Best FL4K builds Level 1 to 72 Mayhem 11 – Borderlands 3

FL4K the Beastmaster

FL4K the Beastmaster is a wandering robot and one of the most flexible playable characters in Borderlands 3. This intrepid robot can command a variety of animals to assist in combat and boasts several skill sets to suit any playstyle in Borderlands 3.

Overall, FL4K is a versatile and fun character to play, especially for those who enjoy using pets or summoning allies in combat. However, it’s essential to build your character wisely in order to maximize the use of their abilities. 

Our comprehensive Borderlands 3 FL4K leveling guide has all the information you need to get started.

FL4K Borderlands 3

A brief presentation of FL4K

The origins of FL4K are shrouded in mystery, but what is known is that they served as an “Indexing Unit” under the command of the “Grand Archivist” prior to the events in Borderlands 3. However, their employment ended when they gained self-awareness and developed a “thirst for murder.” Now, FL4K roams from world to world with a pet companion seeking self-discovery and pursuing “The Hunt” to please “Mistress Death.” 

FL4K is a robot with a bulky and armored body. His head is adorned with glowing green eyes and menacing-looking faceplate. He wears torn and patched clothes, including a hooded cloak and various pouches and belts. FL4K also carries a backpack on its shoulder. Overall, FL4K’s appearance is both intimidating and distinctive, reflecting its unique skills and personality as a robotic Beastmaster.

The Beastmaster’s playing style in Borderlands 3 is focused on utilizing its animal companions in combat to deal with the damage, provide support, and draw enemy fire. Overall, FL4K’s playing style is versatile and flexible, allowing players to adapt to various combat situations for both solo and co-op play.

FL4K Skill Trees Explained

Stalker Skill Tree: The Stalker skill tree, the most potent of the four skill trees for FL4K, allows them to turn invisible while firing their weapon, allowing for critical hits that increase movement speed and health regeneration. This skill tree prioritizes boosting damage output, movement speed, and health regeneration.   

Stalker Skill Tree

Stalker Skill Tree FL4K

Self-Repairing System: This skill increases Maximum Health and Health Regeneration. 

Sic’ Em: It increases Attack Command Damage and reduces Cooldown. 

Furious Attack: When you shoot an enemy, it stacks Gun Damage, Pet Damage, and Handling. 

Eager to Impress: With this skill, when you kill an enemy, it reduces the Skill Cooldown. 

All My BFFs: With this skill, you share a Health Regeneration portion with the team. 

Overclocked: It increases your Fire Rate, and reloading doubles it. 

Lick the Wounds: With this skill, your Pet gets the ability to revive you and increased Damage.  

Turn Tail and Run: When you move, you gain Health Regeneration and Damage Resistance. When you are still, you gain Gun Damage and Fire Rate. 

The Fast and the Furryous: If your Health is above 50%, you gain increased Gun Damage, Movement Speed, and Pet Damage. 

Hidden Machine: With this skill, you deal increased Damage to enemies who aren’t targeting you. 

Rage and Recover: When you kill an enemy, you and your Pet get Health Regeneration. 

The Power Inside: When you activate an Action Skill, it increases your and your Pet’s Damage. You get a double Bonus if your Health is full. 

Master Skill Tree: The Master skill tree enhances FL4K’s pets to become even more effective in combat and act as better distractions. It offers skills to increase critical hit damage and health regeneration for each pet. Additionally, Pack Tactics is a notable skill that raises FL4 K’s damage output and action skill cooldown rate when pets are in action.  

Master Skill Tree

Master Skill Tree FL4K

Ferocity: This skill increases your Pet Damage. 

Persistence Hunter: It increases your Gun Damage and Action Skill Duration.  

Go For The Eyes!: With this skill, your Pet’s first hit to the enemies will always be a Critical Hit. 

Who Rescued Who?: When you deal Damage, it heals your Pet. When your Pet deals Damage, you gain Health.  

He Bites!: With this skill, your Pet will reflect the damage to attackers. 

Frenzy: You and your Pet accumulate stacks of Frenzy, which boost your Damage, whenever the Pet deals Damage. 

Psycho Head On A Stick: When you kill an enemy, it increases your Pet’s Movement Speed and Damage.  

Hive Mind: This skill helps you to deflect Damage to your Pet. 

Barbaric Yawp: This skill increases the Effect of your Pet Bonuses.  

Mutated Defenses: If your Pet has low Health, it receives Damage Reduction and Health Regeneration.

Pack Tactics: It increases your Maximum Health, Pet Damage, Pet Health, and Damage dealt. 

Shared Spirit: You share a portion of the damage you receive with the Pet when your health is low. 

Dominance: When you score a Critical Hit when meleeing an enemy, the enemy turns into an ally for a short time. 

Hunter Skill Tree: FL4 K’s Hunter skill tree emphasizes enhancing their damage output and critical hit capabilities. It offers skills like Frenzy, which raises FL4 K’s damage and fire rate after a critical hit, and Leave No Trace, which gives a chance to recover ammo when FL4K hits a critical hit. Moreover, the action skill Rakk Attack enables FL4K to send two Rakk to dive-bomb enemies and deal maximum damage. 

Hunter Skill Tree

Hunter Skill Tree FL4K

Interplanetary Stalker: When you kill an enemy, you stack Pet Damage and Damage dealt. 

Leave No Trace: You have a chance to add 1 ammo to your magazine when you or your pet scores Critical Hit. 

Second Intention: Killing an enemy increases your and your Pet’s Reload Speed. With Critical Hit, the bonus is double. 

Hunter’s Eye: With this skill, you get different Bonuses when fighting different enemy types. 

Head Count: When you score a Critical Hit, there is a change to reduce Skill Cooldown.  

Ambush Predator: If there are no enemies near, you get increased Weapon Handling and Critical Damage. 

Two F4ng: With this skill, every shot has a chance to fire an Extra Projectile.  

Big Game: It increases the Effect and Duration of Hunter Skill Bonuses. 

The Most Dangerous Game: When you kill a stronger enemy, it increases your and your Pet’s Weapon Handling, Gun, Pet, and Critical Damage.  

Galactic Shadow: It increases your Critical Damage and prevents the enemies from attacking you. 

Grim Harvest: It increases your Skill, Gun, and Pet Damage. 

Megavore: All your shots have a chance to become Critical Hit.  

Trapper Skill Tree: The Trapper skill tree prioritizes defensive capabilities and crowd control, providing players with means to defend themselves and allies while hampering enemy movements. This skill tree chiefly emphasizes shields and survival for both FL4K and their pet. The Gravity Snare action skill is a notable addition to this skill tree, which places a trap that periodically launches nearby enemies into the air and stuns them.

Trapper Skill Tree

Trapper Skill Tree FL4K

Gotta Go Fast: This skill increases your Pet’s Damage and Movement Speed. 

Success Imminent: You and your Pet release a Radiation Nova each time their shield is depleted or fully recharged. 

Agility Training: It increases your and your Pet’s Reload Speed.  

Better Toys: It improves your and your Pet’s Shield Recharge Rate and Delay. 

Combat Veterinarian: If you shoot an enemy that your Pet is also attacking, Pet regains a portion of the damage dealt as health. 

Throatripper: Your Pet gets a chance to score Critical Hit. 

Lethal Force Authorized: It reduces Pet’s Respawn Time. Your Loader Bot Pet transforms into an EXP Loader and hunts for a nearby enemy to explode on, causing damage to all surrounding enemies.

Take This!: With this skill, your Pet gains a copy of your Shield with its Effects.  

Monkey Do!: It increases your Pet’s Critical Damage. After your Pet lands a Critical Hit, your following shot inflicts bonus damage.

Wooly Armor: When your Shield if full, your Pet gains Damage Resistance. 

Not Even a Challenge: You receive a temporary boost to your Action Skill Duration and Cooldown Rate when your Pet eliminates an enemy.

Fuzzy Math: When you or your Pet scores Critical Hit, you two restore a portion of Shield. 

Keep Them Safe: When you issue an Attack Command, a portion of your and your Pet’s Shields is restored if either is less than half full.

Capacitance: When you activate an Action Skill, it starts your Shield Recharge and doubles your Current Shield. 

FL4K the Beastmaster Leveling Build Borderlands 3

In this FL4K leveling guide for Borderlands 3, we are going to harness the power of Master Tree’s top-tier abilities. With this build, your pet becomes a formidable tank and inflicts significant damage to foes, enabling you to eliminate weakened adversaries from a safe distance.

This leveling guide leverages various defensive abilities to bolster your pet’s survivability, even in the face of overwhelming enemy assaults. This build is capable of proficiently handling sizable hordes of enemies, even on the most challenging difficulty levels. Additionally, FL4 K’s healing effects extend to their allies, making them valuable asset in group scenarios. 

The key skills to focus on leveling FL4K for this build includes Gamma Burst Action Skill along with other skills from the Master tree, i.e., Ferocity, Persistence Hunter, Frenzy, Psycho Head On A Stick, Who Rescued Who?, Barbaric Yawp, Shared Sprit, and Pack Tactics. Apart from that, you also need to use a few skills from the Stalker tree, i.e., Self-Repairing System, All My Bff’s, and Sic’ Em, to increase damage and survivability. 

Level 0: Start leveling up

Level 0-2: Select the Gamma Burst action skill and Guard Skag pet.

Level 2-5: Invest 3 points in the Persistence Hunter skill. 

Level 5-10: Invest 5 points on Ferocity skill.

Level 10-11:  Invest 1 point on the Who Rescued Who? skill. 

Level 11-16: Invest 5 points on Frenzy’s skill. 

Level 16-17: Invest 1 point on Psycho Head On A Stick skill. 

Level 17-21: Invest 4 points on Barbaric Yawp skill. 

Level 21: Select Empathic Rage and Endurance Augments. 

Level 21-22: Invest 1 point on Pack Tactics skill. 

Level 22-23: Invest 1 point in the Shared Spirit skill. 

Level 23-24: Invest 1 point on the Mutated Defenses skill. 

Level 24-25: Invest 1 point in Sic’ Em skill.

Level 25-27: Invest 2 points in Self-Repairing System skills.

Level 27-29: Invest 2 points on Furious Attack skill.

Level 29-30: Invest 1 point in All My Bff’s skills. 

At level 30, your FL4K skill tree should look like this:

Beastmaster Borderlands 3
FL4K Leveling Build

Best Mid Game builds for FL4K the Beastmaster BL3

After progressing beyond the early stages of Borderlands 3, players can explore some exciting mid-game FL4K builds. Two top-notch level 50 builds for Beastmaster builds at this stage are FL4K Crit Build and DE4THBRINGER FL4K Build.

FL4K Crit Build

Credit to Chadly

FL4K Crit Build is a popular build in Borderlands 3, designed for players who want to take down bosses and enemies quickly. This Beastmaster build focuses on maximizing critical hit damage to melt any foe in Mayhem Mode, even at level 50.

The build typically revolves around a combination of skills and equipment that enhance FL4 K’s damage output, survivability, and critical hit chance. Skills such as “Head Count” and “Leave No Trace” improve ammo management and increase the chances of critical hits, while “Fade Away” provides temporary invincibility and damage bonuses.

Overall, the FL4K Crit Build is a formidable build that can make quick work of even the toughest bosses and enemies in Borderlands 3. The increased Critical Damage output of this build makes it work for players who are more into solo play. You can also make it work for co-op play by investing in a few other skills like, All My Bff’s. 

FL4K Crit Build


Credit to EpicNNG

The DE4THBRINGER FL4K is a great level 50 build in Borderlands 3 specifically designed for high-level gameplay. This build is focused on using FL4 K’s skills and equipment to deal massive damage to enemies while also providing a high degree of survivability. 

The key to this build is utilizing FL4 K’s “Fade Away” skill, which provides temporary invisibility and increased critical hit damage. This skill can be further enhanced through using key skills like Self-Repairing System, the Eager to Impress, Overclocked, the Lick the Wounds, and The Power Inside skills from the Stalker skill tree. The skills from Master Tree, i.e., Ferocity, Persistence Hunter, He Bites! and Hive Mind, helps you to deal more damage using your pet.  

This build is suitable for both solo and co-op play as it offers high damage output, as well as support skills to revive allies and draw enemies away from teammates using pets. With this build, you can easily take down multiple enemies at once during team play.


Best FL4K the Beastmaster Builds Level 72 Mayhem 11 BL3

Upon reaching level 72 in Borderlands 3, it is crucial to utilize the top-performing end-game builds for FL4K, the Beastmaster. Below are the two most efficient level 72 FL4K builds, designed for both solo and co-op gameplay.

No U FL4K Build

Credit to Quag

The No U Mayhem 10 Shield Damage FL4K Build revolves around dealing heavy shield damage to enemies. This is a remarkably aggressive build that prioritizes shield damage, allowing you to conquer even the toughest content with ease. Additionally, this build offers the flexibility to choose between allies or enemies to assist you in your battles.

This build is designed to deal massive amounts of damage, making it an excellent choice for taking down tough bosses. This build can help take down enemies with heavy shields, making it a valuable asset in co-op play. The best thing about this build is that you can use it to turn your enemies into your allies using the Dominance skill. 

The key skill used in this build is Rakk Attack which helps you to attack enemies and deal Fire Damage. The Augments, Rakkcelerate, and Flock’ N Load make the action skill all the more powerful. You can also deal more Fire Damage with Spiderant Scorcher. Apart from that, this build mainly uses skills from the Hunter tree to increase Critical Hit Damage. It also uses skills from Master Tree to turn your pet into a killing machine. Lastly, it uses a few skills from the Stalker tree for Damage Resistance. 

FL4K No U Build

Best Gears for the No U Build

Weapon 1: Guardian Angel

Weapon 2: Unforgiven

Weapon 3: Hail

Weapon 4: Crit

Grenade: Mitosis Hunter-Seeker

Shield: Messy Breakup

Relic: Spark Plug Deathless

MOD: R4kk P4k

FL4K Borderlands 3 Builds

Lode N Splode FL4K Build

Credit to Alzarith and Quag

The Lode N Splode is an FL4K hybrid build that offers a dynamic gameplay experience compared to typical pet builds, all while ensuring simple handling and powerful damage output. It utilizes FL4 K’s all four skill trees and the Gamma Burst action skill to deal massive damage to enemies while also increasing survivability. The build also relies heavily on pet damage. 

At the heart of this build is the idea of enhancing the pet’s Messy Breakup damage by utilizing an unlimited supply of Plaguebearer shots. This build aims to provide players with a gameplay experience that is more diverse and engaging than traditional pet-focused builds. It is also intended to be user-friendly, with easy-to-understand mechanics and straightforward playstyle.

By utilizing FL4 K’s pet abilities and various weapons and gear, the build is able to deliver consistent and high damage output, making it a viable option for players looking to take on challenging content in the game, whether it be solo play or co-op play. This build is heavily focused on the Trapper skill tree to increase your pet’s shield and critical damage. It also uses skills from Master Tree to make your pet more powerful in the game. 

FL4K Lode N Splode

Best Gears for Lode N Splode Build

Weapon 1: Plaguebearer

Weapon 2: Face-puncher

Weapon 3: Free Radical

Weapon 4: Res

Grenade: Hunter-Seeker

Shield: Messy Breakup

Relic: Victory Rush

MOD: Red Fang