Legendary Binder Guide – Borderlands 2

The Legendary Binder

The Legendary Binder is a Borderlands 2 legendary MOD manufactured by Maliwan. This Legendary class mod offers you great bonuses for Maya the Siren.
It is important to use the right equipments for your character has it will improve your playaing experience, and having the Legendary Binder MOD is one of them. We have also reunited for you the best Maya the Siren builds.

Legendary Binder Borderlands 2

What Is The Legendary Binder?

The main feature of the Legendary Binder MOD is reducing the Action Skill Cooldown Rate. However, this MOD will also enhance 5 of your skills.

Legendary Binder Description

Here are the bonuses you can enjoy with this mod:

  • Team Cooldown Rate: +31%
  • +5 Reaper: Each level increases gun damage by 8% on enemies with over 50% health.
  • +5 Suspension: Increases Phaselock duration by 0.5 seconds per skill level.
  • +5 Helios: The Phaselock will also cause an explosion damage.
  • +5 Wreck: When an enemy is in Phaselock, increases fire rate by 10% and gun damage by 6% (per level).
  • +5 Sweet Release: Whenever Maya kills an enemy in Phaselock, she will get a health orb to heal her or her friends. It heals up to 15% of health if the health is very low.

How to Get the Legendary Binder?

To get this Mod you will need to have the following DLC: Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two.

In order to get the Legendary Binder mod you will need to defeat level 62+ Tubby enemies in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

  • The Legendary Binder has a 4.4% chance drop rate on Tubby ennemies.
Tubby Chubby Borderlands 2

What Is the Legendary Binder’s Gibbed Code?

You can use the Gibbed Code in Borderlands 2 to add an item to your inventory. Here is the Legendary Binder gibbed code: BL2(BwAAAAC9RQoAAAMAEBFaLQXBAUEAwf///////////38DAQAgAME=)

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