Borderlands 2 GPD Editor Xbox 360

Here is a link if you are on PC for Cheat Engine for Borderlands 1, 2 & 3

What about having unlimited stats, extra money, maximum badass rank and being invincible?

For this guide you will need:

– Borderlands 2
– Xbox360
– USB stick
– A computer
– Download Horizon

I recommend if you haven’t launched Borderlands on your Xbox before following this guide/tuto to do it, so you will have a “game save” to edit.

To start with head to this website and download Horizon which will enable you to extract your save:
Download Horizon and execute it on your computer.

You will need to download GPD editor I have found this link which still works:!XJs3xLgA!l4vGOWaoWOAHNJkYfogZ1AO2VDuSMOnLJTbywsE2g6c

On the XBOX 360

Take your USB stick and make sure there is nothing on it, the best is the format it before using it. Plug the USB stick in your XBOX360 then go to “Setting” then “System” then “Storage”.
Here is a short Youtube video which will explain this step with more details:
Before to follow properly this step in order to make sure Borderlands 2 GPD Editor will work.

Once your Game Save on the USB stick unplug it from the XBOX 360.

On the Computer – Horizon

Run Horizon and when the program is on your screen plug your USB stick with the save in it into the computer, allow few seconds for the program to scan your USB stick so it finds all the Game Saves.

Now on Horizon on the right, you should have different catégories such as:

Open the “Games Profiles” as you can see above in the picture on the right. Select the save you want to edit then extract it somewhere easy to find:

When you have extracted your game profile then double click on it and something like this should show up:

Click on Contents and scroll down until you find 5454087C.gpd, right-click on it and extract it somewhere easy to find because you will also need it for the GPD Editor.

Do not close Horizon you will need it afterwards so just minimize it.

GPD Editor

Before doing anything I would recommend to make a copy of that 5454087C.gpd file as a backup.

Run GPD editor on your computer, if you haven’t downloaded it you can use this link or you can search on google.

On the GPD Editor click on “file” then “open” and get that 5454087C.gpd that you extracted then it will ask you to find another file here get that game profile you extracted.

Once your GPD file and game profile loaded you will be able to change all the values, you can go crazy but do not go too wild with the numbers, the maximum is 9999999, copy and paste it everywhere. You will see in GPD editor the values will be set at 9.795.792.3 which is the highest.

When you feel you’re done editing the numbers for your borderlands gpd file, go to “File” and save. Close GPD Editor and go back to Horizon.


On horizon go to 5454087C.gpd right-click on it and replace it with your other .gpd file on which you have modified the values.

You are nearly done! Click on that orange button “Save, Rehash, and Resign” and wait a few seconds for it to recompile it. When it is over you should have a pop up telling you it’s good to go.

You can now unplug your USB stick from the PC and plug it into the XBOX 360, start the game and there you go you are now the strongest player in Pandora!