The Butcher Guide — Borderlands 3

The Butcher

If you are looking for one of the best shotguns in Borderlands 3, The Butcher is the way to go. It’s an amazing weapon manufactured by Hyperion, and you can obliterate your enemies like flies with it. Additionally, getting this shotgun is not that difficult, as you can do it easily.

The Butcher has a unique ability called Fresh meat!, which has many unique perks, as given below.

  • The Butcher will sometimes be automatically reloaded with a random amount of ammo.
  • It has an increased fire rate.
  • Lastly, this shotgun has a reduced pallet count.
Borderlands 3 The Butcher

This shotgun is great for some of Amara the Siren’s builds in the game, which makes The Butcher a great shotgun. Additionally, it can come with many different elements, as given below.

  • Fire – it is effective against flesh enemies.
  • Shock – it is effective against shielded enemies.
  • Corrosive – it is effective against armored enemies.
  • Cryo – it slows down enemies and eventually freezes them.
  • Radiation – it deals damage to enemies over time and can also spread to other nearby enemies when they die.
  • No element – it has no elemental effect.

How to get The Butcher

You can get The Butcher from random world drops in Borderlands 3, but there are a few dedicated farming methods for this weapon. One of these methods is to kill a certain enemy that has a chance to drop The Butcher, and here is that.

  • Raging Titan has a 33.3% chance of dropping The Butcher.
  • In Mayhem level 4, the Raging Titan has a 25% chance to drop The Butcher.

The only way to find and kill the Raging Titan is by heading over to The Slaughter Shaft in Pandora. Here, you have to fight the waves of enemies, where you will encounter the titan in the 5th round of the 5th wave.

The other way to get The Butcher is by killing Dinklebot at Skywell-27 on Promethea. He drops a Loot-o-Grams that you can exchange with Crazy Earl at Sanctuary III for a chance to get The Butcher in Borderlands 3.

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