Unkempt Harold Guide — Borderlands 3

Unkempt Harold

In Borderlands 3, you will have many weapons to choose from, and one of the best options is Unkempt Harold. It’s a legendary pistol that Torgue manufactures, and it can help you with various characters. Unkempt Harold is part of DLC 3 – Bounty of Blood, meaning you will need that DLC to get it.

The unique ability of Unkempt Harold is called I wasn’t counting either, which accurately describes its ability given below.

  • Each shot consumes three ammo and fires three projectiles.
  • The three projectiles split in seven rounds, hitting enemies in a row.

The pistol is useful for many characters, but particularly for some builds of Zane and Amara. This gun helps them deal with a lot of enemies in quick succession.

Borderlands 3 Unkempt Harold

In Borderlands 3, Unkempt Harold can come with these elements or no elements.

  • Fire – it is effective against flesh enemies.
  • Shock – it is effective against shielded enemies.
  • Corrosive – it is effective against armored enemies.
  • Cryo – it slows down enemies and eventually freezes them.
  • Radiation – it deals damage to enemies over time and can also spread to other nearby enemies when they die.

How to get Unkempt Harold

To get Unkempt Harold, you must get DLC 3: Bounty of Blood in Borderlands 3. Once you have the DLC, you can kill various enemies and loot chests that are part of this DLC to get the Unkempt Harold.

That said, there is a dedicated enemy that is known to drop Unkempt Harold more than others, and he is Caber Dowd.

  • Caber Dowd has a 33% chance of dropping the Unkempt Harold pistol.

He is a respawnable mini-boss, meaning you can keep going to his location and killing him to get the gun. You can find Caber Dowd at Bloodsun Canyon in the small separate area on the right side of the map.

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