Borderlands 2 character: Maya the Siren

Playable Borderlands 2 class: Maya The siren

Maya is a playable character in borderlands 2 and an NPC in borderlands 3. She is from the planet Athenas where she grew up and trained to fight. The tattoos aver here shows she is a Siren, a group of 6 people with mysterious and magical powers, they have a significant role in the borderlands franchise.  

Maya is for you if you like using elemental weapons, burning, exploding, electrifying, and dissolving your enemies. She uses the Phaselock to elevate foes and immobilizes them for few seconds.

What is Maya’s life story?

Maya is wanted for being a siren; the bounty on her head is 720.000.000.000$.
When choosing Maya as a character, you will find at the beginning of the game in her inventory an ECHO recording explaining her story.

In short, the Order of the impending storm raised Maya for 27 years, where she learned to fight and use her powers. The Order of the impending storm is a group of monks who took advantage of Maya’s supernatural powers to scare and control the planet Athenas.

Maya got fed up with being kept in captivity by the crazy monks; all she wanted was freedom, adventures, and to understand the sirens lineage. As a result, she left for Pandora.

What does Maya look like?

According to Mad Moxxi, Maya gives her a “ladyboner”. Women’s age is always a mystery and Maya is not an exception, all we know is she has been trained on Athenas for 27 years before leaving for Pandora, she is probably 30 in Borderlands 2.
The tattoos aver her body is a symbol of being sirens.

What is Maya’s personality like?

Maya loves books and has a deep thirst for knowledge. On the planet Athenas she owns a library. Maya was supposed to throw Ava over a cliff for stealing a book, but instead, she made her become her apprentice and work in the library.
Maya is compassionate and intelligent but not so humorous, which is understandable after being kept captivity for 27 years by a religious group.

What is Maya’s skill?

As a player, Maya is one of the most fun characters to play in borderlands 2 and also a great well-balanced class. Her Phaselock momentously immobilizes the enemy giving you the option to eliminate it or to focus on another annoying foe.

Three different Maya builds.
Damage focused: Increases weapon damage, faster reload, more ammo, and faster Phaselock cooldown.
Healer: Great for co-op, she heals and can revive teammates with her Phaselock.
Elemental Phaselock: Her Phaselock will inflict all kinds of elemental damages and increase elemental stats on weapons.