Deputy’s Badge Relic Guide — Borderlands 2

Deputy’s Badge 

The Deputy’s Badge relic is a great piece of equipment that comes in really handy in Borderlands 2. It’s part of the base game, meaning you don’t need any additional DLCs to get it. You can easily get it by completing a quest in the game. 

Borderlands 2 Deputy's Badge

Like many other relics in the game, The Edrians are responsible for crafting this one as well. Deputy’s Badge’s special effect is called “Who the hell shot me?” which provides two different bonuses as given below. 

  • It increases your shotgun reload speed and damage by a certain percentage, depending on the relic’s level. It can increase the reload speed from 7.7% to 12.8% and the damage from 36% to 48%.  
  • It increases Fight for Life time by 10% for each player wearing one Sheriff’s Badge, meaning if two players are wearing that, it will increase Fight for Life time by 20%.

These bonuses can work extremely well with someone like Salvador the Gunzerker.

How to get Deputy’s Badge Relic

The Deputy’s Badge relic is a reward for completing an optional quest called Showdown in Borderlands 2. You can find this quest at Lynchwood Bounty Board in Lynchwood, and here is what you need to complete this quest. 

To complete this quest, you will need to kill the Sheriff. She is surrounded by a lot of enemies, but they are not the real objective. You only need to go after the Sheriff and kill her to get the quest done. 

If you are feeling more up to the challenge, you can try to complete the following optional objective. 

  • Kill the Sheriff with a Pistol. 
  • Don’t shoot the Deputy. 
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