Borderlands 2 character: Salvador the Gunzerker

Playable Borderlands 2 class: Salvador the Gunzerker

Salvador is a playable character in Borderlands 2. His class is a Gunzerker, as you understand he is all about weapons and big muscles. Salvador in Spanish means Saviour, he is a good guy with a taste for violence. Salvador’s main skill is to be able to use 2 weapons simultaneously.

This character is for you if you like violence and weapons, his dual weapon skill makes it easy to clear a map full of bandits in a few seconds.

What is Salvador’s life story?

Even if Salvador means Saviour in Spanish he is wanted for a bounty of$ for cannibalism, profanity, destruction, manslaughter etc.
Interesting fact: Salvador is the only playable character from Pandora.

Salvador’s hometown was Ovejas, he was sentenced to death by its inhabitants for being too violent towards criminals and bandits. On the point of being executed, Hyperion decided to capture Ovejas and its population. Salvador the saviour protected his village regardless of the sentence they gave him, he defeated Hyperions forces.
Ovejas’ saviour however kept alive one of Hyperions’ soldier for an “interrogation” and that is how Salvador the gunzerker learns about the Vault.

What does Salvador look like?

salvador character borderlands 2

Salvador is 5’4″ high (~163cm) and 36 years old.
During his life, Salvador abused on steroids which have limited his growth but on the other side his gigantic arms can now lift up two rocket launchers at the same time in each arm.
He has tattoos on both is his index fingers, “Rite” on the right one and “Wrong” on the left one.
Salvador has all the symbol of masculinity here: big arms, weapons, violent … but still needs a sticking plaster on his nose.

What is Salvador’s personality like?

Salvador is a character who deals with epicness, violence and badass all together. But deep inside he has a good heart! He enjoys fighting criminals and bandits, and let’s not forget he saved his village blindless they sentenced him to death.

What is Salvador’s skill?

The name of his skill: Gunzerking
Allows him to shoot with two weapons simultaneously of any kind which gives him the ability to deal big damage in a short time. The different skill trees will make his ammo larger, his weapons will have better stats.

Here are some of his famous builds:

-Full Blown Gunzerker Madness
-Focus on Weapon Damage
-Dual Pistols
-Dual Revolvers

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