Borderlands Pre-Sequel character: Wilhelm The Enforcer

Playable Borderlands Pre-Sequel class: Wilhelm The Enforcer

Wilhelm The Enforcer.

Wilhelm is a cyborg and one of the four Vault Hunters, who worked for Handsome Jack. In the Pre-Sequel, he is one of the protagonists, and he was a real man. However, in Borderlands 2 he appears as an antagonist and a half man-machine. Wilhelm

He is a playable character whose mission is to kill at will and making a seamless transition with the machines in his body. Wilhelm is your perfect match if you love cyborgs and robots using drones to cause damage to the enemy.

What is Wilhelm’s life story?

Wilhelm had a condition called Bone Waste which made it necessary to have cybernetic implants even as a child. This reason, along with his love for fighting made him the ideal candidate for a world-class mercenary.

His addiction to robotics and all things machinery also fueled his desire to become a complete robot. As one of the most feared assassins, the numbers of his victims are numerous. He was offered some million dollars by Handsome Jack to become one of the Vault Hunters. Ironically, he was also killed by the Vault Hunters in “A Train to Catch.”

What does Wilhelm look like?

This half man half machine mercenary has everything it takes to reflect the killing machine that he is. From his formidable power suit to his sparkly cybernetic eye and the impressive-looking laser cannon that is mounted on his right shoulder. Wilhelm

Wilhelm is what is known as a Hyperion loader. It is because the lower part of his body from the waist down consists of loader legs. His upper body is a concoction of mechanical parts right up to his large optic sensors replacing his right eye.

As the quest to find the Vault for their employer, Jack, unfolds in Pre-Sequel, Wilhelm assumes a megalomaniac human character. However, as the game progresses and their mission becomes more dangerous, Wilhelm gradually makes bionic upgrades to his body and eventually turns out to be the hulking fearless and a rather reckless mercenary that he so desires to be.

What is Wilhelm’s personality like?

Unlike other characters in Borderlands who always face their fate with much fear and hesitation, Wilhelm embraces it. He is not under any illusions that he will be the sole winner at the end of the game.

He loves pushing the limits of his body and what the bionic upgrades enable him to do. Wilhelm even understands that he loses what little humaneness he has gets lost every time he gets an upgrade, but he does not regret it. His sole desire is to be a merciless killing machine and meets his end like a true hero.

What are Wilhelm’s skills?

Wilhelm’s skills lie in his ability to make a bionic upgrade to his body whenever he wants. But his primary skills come from his two drones, Wolf which blasts enemies at range and Saint which heals and also keep his shield upright.

Wolf is a red combat drone which kills with high damage blasts. On the other hand, Saint is a white drone which recharges his shield and his health. They can be both upgraded and recalled at will.