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NoPewPew is one of the best legendary assault rifles in Borderlands 3, and the COV, aka Children of Vault, is the faction that created this beauty. You can get this weapon by participating in an event and killing specific enemies that drop it.

NoPewPew has a unique ability called Extra, extra spicy. Below is what this ability does.

  • NoPewPew fires three shots at the cost of one ammo.
  • The fired bullets will always have a fire element effect.
  • Your firing speed will increase the longer you hold the trigger.
  • Enemies killed by NoPewPew will create a pool of lava at their location.

These abilities make this gun very useful for some of Amara and Zane’s builds. Since the gun always has a fire effect, this means that it only comes with one element.

  • Fire – It is effective against flesh enemies.

How to get NoPewPew

NoPewPew is part of the Revenge of the Cartels event in Borderlands 3, which became permanent back in 2021, meaning that you can still get this gun. There are three different enemies that have a chance of dropping this gun, and they are:

  • Joey Ultraviolet has the highest 11% chance of dropping NoPewPew.
  • Next, we have Roaster, who has a 6.6% chance of dropping this gun.
  • Lastly, The Tenderizer also has a 6.6% chance to drop NoPewPew.

Since Joey Ultraviolet has the most chance of dropping this gun, your best bet is to target him to farm for it. To find this boss, you have to head over to Joey’s Planet and go to Villa Ultraviolet. When you reach there, you can fight and defeat Joey Ultraviolet to have a chance of getting NoPewPew.

Furthermore, when you are hunting for Joey Ultraviolet, you will also encounter Roaster and The Tenderizer. This increases your combined chance of getting NoPewPew to 24.2%. You can also save your game before the encounters and keep reloading the game until you get the gun.

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