Borderlands 2 character: Zer0 the Assassin

Playable Borderlands 2 class: Zero the Assassin

One of the mysterious playable characters in Borderlands 2 is Zer0 the assassin. The “0” in his name, comes from the hologram “0” that is displayed over his faceplate whenever he sends off a target. There are other texts and emotes that appear over his faceplate and also on the enemies whenever he tries different actions.

Zer0 is the man for you if you like sniping at your enemies from far or if you enjoy stabbing your enemies in the back. He boasts in his ability to cloak himself and release a decoy on the battlefield.

What is Zer0’s life story?

Zer0 is a skilled assassin for hire. According to Zer0’s ECHO recordings and his “Wanted” poster, Zer0 specializes in both commercial and political hits.

Zer0 experienced a life-changing event during one of his missions, whereby the target refused to fight Zero back despite being encouraged by him. After this unsatisfying assassination, he wanders off in search of a more challenging environment.

While doing so, he comes across a bartender who informs him about the vault. Deeming the hunt to be more worthy of his skills, Zer0 travels to Pandora thereafter.

What does Zer0 look like?

zero zer0 character borderlands 2 class

Zer0’s appearance is shrouded in mystery because both his face and body are fully covered in a suit. His gender, age are also unknown. In promotional materials and in-game, Zero is seen to have only four digits each on his hands. According to an ECHO recording, Angel comments that she is not even sure if Zer0 is a real human.

What is Zer0’s personality like?

Zer0 is known to have devoted his life into perfecting and building up his combat skills and for searching challenges. He loves his combats and finds joy in the way he kills his enemies. But, he becomes easily disappointed and frustrated when he kills an unworthy enemy or if the assassination is unworthy.

Zer0 speaks in haiku and loves to use quotes in his dialogues.

What are Zer0’s skills?

His action skill “Deception” enables him to enter into “stealth mode” and deploy a holographic decoy of himself to the battlefield. He can wear his cloak and navigate around the battlefield to amplify his next attack. The longer he stays cloaked, more is the damage he can inflict upon the enemies. 

Zer0’s three skill trees include- sniping, cunning and bloodshed. He is an expert in both long-range sniping and melee.

Zer0 is one of the coolest characters of the lot and is fun to play with. He may not be the strongest, but his enthusiasm to kill won’t disappoint you.

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