Borderlands 2 & 3 Cheat Engine 2020

This tutorial for Cheat Engine on borderlands is only available on PC, but here is another way for XBOX 360

Cheat engine is a programme used to change values in games; such as Health, Money, characteristics, badass points and more .. Basically, it is a programme used for cheating. But using it can’ be quite a tedious work, so here we prepared for you a tutorial which will guide you through the whole process.

Cheat Engine

Download cheat engine on their official website:
 Here is an explanation from Wikipedia:

Cheat Engine, commonly abbreviated as CE, is an open-source memory scanner/hex editor/debugger created by Eric Heijnen (“Dark Byte”) for the Windows operating system. Cheat Engine is mostly used for cheating in computer games, and is sometimes modified and recompiled to evade detection.”

Changing all the values can be complicated if you don’t know what you are doing:

Cheatengine for Borderlands

To make it easy some good guys created some tables where everything is premade you just have to put the numbers for point skills, health, shield, eridium … But remember using Cheat Engine in Borderlands is considered as cheating but no worries, gearbox software doesn’t care if you cheat or not.

How to use Cheat Engine with Borderlands 2 & 3?

Download the following CT tables for borderlands
For Borderlands 2:
For Borderlands 3:
And put them on the desktop or in a folder so it is easier to find them.

 Follow step by step!

Do not open anything, cheat engine all closed.

1. Start your borderlands game, select your character and go in-game.
2. When you are in-game go to your desktop (alt + tab or windows + tab) and open your borderlands.CT file.
3. It should look like something like this when you open borderlands.ct it should open cheat engine:

Cheat engine for borderlands 2 and 3

Click on Yes

Borderlands 2 Cheat engine

Click on Enable

4. Before starting changing the values go briefly back in-game using Alt + Tab so Cheat Engine correctly links to the game.
And here you go, open in what you are interested: if you want 99 extra skill points open Skills,
Unlimited ammo –> “Ammo”
Extra inventory slots –> “Inventory and Storage”
Plenty Badass Tokens –> “Badass Tokens”

Borderlands CT cheat engine

5. You might be interesting into increasing the loot rate values “Item Drop Rate”

TechnoJacker Cheat Engine

Lua script enables some fun changes like: Teleportation, Loot Sploder (crazy loot when you enemies)…

6. Once you changed all the values you wanted, click on save on do CTRL+S then don’t close Cheat Engine, switch back in-game(alt+tab) and enjoy your crazy stats! When you quit Borderlands and Cheat Engine some of your modified stats might stay, but if you went wild by changing the values with big numbers then when you will start the game again it might have reset the values back to normal.

Some of these can work with co-op, try them and figure them out.