Sheriff’s Badge Relic Guide — Borderlands 2

Sheriff’s Badge Relic

The Sheriff’s Badge relic is one of the best relics in Borderlands 2, and it has three cool perks for you and your team. To make these perks yours, you will have to get this relic, and that can be tricky since there is only one way to get it. The good thing is that you don’t need any additional DLC to get this, so you can get this relic with the base game. 

Borderlands 2 Sheriff’s Badge relic

Sheriff’s Badge is one of the unique relics that Edrian manufactured in Borderlands 2. If you are wondering about the perks that come with this relic, they are given below.  

  • Increases Pistol Damage.
  • Increases Pistol Fire Rate.
  • Extends Fight for Your Life time by 15% for each player with a Deputy’s Badge relic in the team.

With all the pistol perks of Sherrif’s Badge, you can use it in a build for Zer0

How to get Sheriff’s Badge relic

To get the Sheriff’s Badge in Borderlands 2, you have to find and defeat the Sheriff of Lynchwood. Your chances of getting the Sheriff’s Badge are as given below. 

  • Nisha (Sheriff of Lynchwood) has a 100% chance of dropping the Sheriff’s Badge relic. 

The only way to get a boss fight with her is via the Showdown quest. To start this quest, you will have to take it from the Lynchwood bounty board, which unlocks after The Once and Future Slab mission. You will encounter her during and after the quest, which is where you can defeat her and get the relic. 

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