Turtle Shield Shield Guide – Borderlands 2

The Turtle Shield

Turtle Shield is a common shield in Borderlands 2. If you want to know more about this shield, follow our guide.

Turtle Shield Borderlands 2

What is the Turtle Shield?

Turtle Shield is a common shield that is made by Pangolin in Borderlands 2. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get its purpose done. These shields have one of the highest capacities of any shield that you can find. But what’s destructive about Turtle Shield is that it reduces the user’s health and has an overall slow recharge rate. This can cause problems in heated battles but you’re still getting the highest capacity.

However, when you find a higher rarity Turtle Shield, that’s where you will find no problems of reduced health or slower recharge rate. All in all, Turtle Shield is a great shield that you can use to protect yourself from most enemies in Borderlands 2.

Turtle Shield Decription Borderlands 2

The different elements possible for the Turtle Shield

There are no elements available for Turtle Shield.

How to get the Turtle Shield?

Being a common shield, Turtle Shield can be found in any random loot.

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