Borderlands Pre-Sequel character: Nisha the Lawbringer

Playable Borderlands Pre-Sequel class: Nisha the Lawbringer

Nisha the Lawbringer.

Nisha Kadam made her debut in Borderlands 2 as the Sheriff and also as Jack’s love interest and becomes a playable character in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. She plays a vital role in the fall of New Haven as well as the capture and eventual imprisonment of Brick, one of the original Vault Hunters. Nisha

She reigns over Lynchwood wielding her dual pistols. Nisha loves to patrol the town walking gingerly on rooftops, making her a formidable enemy.

What is Nisha’s life story?

Nisha grew up in a rough household with a mother who was abusive, both verbally and physically. Since her mother used to throw everything at Nisha, she used the opportunity to refine her reflexes and eventually could catch whatever her mother threw at her.

Her father was the opposite, and she was closer to him. He bought her a puppy one day, and she quickly became attached to the dog and cared deeply for him. However, this did not last long as the dog was bitten by a frenzycrutch. The sinister and cold-hearted nature of Nisha’s true character gets revealed when she took a shovel and beat the dog’s brain out. This happened when the dog who was ill by now, bit her after one of her mother’s projectiles slipped and hit the dog.

Her penchant for killing caught Jack’s attention, who later hired her to be a Vault Hunter and also developed romantic feelings for her.

What does Nisha look like? Nisha

Nisha loves to dress like a cowgirl wearing cowboy hats and boots with a scarf tied around her neck. She sports a short bob and loves flaunting her figure by wearing short and tight t-shirts.

Her skills with a pistol are unmatched, and she loves to show it off to whoever cares to see.

What is Nisha’s personality like?

Nisha’s personality reflects the hard childhood that she had. She is a cold-hearted killer who shows no remorse while killing someone. In her rather short reign as the Sheriff of Lynchwood, she had more than 200 laws for the residents, making their lives very hard.

When the other Vault Hunters arrive at her town under Brick’s orders, they have a showdown at noon in a quintessential cowboy style. Unfortunately, she was gunned down from one of the rooftops she had patrolled often during her lifetime as the Sheriff with the iron fist.  

What are Nisha’s skills?

Nisha’s skill is showdown. This action skill of hers allows her to shoot with a deathly aim at her enemies without missing a shot. Her automatic shots increased in accuracy, gun damage, reloads speed, fire rate and bullet speed during the base duration.

She also has a whip which she uses to melee her enemies. She has the longest melee range.

Overall, Nisha has three skill trees which are Law and order, the Riflewoman and Fan the Hammer. Among these three, Fan the Hammer is definitely the deadliest as it allows Nisha to wield a dual copy of the pistol she is currently using. The pistols are permanent, and deal blows with increased damage.