Borderlands Community: bests forums and subreddits

The Borderlands franchise has created a big and joyful community around the borderlands universe.
The keyword “Borderlands” is researched approximately 200.000 times in the U.S, and Borderlands 3 nearly 1million time in the U.S, imagine how many people/gamers are interested in this great game.
That is why a lot of communities as like forums, subreddits, facebook pages/groups about borderlands increased, especially with the release of Borderlands 3.

Finding the same people with a common interest can be fun and useful so I made for you list with the best borderlands forum and subreddits I could find.

Borderlands subreddit: This subreddit is about the Borderlands franchise, all games mixed-up. It is for sure very active with 200 000 members but can be a bit messy if you are looking for something specific.

Borderlands 3

Gearbox Software forum: This the official Gearbox Software’s forum. You will find the Patch notes, some interesting guides and tutorials. There is also a fan creation section. This one is good because you can find a Tech support section, no one better than Gearbox Software can help you out.

Se7enSins Forum: This forum is you are into the dark side of Borderlands, such as modding and cheating with programs.

There is no Steam community for Borderlands 3 as he is exclusively on Epic Store and Epic Store does not host game forums. They encourage to use subreddits.

Bl3 subreddit: Here is the biggest Borderlands 3 subreddit with about 200k members.

Borderlands Pre-Sequel

Gearbox Software forum: This is borderlands Pre-Sequel official forum, hosted by Gearbox Software. As you can imagine the forum is not very active anymore, but if you are in seek for some guids and old discussions.

Steam community: It is the most active forum for BL:TPS (Borderlands The Pre-Sequel), you will find new threads from few hours ago. This is the place to be if your are looking for some buddies to play with. Some interesting guids and tricks can be find here. For any technical issues I would suggest using steam community instead of Gearbox Software forum.

BL:TPS subreddit: This subreddit is still alive with 20 000 members and around 50-100online members. On this subreddit there is discussions about everything, members compare their stats, find other players to play with, share their theories …

Borderlands 2

Gearbox Software forum: This forum is not so active anymore, maybe 1 or 2 new threads a week. I would recommend using Borderlands 2 steam community forum.

Steam community: For borderlands 2 this is the forum to be at. With constant new discussions and active members, you know Borderlands 2 is still rocking. 80 000 General discussions and
20 000 topics for Searching Players.

True Achievements: Here is an extra forum, it is not as active as the ones above but you can still find fresh content. As the forum name suggests it is more centred on unlocking achievements.

Se7en Sins: Everything about mods and cheats. Threads might not be super recent but because this game did not get any recent major updates the content on it still up to date.

Bl2 subreddit: Still active with 140 000 members. They share memes, stories, theories and help guides. Good fan artwork can be found on it.

Bl2 modding subreddit: Not active since the game did not get any major updates. If you are looking for some easy modding

Borderlands 1

Gearbox Software: The official Gearbox Software forum. Borderlands remastered came out and gave a second life to the borderlands 1 community.

Steam Community: This forum is starting to die, maybe 5 new threads a week.