Borderlands 3 character: Moze the Gunner

Playable Borderlands 3 class: Moze the Gunner

Moze The Gunner.

Moze is probably the Borderlands 3 characters with the highest damage. She is a veteran Vault Hunter, who can cause massive damage and bring pain to the enemies. If you’re looking for heavy borderlands 3 characters, with a heavy destructive force, then you should pick “Moze the Gunner.”

Her weapon is a massive 15-tonne gun called the Iron Bear, you can upgrade her to deal even more damage, and there are many ways to do an upgrade, which is another plus point.

What is Moze’s life story?

Moze was one a Vladof soldiers who used to carry out dangerous missions. It was during one of her suicide missions, Moze lost all of her squad members. As the only survivor, she couldn’t live in peace, the memories of that mission kept haunting her, the faces of her squad was vividly imprinted on her mind’s eye.

She soon found something that she thought was destined to become, with her Iron Bear, she decided to become a Vault hunter, and that’s what she is today, the only thing that gives her a peace of mind.

What is Moze’s personality like?

Moze the Gunner was a former Vladof soldier, her skills are great, and her designs are awesome, but she doesn’t have a great sense of humor. She is a little reserved and introverted. Maybe her past experiences forced her not to engage in a lot of conversation. However, this doesn’t mean that she has an annoying personality. Her attitude is somewhat similar to Maya in Borderlands 2.

Moze is a decent looking female playable character with a huge damage rate. Her skills are incredible. You’ll definitely have a great play experience. However, she doesn’t talk much if that’s what you’re expecting, and she has an American accent.

What are Moze’s skills?

Moze has different Action Skills. They are Railgun, Minigun, and V-35 Grenade launcher. The action skills you choose will determine the type of weapon that the iron bear will use when she activates it. She can have two action skills at the same time. It means you can equip two different Action skills or two same action skills.

  • Railgun – The Railgun is a great weapon which can cause shock damage, and has the ability to engage targets even at long range. It fires high velocity electrified projectiles, which can even shred enemy shields.
  • Minigun – Fires hundreds of lead projectiles at astonishing speed. The Minigun can make the enemies beg for mercy due to its sustained rapid-fire capability. It’s crucial to check the weapon’s temperature as you don’t want it to be overheated. It needs to be cooled from time to time. Overheated Minigun means an inoperable weapon.
  • V-35 Grenade launcher – This is a Semi-auto grenade launcher, it can cause a great deal of damage in an area. You can choose to increase the fire rate, or increase damage.

In addition to this, you can unlock additional skills in the skill tree.

  • Shield of Retribution – Bear fist- can cause massive damage to enemy units at close range.
  • Bottomless mags – It’s a flame thrower that can bring unimaginable amounts of incendiary damage or roast the enemies. This skill allows you to have unlimited ammo.
  • Demolition woman – A rocket launcher that can fire explosive rockets rapidly.