Ravager Shotgun Guide – Borderlands 2

Ravager Shotgun

Ravager is one of the most basic shotguns in the series but is still good for beginners. If you want to learn more about the shotgun, follow our guide.

Ravager Borderlands 2

What is a Ravager Common Shotgun?

Ravager is a common shotgun from the Borderlands 2. The gun is made by Torgue. Along with its good damage, it also gives you an explosive splash bonus which makes it one of the strongest common shotguns in the history of Borderlands.

But even though Ravager seems like an ideal shotgun, it does have a low fire rate and a heavy ammo consumption, being 4 bullets per shot. Ravager is ideal if you have a large enemy because of its spread. Moreover, it can also hit multiple enemies which makes it ideal for close combat.

The Different Available Elements for Ravager

The only available element for the Ravager is explosive.

How To Get Ravager?

In Borderlands 2, The Ravager can be found from any suitable source since it is so common.

What is Ravager’s Gibbed Code?

The Gibbed Code for Ravager isn’t available in Borderlands 2.