playing dirty. Apart from these skills, we are also going to use Action Skills like SNTNL and MNTIS Shoulder Cannon. 

We recommend following the leveling guide below to level your Zane and get the best out of him during the early game. Here is how you should level Zane in Borderlands 3. 

Level 0: Start leveling up

Level 0 – 2: Select the SNTL and MNTIS Shoulder Cannon action skills. 

Level 2 – 7: Invest 5 points in Violent Speed skill. 

Level 7 – 12: Invest 5 points in Violent Momentum skill.

Level 12 – 13:  Invest 1 point in Salvation skill. 

Level 13 – 14: Invest 1 point on the Seein’ Red skill. 

Level 14 – 17: Invest 3 points on Cold Bore skill. 

Level 17 – 22: Invest 5 points on Cool Hand skill. 

Level 22 – 26: Invest 4 points on Violent Violence skills. 

Level 26 – 30: Invest 4 points on Playing Dirty skills. 

At level 30, your Zane skill tree should look like this:

Borderlands 3 Zane The Operative
Zane Leveling Build

Best Mid Game builds for Zane the Operative Borderlands 3

Once you get through the early game in Borderlands 3, it is time to play with some cool mid-game Zane builds. Here are the two best mid-game level 50 builds for Operative, i.e., FroZane and Invincible Zane. 

FroZane Build

Credit to Ki11er Six

The FroZane build for Zane at level 50 is focused on utilizing cryo damage to freeze enemies and deal damage. This build is perfect for Slaughter arenas and works amazingly well for defeating bosses like Graveward, Tyreen, and Troy. 

With this build, you can enjoy a lot of control over the battlefield through the use of cryo damage which makes it perfect for solo play. The FroZane build is also great for co-op play, as you can easily freeze enemies to make them easier for your teammates to take down and use your action skill to provide them with extra damage and support.

The FroZane build mainly focuses on action skills like Barrier and SNTL for defense as well as dealing damage. Apart from that, you need to use main skills like Adrenaline, Brainfreeze, Stiff Upper Lip, Raise to the Occasion, Really Expensive Jacket, Futility Belt, Refreshment, and Calm, Cool, Collected from Under Cover tree. You also need to use Violent Speed, Violent Momentum, Drone Delivery, and Seein’ Red skill from Hitman Tree. 

FroZane Build Level 50 Zane

Invincible Zane Build 

Credit to Ki11er Six

Want to make Zane unstoppable in Borderlands 3? Try this Invincible Zane build. This build focuses on increasing your survivability through shields, health regeneration, and damage resistance. The invincible Zane build is all about staying alive while dealing damage to enemies, which makes it perfect for solo play. 

With this build, you can be self-sufficient and rely on your own abilities to take down enemies. While this build is mostly suitable for solo play, you can make it work for co-op play as well. With increased survivability and damage-dealing capabilities, you can also support your teammates in the game. 

The Invincible Zane build emphasizes two action skills, i.e., Barrier and SNTL. Apart from that, it focuses on all the Hitman tree skills except Cold Bore and Death Follows Close. Next, you need to use Ready for Action, Brainfreeze, and Distributed Denial skills from the Under Cover skill tree. From the Doubled Agent skill tree, you just need to use Synchronicity and Donnybrook skills.

Invincible Zane Build Level 50

Best Zane the Operative Builds Level 72 Mayhem 11 BL3

Finally, when you reach level 72 in Borderlands 3, you need to use the best end-game builds for Zane the Operative. Here are the two best level 72 Zane builds for solo and co-op play.

Clonemaster Build

Credit to JoeForLong and Ancient Rune

Clonemaster is a premier level 72 Zane build that focuses on dealing the highest level of damage using the Digi-Clone action skill. This build emphasizes maximizing the effectiveness of your Digi-Clone, which can be a powerful tool for dealing damage and drawing enemy attention. 

The Clonemaster Zane can be effective for both solo and co-op play in Borderlands 3. In solo play, this build will help you to draw the attention of the enemies away from you and use your action skills and other kill skills to deal a great amount of damage. It will also allow you to support your teammates in co-op play by maximizing the effectiveness of your Digi-Clone. 

In this build, you have to use the Digi-Clone action skill with Which One’s Real and Doppelganger augments along with MNTIS Should Cannon skill with No Way Out augment. These skills will help you to distract as well as debuff enemies for a short period of time while dealing damage. This build is mostly based on skills from Hitman, Doubled Agent, and The Profession skill trees to further boost the action skills. Overall, the Clonemaster Zane builds a great option for solo and co-op players who rely on Digi-Clone for damage.

Clone Master Build Zane Level 72

Best Gears for the Clonemaster Build

Weapon 1: Sandhawk 

Weapon 2: Free Radical

Weapon 3: Unkempt Harold

Weapon 4: NoPewPew

Grenade: Mesmer (DLC 6)

Shield: Re-Volter with Ass Break/Fill

Relic: Icebreaker/Snowdrift Victory Rush

MOD: Seeing Dead

Zane Borderlands 3

Violet Momentum Build

Credit to Ancient Rune and JoeForLong

The Violet Momentum build emphasizes Zane’s speed and mobility, allowing him to move quickly and dodge enemy attacks while dealing great damage. This build is effective for both solo and co-op play. With the right gear and a few tweaks here and there, you can use this build in any situation. 

When playing solo, you can make some tweaks in this build to prioritize Zane’s survivability while still taking advantage of his speed and mobility. With this build, you can take advantage of hit-and-run tactics in solo play and use barriers for protection. The Violet Momentum build is perfect for co-op play as you can use speed and mobility to quickly move around the battlefield and support your teammates.

In this build, you have to focus on Zane’s action skills, SNTNL, and MNTIS Should Cannon for increased damage output. You also need to use main skills like, Violent Speed, Violent Momentum, Cool Hand, Drone Delivery, and Salvation to keep your speed up. You have to use the majority of skills from Hitman and The Professional Skill Tree to increase gun damage, accuracy, fire rate, as well as speed, and momentum.

Violet Momentum Build Zane Level 72 BL3

Best Gears for Violet Momentum Build

Weapon 1: Free Radical

Weapon 2: Plasma Coil

Weapon 3: Crit

Weapon 4: Unkempt Harold

Grenade: Its Piss

Shield: Old God

Relic: Toboggan

MOD: Antifreeze

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