Borderlands Skill calculator

With Seigler open source‘s code for Borderlands Skill calculator, we implemented the skill planner to

Borderlands 2 skill tree calculator: Link
Borderlands 3 skill tree calculator: Link

With this skill builder, you can see all the skills available, create a build with the required levels to unblock the skills. This is great to plan your future builds without having to reset your skill tree each time in-game.

In-Game if you want to reset your skill points, simply head to the Quick Change machine in Sanctuary.

All skills tree are available: Salvador the Gunzerker, Axton the commando, Zer0 the assassin, Maya the siren, and also for the two DLC characters: Gaige the mechromancer and Krieg the psycho.

Which Skill Calculator to use?

For Borderlands 2 follow this link:
Then choose either Vanilla for the normal version of the game and UCP for Unofficial Community Patch.