Borderlands Cheat Engine tutorial 2021

This Borderlands CheatEngine guide is only available for PC, but here is another way for XBOX 360

I am presuming you have arrived here because you want to know how to cheat in borderlands, let me tell you this is the right place to be! with this tutorial you will learn how to use Cheat Engine by using CT tables for borderlands 1, 2, Pre-sequel and 3 for PC.

By following this tutorial you will be able to get this:

Skill points golden keys cheat

With CheaEngine you will be able to get an infinite number of Golden Keys, Eridium, ammo, easy xp and level-up, maximum money, and much more. … Using the program Cheat Engine for Borderlands is one the easiest and safest ways to cheat, you won’t lose or destroy your game save, your computer won’t be at risk and no need to learn to code or whatever.

Cheatengine for Borderlands

To use Cheat Engine for borderlands you will need:

  • Download Cheat Engine
  • Use a Cheat table specific to Borderlands
  • Of course, the game Borderlands

If you are not sure where or how to download Cheat Engine, follow this tutorial here: How to download Cheat Engine

Now you have Cheat Engine installed on your computer you will need Cheat Tables.

Use Borderland Cheat Tables CT

Cheat Engine gives you the possibility to change values. The traditional way is long and tedious where you have to search what values correspond to and that by testing randomly every value… But some Great guys created Cheat Engine scripts for Borderlands, everything is pre-made all you have to do is click “active” or “deactivate” which we will see further on.

These scripts are called Cheat Tables and are usually files ending by “.CT”, each game needs a specific Cheat Table.

Here you go : Download Cheat Engine CT Tables for borderlands

How to use Cheat Engine and Cheat Tables CT with Borderlands 2 & 3?

To make this work you should carefully follow the following guidelines.

1: Close Cheat Engine and Borderlands

2: Open Borderlands. Select your character and go in-game, once you are in-game go to your desktop by doing alt + tab or windows + tab.

3: Look for the Cheat table you want to use and open it

4: After clicking and opening the Cheat Table you downloaded, Cheat Engine should open. Now you have Cheat Engine open you need to link Cheat Engine to the game Borderlands. For this you need to click here :

Cheat engine icon

and select borderlands in the list and click “Open”. A pop-up message will appear “Keep the current address list/code list ?” Click “YES”

5: Activate the CT scripts by clicking on the desired tick boxes :

Cheat engine activate CT table

6: Switch back to the game by doing ALT + tab to see the modifications applied to the game

Have fun !


Can I get banned using cheat engine with Borderlands?

If you play solo you won’t get banned, but if you start to use cheat engine while doing multiplayer there is a chance your account gets banned.

Can I play Online and use cheat engine?

Yes you can, but your account might get banned so be carefull.

Can I activate multiple cheats from one cheat table?

Yes you can activate as many cheats as you want. If your game crashed because you used to many cheats just deactivate them all and close and reopen your game.

Can I use Cheat engine for Borderlands GOTY, Borderlands 2, Borderlands Pre-sequel and Borderlands 3?

Yes you can use cheat engine for each game, make sure to use the correct cheat table.