Borderlands 3 character: FL4K the Wandering Robot

Playable Borderlands 3 class: FL4K the Wandering Robot

FL4K the Wandering Robot.

FL4K sure did raise a lot of questions and speculations at the time of the announcement. Amongst the many characters in the Borderlands game, FL4K seemed to have attracted a lot of attention like no other. This strange and mysterious character is always accompanied by either one of its faithful friend or pet.

What is FL4K’s life story?

FL4K was supposed to be an animal-human, mutant-like creature, and a woodland native. But it was later decided that the idea was a little too fantastical, and eventually, they made him a robot. Although the wandering robot has three pets who are very loyal, not much is known about their past. The hunter/beast master is non-binary, and the pronouns “they” or “them” are used instead of he/she.

FL4K is one of the Vault Hunters who answered the distress call of Lilith to fight against the Calypso twins. Its three companions are named Skag, Jabber, and Spiderant. Each one of these mysterious creatures has different skills or specialty, and they respond to their master when they are given a command. Together they form a great team with a well balanced DPS, self-healing capability. This makes the FL4K a great option for a solo play.

What does FL4K look like?

Flak’s eye somewhat resembles loader bot from the “tales from the Borderlands.” They have frag like canisters strapped around their chest. Some say that these canisters are full of treats for the pets. FL4K wears an old rug-like flak jacket which makes them looks like a homeless person in the street.

What are FL4K’s skills?

  • Fade away – FL4K enters the invisibility state for 15 seconds, recovers some health and increases the movement speed by 25%. During the invisibility state, up to three shots can be fired, but it will become visible again after the third shot is fired. The means the skill remains active for 15 seconds if the shots are not fired.
  • Rakk Attack – Send 2 racks towards the enemy, which deals massive damage to enemies. This skill has 18 seconds of cool down time.
  • Gamma Burst – Use this skill, and your pet or companion (whichever you are using) will be teleported to a location of your choice. While being teleported, you or will cause damage to enemies in an area. This has 20-second duration and a cool down time of 30 seconds.

FL4K Pets’ Skills.

  • Jabber Sidekick – Jabber is a creature that resembles a huge monkey. This monkey-like creature is armed with a pistol, and has the ability to enhance or boost its master’s movement speed by 5.0%. It can also hurl radiation barrels at the enemies at command.
  • Spiderant – The Spiderant is a recommended pick for players who want to survive and do well in the early game because it can help regenerate health. It can rush up to the enemy units and attack them when it is given a command.
  • Skag – Skag is an excellent choice if you want to play offensive. When Skag is around, it enhances its master’s damage by 5% and gun damage by 20%. It uses it’s a special attack when it is given a command. It can charge at enemies and knock them in the air, thereby making the enemy units vulnerable.