Interfacer Shotgun Guide – Borderlands 2

The Interfacer Shotgun

The Interfacer is an impressive shotgun and one of the rarest ones too. If you want to know about this Borderlands 2 shotgun, follow our guide.

Interfacer Borderlands 2

What is the Interfacer Seraph Shotgun?

Coming from the seraph class, the Interfacer is made by Hyperion. It takes 2 ammo per shot and then fires a slow projectile that will ultimately divide into 2, or more, making it a very tricky weapon to fight against. In addition, you also get a 60% Critical Hit bonus which is just amazing.

The Different Available Elements for the Interfacer

The elements available for the Interfacer are:

  • Shock
  • Incendiary
  • Corrosive
  • Slag

How To Get the Interfacer?

In Borderlands 2, the Interfacer can be obtained from a plethora of places. You can get it from Voracidous the Invincible, Omnd-Omnd-Ohk, and Dexiduous the Invincible. The gun is also obtained from the Seraph Vendor in Hunter’s Grotto.

  • The Interfacer has a 0,5% chance drop rate on the Voracidous.
  • The Interfacer has a 1,5% chance drop rate on the Dexiduous
  • The Interfacer has a 0,5% chance drop rate on the Omnd-Omnd-Ohk

All in all, to get Interfacer, there are more than one way and you can try which one suits you the most.

What is the Interfacer’s Gibbed Code?

You can use the Gibbed Code in Borderlands 2 to add an item to your inventory. When we talk about the Interfacer’s Gibbed Code, it is as follows:

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