Elemental Relic Guide – Borderlands 2

Elemental Relic

The Elemental Relic is another one of the common relics in Borderlands 2, and Eridians are the ones who crafted it. The relic is extremely beneficial to players who rely on elemental weapons and damage. However, to get this relic, you will need the Borderlands 2 Exodus mod from Nexus mod. 

Borderlands 2 Elemental RelicĀ 

Here is what the Elemental Relic gives to players. 

  • Increases damage dealt with one specific elemental type. It can increase the damage by up to 38%.

You can use this relic with different Borderlands 2 builds that rely on elemental damage. For example, Axton has certain builds that rely on elemental weapons, which is where you can use this relic to get the most out of him. 

How to get Elemental Relic?

You can get the Elemental Relic from all the suitable loot sources in Borderlands 2, where you have a chance to get a relic. This also means that there is no specific quest or boss where you’re guaranteed to get this relic. That said, there are some farming methods that can greatly help you with farming the Elemental Relic. 

  • Boss Farming: You can try defeating bosses that drop relics and keep repeating the hunt until you get the relic. The Warrior is a popular choice among players, so you can try to get it there. 
  • DLC Farming: You can also play certain DLCs that have great loots to have more chances of getting the Elemental Relic. A great example of that is the Mercenary Day DLC, where you can get tons of loot from the train.
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