Grog Nozzle Pistol Guide – Borderlands 2

The Grog Nozzle Pistol

Grog Nozzle is a cool-looking pistol that is more than just a regular pistol. If you want to know more about it, follow our guide.

Grog Nozzle Borderlands 2

What is the Grog Nozzle Unique Pistol?

The Grog Nozzle is a unique pistol that is quite technical but overpowered in many ways. The gun is made by Maliwan. This weapon is powerful in the way it slags ennemies and it also heals you at the rate of 65% of the damage dealt.

The Different Available Elements for the Grog Nozzle

The only element available for the Grog Nozzle is Slag.

How To Get the Grog Nozzle?

To get this weapon you will need the DLC: “Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep”. The Grog Nozzle is a mission-specific gun and it can be obtained by doing the mission “The Beard Makes The Man”.

What is the Grog Nozzle’s Gibbed Code?

You can use Gibbed Code in Borderlands 2 to add an item to your inventory. When we talk about the Grog Nozzle’s Gibbed Code, it is as follows: