Borderlands 3 character: Zane the Operative

Playable Borderlands 3 class: Zane the Operative

Zane The Operative

Zane Flynt is one of the deadliest Assassins, and a playable character in Borderlands 3. Zane is pretty much like James Bond. He is a wealthy fellow, and he has all kinds of cool gadgets which assist him on his missions. He had a successful career as a black-ops mercenary. However, he left it all behind to become a Vault hunter. As of now, Zane is the only Vault hunters who have two action skills.

What is Zane’s life story?

Zane is a rich James Bond-like assassin who started doing violent things when he was a teenager. His brothers are famous personalities too; Baron Flynt, and Captain Flynt. You should be familiar with these names if you’re a Borderlands player, (they appear as a boss in borderlands and borderlands 2).

He learned a lot about Zer0 while when they were at the assassin school. Later on, he used to work as a black-ops mercenary who carried out missions for the highest bidder. Zane is a loner, and it is because of this reason why many people assume he is an introvert, but it’s quite the opposite, Zane is an extrovert. For this reason, he is referred to as lone wolf sometimes.

Zane had everything in life, but he left them all behind to become a Vault hunter. When he jokes about his past jobs, he always mentions jobs like plumber, janitor, and exterminator, but in reality, we know that he is referring to the beasts and bandits he slew in the past.

Zane is also one of the Vault Hunters who responded to Lilith’s distress call to battle against the Calypso twins.

What is Zane’s personality like?

Zane is a 50-year-old man who is a loner despite his extroverted behavior. He chooses to work alone, so he is often considered as a lone wolf. Zane has a lot of swagger, charm and a personality that seem to demand respect from others. He likes talking to his holographic image, and has his share of fun whenever he uses his weapon. Zane dislikes people who do not have a sense of humor. He also dislikes the worship culture, which is being promoted by the Calypso twins.

In the past, he was married a few times. His personality and his history are such that when he walks into a bar, many would want to get closer and hug him tightly. On the other hand, people who know his past may want to put a bullet through his head.

What are Zane’s skills?

  • Barrier – Deploys a barrier that shields him from incoming projectiles. Zane and his allies, on the other hand, can shoot through the shield. This skill can last for 9 seconds and has 18 seconds to cool down.
  • SNTNL – Sends a drone equipped with a machine gun to launch an attack. Lasts 24 seconds, and cool down time of 36 seconds.
  • Digi Clone – Spawns a clone of himself to distract the enemy. The clone does not move, but it can cause a huge distraction as Zane can swap places with the clone. This skill has duration of 18 seconds and 26 seconds of cool down time.