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In Borderlands 3, you will come across many different weapons, one of which is the unique assault rifle called Hail. It’s manufactured by Dahl, and it packs quite the punch. Additionally, getting Hail is not that hard, and below is everything you need to know about it.

Like most other weapons, Hail has a unique ability, and it is called What plaything can you offer me today? It has much to offer, and you can check all of it below.

  • It has increased damage.
  • Hail fires bullets in a rainbow-like trajectory, which slowly goes high and then slowly comes down.
  • This rifle has 150% damage on critical hits.
  • Hail heals you 10% of the total damage you deal with it.
Borderlands 3 Hail

If you use Hail with characters like FL4K the Beastmaster, you can easily dominate the game. This legendary assault rifle also comes with many different elements, as given below.

  • Fire – it is effective against flesh enemies.
  • Shock – it is effective against shielded enemies.
  • Corrosive – it is effective against armored enemies.
  • Cryo – it slows down enemies and eventually freezes them.
  • None – yes, it can also come with no elements.

How to get Hail

The only way to get Hail in Borderlands 3 is via the in-game mail. To get it there, you have to start gathering some money to give to Moxi. It means you have to go to Sanctuary III and head to where Miss Moxi is.

When you are there, look for the tipping jar on the table. When you find it, you can spend some of your money and have a chance to get Hail in your in-game mail. Below are your chances of getting Hail from the Moxi tipping jar.

  • If you tip Moxi $100, you will have a 0.25% to get Hail.
  • Following this calculation, you can tip $1,000 to have a 2.5% chance of getting Hail in Borderlands 3.
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