Borderlands Pre-Sequel character: Aurelia the Baroness

Playable Borderlands Pre-Sequel class: Aurelia the Baroness


Aurelia Borderlands

Lady Aurelia Hammerlock is the sister of Sir Hammerlock. She is a Baroness and a playable character in the Pre-Sequel of Borderlands. She is one of the Vault Hunters who played a pivotal role in Jack’s rise to fame.

Aurelia is a sassy character who can also freeze your insides as well as your weapons with her icy powers if you are on the wrong side. She brings a lot of talking and fun to the game with her snarky, and I don’t care attitude.

What is Aurelia’s life story?

Aurelia’s character as a result of a later addition in Borderlands Pre-Sequel along with Timothy Laurence, who is also Jack’s body double. As the sister of Sir Alistair Hammerlock and a Baroness, Aurelia is a wealthy socialite. Hunting and killing for her is just a hobby and also a way to irritate her brother.

It was during her travels that she came across Elpis and ended up becoming one of the Vault Hunters for Jack. Because of her involvement with Jack and the Hyperion, Aurelia had a prize on her head. However, Lilith stopped Gaige and Axton from carrying out her execution and bring her alive to Pandora instead. She was warned about the impending war by the Watcher when he intercepted Athena’s execution.

What does Aurelia look like?

Aurelia Borderlands

Aurelia’s appearance reflects her rich and wealthy background. She loves to dress in rich expensive garments and also does not refrain from wearing ostentatious jewelry. She has a short hairstyle, and she also wears makeup.

She loves wearing expensive coats and gloves, despite the fact she fights battles. As a tribute to her status as the heir to the Hammerlock fortune, her weapons are also very expensive and purple in color. Her primary weapons are a purple Jakobs sniper rifle and purple Hyperion pistol.

What is Aurelia’s personality like?

Lady Aurelia is a callous and sassy personality, both rolled seamlessly into one. She loves to annoy her younger brother as much as she loves to ride her hover bike in the hallways of the family’s turbo-mansion. She enjoys the look of horror on her brother’s face when she shows up casually with the carcass of a rare animal that Sir Hammerlock had been interested in studying.

She loves to talk a lot and injects a lot of sassy and funny dialogues during the fights. But she can also become the proverbial ice-queen, so getting to her gets pretty impossible.

What are Aurelia’s skills?

Aurelia’s action skill is called Cold as Ice. When activated, it sends out a Frost Diadem Shard which scouts out her enemies. This shard attaches itself to the enemy, much like a magnet, and causes a lot of damage. After the enemy dies, the shard scouts out the next victim, and the cycle continues.

She has three skill trees, which are the Huntress, Cold Money, and Contractual Aristocracy. Using them, she can snipe; add cryo damage to rifles and guns, which means freezing their weapons. She even has the ability to turn a teammate into her slave.