The Allegiance Relic Guide — Borderlands 2

Allegiance Relic

The Allegiance relic is one of the more common but unique relics in Borderlands 2. What makes this one special is that it comes for all different fractions, which means it can have varying bonuses. Since it’s an epic relic, you can get it in the base game, but your chances increase in True Vault Hunter Mode. 

Borderlands 2 Allegiance relic 

As mentioned, this relic comes with different bonuses for each manufacturer, and here is what each of these does. 

Dahl+90% Mag Size, -57.4% Recoil, -57.4% Burst Delay
Hyperion+42% Damage, -57.4% Max. Accuracy, +90% Reload Speed
Jakobs+90% Mag Size, -57.4% Recoil, +120% Accuracy Recovery
Maliwan+42% Damage, +24% Fire Rate, +90% Reload Speed
Tediore+42% Damage, +90% Mag Size, -57.4% Recoil
Torgue+24% Fire Rate, +90% Mag Size, +120% Accuracy Recovery
Vladof+42% Damage, -57.4% Recoil, +120% Accuracy Recovery

Since there are so many perks with this relic, you will be good to use it with many different builds in Borderlands 2.

How to get the Allegiance Relic in Borderlands 2

There is no specific way to get the Allegiance relic in Borderlands 2, and there is only a small chance that you will get it from the world loot. That said, there is one boss where players had more luck getting the Allegiance relic, and it’s The Warrior. 

  • The Warrior has a 1.25% of dropping an epic relic.

He is the main boss of the game, and you can find this boss at Vault of the Warrior at the end of the story. There is a 1.25% chance that you will get an epic relic, one of which is the Allegiance relic. 

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