Snider Sniper Rifle Guide – Borderlands 2

Snider Sniper Rifle

The snider is a common sniper rifle with straight forward mechanics and good damage. If you want to learn more about this gun, follow our guide.

Snider Borderlands 2

What is a the Snider Sniper Rifle?

Made exclusively by Maliwan, Snider is one of the most powerful sniper rifles in Borderlands 2. This is because of its huge elemental damage and elemental effect chance.

What sets Snider apart from other weapons is that it deals with 50% extra damage as splash which is just amazing for a sniper of this caliber. Even if it is a common weapon in the game, don’t let the word common fool you because it is still a very powerful weapon.

The Different Available Elements for the Snider

The elements available for the Snider are:

  • Shock
  • Incendiary
  • Corrosive
  • Slag

How To Get the Snider?

Since it is a common weapon, the snider can easily be found in the game. To farm the snider, you only need to look for the loot boxes because it is a common loot.

What is Snider’s Gibbed Code?

The snider’s gibbed code is unavailable.

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