Evolution Shield Guide – Borderlands 2

The Evolution Shield

The Evolution is another Seraph-grade shield that comes under the category of adaptive shields. It is manufactured by Anshin.

Evolution Borderlands 2

What is the Evolution?

The best part about the Evolution is its multipurpose applications.

  • it significantly increases the maximum health and also adds a big chance of getting an elemental buff.
  • using the Evolution will also increase your health regeneration.
  • it provides high elemental resistance.

Overall, if we talk about The Evolution, it is one of the best shields in the game because of its multiple applications and superior damage-taking and healing abilities.

Evolution Description Borderlands 2

The different elements:

There is no element available for the Evolution. This shield doesn’t have an elemental effect right off the bat, it adopts a resistance after taking elemental damage.

How to get The Evolution?

There are more than one way to get the Evolution, Firstly, The Evolution can be obtained as a drop from Hyperius the Invincible. In addition, it can also be found as a rare drop from Master Gee The Invincible.

But the easiest way to obtain the Evolution is to go to the Seraph Vendor in Oasis and buy it from there.

What is The Evolution’s Gibbed Code?

You can use Gibbed Code in Borderlands 2 to add an item to your character. When we talk about The Evolution’s Gibbed Code, it is:

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