Borderlands Pre-Sequel character: Handsome Jack

Playable Borderlands Pre-Sequel class: Handsome Jack

Handsome Jack.

Jack the handsome

Handsome Jack or Jack, as he is commonly known, is one of the main antagonists in Tales from the Borderlands and Borderlands 2. It was he who hired the Vault Hunters to discover the Vault, which gave him a lot of power. However, it also led to his downfall as well.

When Jack took over Hyperion, he became a threat to the entire population of Pandora as he reveled in his newfound power from opening the Vault. Borderlands 2 is all about Jack’s meteoric rise to fame and glory.

What is Jack’s life story?

Jack had a traumatic upbringing as his father died when he was very young. His widowed mother then left young Jack in the care of his grandmother, who was physically abusive to him. The scar from his past made his vengeful enough to order the murder of his grandmother when he was older.

Jack had a daughter named Angel, who was one of the rarest Sirens from their universe. Contradictory reports exist about the disappearance of his wife, but he did enslave Angel to harness her power to control ECHOnet.

In the events of Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Jack managed to open the Vault. Somehow he defeated the Destroyer and began using its eye control and civilize Pandora. But he was betrayed by Lilith, and the Eye of the Helios was destroyed.

After Jack managed to open the Vault, he murdered Harold Tassiter, President of the Hyperion Corporation, and made himself its new president.

What does Jack look like?

Jack is an average looker before opening the Vault. But the iconic scar on his face is what made him called himself “Handsome Jack” quite ironically. It happened when Jacked opened the Vault of Elips. Inside the Vault was an object which possessed the knowledge of the Eridians. Jack wanted to use it to have complete power for himself.

jack handsome mask

However, the other Vault Hunters, namely Lilith, Moxxi, and Roland did not want Jack to have so much power. Lilith destroyed the object from the Vault, which released a tremendous amount of energy, which damaged Jack’s left eye and scarred him with the Vault symbol.

What is Jack’s personality like?

Jack is best described as a power-hungry megalomaniac and a tyrant to boot. His thirst for power and control led him to imprison his own daughter and killing people. He was also very distrustful of people, including Mad Moxxi, whom he accused of cheating on him.

He was also delusional to a large degree as he believed he was the right person to restore normalcy to Pandora and did not quite understand why people hated him.

What are Jack’s skills?

Jack’s action skill is his ability to summon digi-jacks who can fight alongside him. These digi-jacks keep on fighting till they die and then respawn. They will only disappear when the action skill timer depletes.

Jack has three skill trees, which are The Hero of the Story, Greater Good, and Free Enterprise. Using the skill trees, he can upgrade his grenades and weapons as well as that of the digi-jacks.

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