Safe Data Storage

The protection of digital assets is becoming more important as the volume of data continues to grow exponentially. growth. Safe data storage is how companies can stay away from expensive ransomware attacks and other cyber threats that threaten the security of their valuable information. This article explains how to ensure data security whether it’s stored physically on hard drives or USBs or stored online in cloud storage solutions.

Backups are an essential part of a secure data storage system. Making a second copy of any file implies that if it is lost due to a hardware malfunction or theft, or the fire, there will still be another copy of the file. This isn’t enough to protect against all dangers.

To ensure that backups are actually secure storage administrators must adhere to some fundamental guidelines:

Data encryption – all sensitive information at rest as well as in transit, must be encrypted. This will ensure that no one has the ability to access the data without the encryption keys. They should be stored in a separate location and regularly updated.

Anomaly detection — a strong network security system should be in place to detect and respond to any unusual behavior that could indicate a potential attack is in progress. This is often a good method to stop attackers in the act and stop them from stealing data from storage systems.

Immutable storage — it’s recommended to have multiple copies of the same file and the primary copy should be unchangeable. This functions as a time capsule for your data, which keeps it exactly as it was when it was saved.

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