Proficiency Relic Guide — Borderlands 2

Proficiency Relic 

The Proficiency Relic is a common relic in Borderlands 2, manufactured by the ancient and mysterious Eridians. You will need a mod from Nexus called Borderlands 2 Exodus to get this relic. 

Borderlands 2 Proficiency Relic 

This relic is known for its Special Effect of improving the Action Skill and allowing frequent use of its powerful abilities. Here is what this relic does.

  • Increases the cooldown rate for Action Skill, which can go up to 51%.

The boost provided by this relic to the cooldown rate is a valuable asset in combat. Furthermore, the Proficiency Relic shares its effect with another relic called Bone of the Ancients. But that relic combines the effects of an Elemental Relic with a Proficiency Relic, making it a lot more useful. 

How to get Proficiency Relic? 

Getting the Proficiency Relic is straightforward since you can randomly get it from any suitable loot source in Borderlands 2, meaning you won’t have to defeat any specific boss or complete a certain quest. This can also be a pain since you never know when you will get it, so you should try the following methods. 

  • Mercenary Day DLC Farming: In the Mercenary Day DLC, you’ll gain access to a loot train after defeating the snowman boss. The chest in this loot train always contains a variety of loot, including relics. Farming this boss and looting the train chest is a consistent method to get new relics, including the Proficiency Relic.
  • Boss Farming: Farming bosses like BNK3R and The Warrior are also great because of their great loot. The Warrior is suggested as a good boss to farm for relics because you can easily defeat him and get tons of loot. 
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