Borderlands 3 Rises Bigger And Better Than Its Predecessor

Borderlands 3 is finally here, and when you dive into the new loot-filled adventure, there’s a lot to take in. It’s been the most anticipated launch in the field of video games. This is the action role-playing, First-person video game that lets you dig into your juvenile violent side. Borderlands 3 has been updated to … Read more

Borderlands 3 character: FL4K the Wandering Robot

Fl4K Borderlands 3 Character

Playable Borderlands 3 class: FL4K the Wandering Robot FL4K the Wandering Robot. FL4K sure did raise a lot of questions and speculations at the time of the announcement. Amongst the many characters in the Borderlands game, FL4K seemed to have attracted a lot of attention like no other. This strange and mysterious character is always … Read more

Borderlands 3 character: Zane the Operative

Zane character Borderlands 3

Playable Borderlands 3 class: Zane the Operative Zane The Operative Zane Flynt is one of the deadliest Assassins, and a playable character in Borderlands 3. Zane is pretty much like James Bond. He is a wealthy fellow, and he has all kinds of cool gadgets which assist him on his missions. He had a successful … Read more

Borderlands 3 character: Moze the Gunner

Moze borderlands3 character

Playable Borderlands 3 class: Moze the Gunner Moze The Gunner. Moze is probably the Borderlands 3 characters with the highest damage. She is a veteran Vault Hunter, who can cause massive damage and bring pain to the enemies. If you’re looking for heavy borderlands 3 characters, with a heavy destructive force, then you should pick … Read more

Borderlands 3 character: Amara the Siren

Amara character borderlands 3

Playable Borderlands 3 class: Amara the Siren Amara The Siren. Amara is one of Borderlands 3’s playable characters. Similar to Lilith and Maya, Amara has a special ability, “the sirens.” It is believed that there can be only 6 sirens in the universe at the same time, and Amara is one of the sirens today. … Read more